Thursday, 13 March 2008

Another child missing...

Muhamad Asmawi Jalaludin, 11, has been missing since March 9 after he had gone to play with his friends at the Kampung Kerinchi flats located about 200m from his house .

Brickfields acting OCPD Supt Azri Abdul Rahman said Muhamad Asmawi usually went to his friends' flats nearby to play videogames, the Star reports.

Asmawi had gone to the nearby flats at around 5pm on March 9. When questioned by the police, his friends said that the SRK La Salle pupil had gone home at 6.30pm that day.

When the boy left the house, he was wearing a pink T-shirt and grey shorts.

"The boy was last seen at the Mid-Valley Megamall by a friend. We are scrutinising the CCTVs in the shopping complex to find out if he was there," Supt Azri said on Thursday.

He added that Muhammad Asmawi's mother, Rozita Abu Hassan, 50, had received an SMS demanding ransom of a sum of money.

Police have identified the sender of the SMS but have yet to track the person down.

Rozita, when met at her home in Kampung Kerinchi here on Thursday, said she waited for her youngest son to return until evening and decided to search for him in the area but to no avail.

"Usually he goes cycling and plays football in the evenings and would be back by 5pm," said the mother of seven.

Anyone with information on Muhamad Asmawi's disappearance can contact the Rakan COP hotline at 03-2115 9999 or SMS to 32728 or call Rozita at 019-255 0279.


MaryKate said...

please...NO! not another child!

pemerhati said...

Can anyone tell us where is Sharlinie? Will the police continue with the search for her now that the election is over as promised?

We have another child who is missing. Will he add to the growing number of children who have gone missing and never to be found?

Will see if the BN Govt and the new Selangor state govt will walk the talk.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


Sharlinie is still missing and I fear that she is not with us anymore. And now this.

I feel guilty that I havent been blogging about NinI - guilty for beingt caught in the g.election that didnt even pen a line or have updates on her. But how could I when no information on her is forthcoming.

I dont hear her father asking for her return over the radio any more. Has he also given up hope on her?

I hope Asmawi will not be another Nurin or Sharlinie.