Saturday, 29 March 2008

It's Earth Hour tonite - so switch off your lights

Be a responsible Earthling and do the right thing, fellow bloggers, readers and Netizens.

What: Switch off your home lights (or wherever you are). For ONE Hour.

When: From 8pm to 9pm tonight. Saturday. 29 March 2008.

Why: In conjunction with the Earth Day Campaign to reduce energy usage and wastage. Also in conjunction with Malaysia’s own Earth Day celebration.

Those interested to be part of this global campaign can also sign up at for Earth Hour at

For more info, go here. and on Earth Hour here


sesat said...

Dear Kak Ton,

Sydney's Earth Hour is about an hour away and I'll most certainly do my part. I'm happy that Earth Hour, which started in Sydney last year, has gone global.

I will spend the hour out walking to revel in the atmosphere and serenity of this magic hour.

sebol said...

.. and here...

the witch's broo said...

no can do-lah, Kak Ton.

i'll help in other ways. but switching of the light at 8pm, a little difficult because i'm scared of the dark.

i turned off the electricity at hom at 5pm just now. then i went out.