Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Khairy - I wont accept Cabinet post as long as F.I.L is PM

That's what Khairy Jamaluddin (pic) said.

The Umno Youth vice-head, who is also the Member of Parliament for Rembau, said he had informed his father-in-law of the matter before the general election on March 8, and Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi had acepted his stand.

He said this in response to question asked why he had been left out in the new cabinet line-up and allegations that he has great influence on his father-in-law, the Prime Minister, on matters concerning government policies.

There has been a a lot of speculation that Khairy, who has been cited as one of the major factors contributing to the Barisan Nasional's worst defeat , will be appointed a Cabinet Minister.

"That's not fair to PM (Prime Minister). I stayed out of his way as much as possible. I'm just a normal MP and want to focus on my job. There are people who are there to help and assist him," he told reporters after attending the Umno Youth Exco and State Umno Youth Chiefs meeting.

On the claim that he was the cause for the BN defeat, Khairy said the defeat was a joint responsibility and the actual reason for the defeat would be studied. Click here for more...


puteri said...

You better not. Otherwise, you'll be digging your own grave and your F.I.L's too.

pemerhati said...

Ya lah tu. When your daddy-law-law is out, so will you. Jangan harap you will be in. You are there in Umno as Youth No 2 head and an MP not on yoru own steamlah. Its becuz of Nori's dad!

You're saying that on hindsight fasai dah kena bantai.

That has always been your own stupidity. You think the rakyats are stupid!

Anonymous said...

Why Mike Tyson? Tak der orang lain ke?

Sheesh. Pak Lah scrapping the barrel?

warrior2 said...

My advice to everybody, go get a life!

Keasyikkan anda semua terhadap KJ menggelikan hati saya.I bet you people even want to know how stinky his kentut it! That is how fasinate you are with this guy if you ask me!

For god sake, he is not MJ la, he is KJ!


pahlawan2 said...

warrior2 said:

I bet you people even want to know how stinky his kentut it!",

woi warrior2,
Speak for yourself. Most probbaly his "cronies" and apple-polishers, bode-kites and pengampus think so - KJ's kentut smell like perfume to them.

Anonymous said...

kak ton, KJ says this is simply because he and FIL are feeling the heat, if not, he'll prob be appointed as deputy PM. As for this warrior2, PLEASE GO GET A LIFE. Leaving assy comments everywhere you go just show you have no life, grow up prick.

elviza said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What a load of bollocks.

mekyam said...

cakap like he would smell being offered cabinet post if fil is not PM.

sedarlah diri sikit! :D

warrior2 said...

Speculating that he will be appointed as a minister is one lame effort to discredit and put down this person or paint him and his father in law in bad light, but you people expressing surprise/harping now that he wasnt appointed showed how pitiful you people are.

Thats why I am asking you all to get a life.


zaitgha said...

2 ppl declined, maybe hes next???

Kak Ton, I dont mind reading anything about him, but you really need to up his picture here?? ha ha ha suddenly i lost my appetite to eat lunch

take care .....

Wak Segen said...

Why did'nt he reject nominantion for MP election as long as PakLah is PM..
This budak better not talk much now..the more he talks the more UMNO/BN loses.
Duduk diam2 la ye budak..jangan bising2 sangat lepas ni...

hehehe.. Jangan Mareh..

Anonymous said...

This MF is a hypocrite of the highest order.Only the blind cant see majority are his proxies starts with his cousin Shaziman(fengtau/little crock, Azalina, idris Harun(ADK or rather Pemborong), Wan Ahmad Farid (arrogant MF SOB BT Buruk)& so many too list lah

Anonymous said...

The Secret Pact of Pak Lah/SIL & ANWAR/DAP

I think PL/KJ/ANWAR/DAP secret pact is just to kill off this UMNO baru. PL/KJ knew all along they cannot resist Tun M (UMNO Baru). ANWAR is the only hope for PL/KJ to escape free w/o backlash & punishments.PL/KJ are buying time till ANWAR is ready. Wonder why ANWAR/DAP are never really critical on PK/KJ scams, WPI & flip-flop policies. On the same score don’t discount out Shahril Samad (ECM-Libra) & sife Musang Hitam (WPI share holder).

ANWAR/DAP have always praised the way LKY Dynasty(PAP) manages the city state. Ask the Singaporeans the real feeling on the ground with our similar issues (freedom of speech,blood sucking govt policies,puppet judges ,rising unemployment rates (they too prefer cheaper labours of PTI), deteriorating social values, high crime rates, unaffordable properties, inflation rate 6.6% etc are really alarming.LKY Dynasty has always been in denial state ever since & it’s a total media blackout too. Oppositions leaders can never last long with the LKY twist & turns using legal proceedings against them.

Do u really believe Mas Selamat (so called the JI terrorist) managed to escape the city state with all the CCTVs at every corners & their state of the art securities & public only knew it after 4hrs later.(Biggest Joke of the Century).

LKY Dynasty is just another proxy to the British East Indian Company descendants or to be exact the British Zionist(CAPITALIST) regime enjoying people miseries with their slave economy methods (sounds similar too)on people/resources, manipulates CPF,Trust funds,taxes & other financial instruments to control economy on this side of the world.
Do u really think they would gave up the most strategically port (east-west route)in the world. In fact Singapore is among the top 10 busiest port in the world.

Since all the medias there are govt owned (sounds familiar )are totally blackout,people there too turn to bloggers like we do here .Do check some of their site(eg; , Dissident Singapore etc).Guess the number of brain drains there(migrating to Australia, NZ ,Canada,USA etc) & its not strange here too.Our Political Tsunami is getting on the nerve to LKY Dynasty & their people already said “Tak Boleh Tahan” with red shirts in front of their parliament recently . They are watching our political scenario closely.
I wanted to believe in ANWAR fights, but the recent DAP/ANWAR events of power hunger makes me puzzled.It is interesting though when ANWAR enjoys the media coverage of LKY Dynasty. DAP has really shown their true color in Perak & Selangor finally for their long waiting mission/vision (PAP to be) & proudly claimed their popularity,luckily our rulers were wise to see its coming. I smell rats here if the lobbying of another 30 became reality , Pak Lan & KJ will escape with big KENDURI, but i do hope i'm wrong. Ku Li & Mukhriz on the other hand must hurry before UMNO is to be buried by this Imam HADHARI.

Rats Tracker

Anonymous said...

great...seem like u know everything bout KJ...or may be u working as a PA for KJ...story like shit.see this blog for reference ..this blog waas created by mukhris geng to close his fathers fault.