Monday, 17 November 2008

A lesson or two on what is money politics by Dr Khir Toyo…

There is a vast difference between what is political money and money politics, according to the former Selangor Menteri Besar.

Before anyone accuses him of being involved in political bribery which he, of course, denied, please gather your facts and please do not confuse these two terms - wang politik and politik wang.

Mohd Khir, who is vying for the post of Umno youth chief and who has bagged the second highest number of nominations, says that people should learn to differentiate between “political money” (wang politik) and “money politics” (money politics)

In politics, we need to spend money for various expenses, especially for logistics."

According to him, in the United States, political parties will ask for political donations from companies and individuals to finance their campaign activities.

This is not bribery," he said.

"Bribery is when you give in cash or in kind, like promises of datukships or positions, in return for support.”

Dr Khir said this in an interview with the Star in response to allegation that he is involved in money politics – the contender who is said to have spent the most during the divisional meetings.

“That’s total rubbish,” he said.

“When I was mentri besar, I received only my salary and nothing else.

The Selangor state government dealings during my time were always transparent. I do not believe in money politics or other types of political bribery.

Please do not insult the delegates’ intelligence. They vote based on ability and leadership qualities, and not because of money.” Read the rest of the interview here.


puteri said...

“Please do not insult the delegates’ intelligence. They vote based on ability and leadership qualities, and not because of money.”

Hello Datuk, now please dont insult the intelligence of the ordinary members of the public. With reports of money politics abound by Umno leaders themselves, who do you think, they would rather believe?

Please dont take them for fools.

Lee said...

This fler is dangerous.He had his chance to prove himself but failed miserably! He is not above fitnah to get his way!Mahathir's son is new and should be given his chance, his autocratic papa not withstanding.Khairy Jamaluddin, despite having taken advantage of his status as the son-in-law, may yet turn out to be the person who can change the mindset of UMNO Youth.He is intelligent, and is part of Malaysia's hope for the future.For a start, he is against the ISA as it is being used.

Anonymous said...

In case Dr Mohd Khir is suffering from loss of memory I wish to reprintwhat was reported in the Sun:

TWENTY-EIGHT days before Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo was unseated as Selangor mentri besar, he asserted that the Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) was a private company and that its money and assets do not belong to the people.

At a pow-wow over lunch with this writer and his colleagues, he charged: “You wrote that the fine paid by PKNS was people’s money. No, PKNS is a private company.” (For the record, PKNS was imposed fines totalling RM330,000 for illegal clearing of land around the Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park and at all material times, Mohd Khir was its chairman.)

Then he made a remarkable statement: “The fine goes back to the state coffin! (I’m sure he meant “coffers” but those at the lunch looked stunned when he used the word a second time). The money comes back to us.” Not wanting to argue with someone who has little knowledge of where the fines imposed by a court of justice end up and not wanting to give him a free lesson in financial procedures, I reserved my comments.

Today, PKNS is in the news again. Here’s a summary of what it paid out to Balkis, the organisation of wives of state assemblymen and MPs in Selangor.

• RM218,719 for the opening ceremony of Komplex Wawasan Balkis;

• RM200,000 for the Balkis dinner;

• RM10,000 for a table at the same dinner; and

• RM161,660 for programmes organised by Balkis

That is what he calls transparency when he was MB.

What a moron!

Anonymous said...

Please do not insult the "delegates’ intelligence" he says, which must surely be a classic oxymoron ... which incidentally also does not mean "stupid cow'..

Anonymous said...

“When I was mentri besar, I received only my salary and nothing else.

Now, that is a load of rubbish!

Anonymous said...

i cant believe he can lie thru his teeth with a straight face like that..oops i forgot, it's becoz of the botox..!! haha.. wat a joker.

Anonymous said...

This Toyo after being kicked out from MB's seat...thought he could pull wool over our eyes by doing Umrah twice. Konon macam orang2 alim gitu(macam dah tobatlah gitu)

No matter how crooked this Toyo is,UMNO delegates still gave him enough votes to contest the Youth Chief. Very weird circumstances.They have lost all sense of shame.

Anonymous said...

tok mom,

You think Dato Khir berani tak sumpah atas Quran dia tak involved in money politics?

Percaya ke yang dia tak main duit? Gak susah nak percaya.