Monday, 24 March 2008

Idris Jusoh IS the Terengganu MB

The appointment of Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu is unconstitutional, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh is the Mentri Besar because he commands majority support (among the elected representatives) and as far as the Umno President is concerned this (Idris's appointment as Menteri Besar) has not changed.

"There will be no changes to this as the majority of them support Idris' re-appointment as MB. Therefore, other appointments made other than this is against the constitution and is not valid," Datuk Abdullah said.

The office of the Sultan of Terengganu had announced Ahmad as the new MB despite objections by 23 assemblymen who unanimously wanted Idris to be re-appointed.

They have all threatened to resign if Ahmad is sworn-in to the post.

"What happened this morning in Istana Tetamu did not have our agreement and this is different from the case of Perlis. Ahmad Said is alone in this matter," the state Umno liaison secretary, Datuk Rosol Wahid, told a press conference last night.

Ahmad Said was subsequently sacked (read here) from the party for disobeying the party's leadership.

Bernama has the story here and here.

Read the views of a consitutional law expert, Shad Faruqi here.

Kronologi krisis MB Terengganu here

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warrior2 said...

It is very clear that Idris should be made the MB.

NOW why is the palace adamant about appointing someone else knowing, he dosent have the majority support as well as the fact that it is against the state consti?


Anonymous said...

That is the 64 million dollar question. Why is the Palace insistent in appointing Ahmad Said instead of Idris Jusoh?

Does Tuanku know "things" that we dont?

Why cant Pak Lah choose another candidate? Why...because Idris won in the g.election?

If Pak Lah could drop Kak Pidah unceremonioulsy from the new cabinet-line up despite her winning the K.Kangsar Parliamentary seat, he could do the same to cool down the situation in Terengganu.

Why the inconsistancy in practice?

Anonymous said...

Like they say:

"It's the oil, stupid!"

Pak Lah wants Idris because KJ says so.

Yes, also the monsoon cup...which, money-making concern.

warrior2 said...

ANON of 11.29 am,
By convention, the Chairman of the State UMNO will be the CM or MB (for UMNO Designated Post in States)and the chairman is always the MB or CM if I got everything correct. So when BN wins a state, the chairman will be elected.

If this is not adhere to, we will have chaos like we had in Perlis and now in Trengganu. It is chaos when any tom dick and minah can be the MB or CM from the winning party.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Pak lah is not a Japanese or else he would have committed "harakiri" as someone already suggested.He just don't get it...if he still insist that he's not the main cause of BN's disgraced results of PRU12 he will receive an AIB like never seen before by any PM.

Malays are polite people.Polite to the extend of stupidity at times.They don't tell things as it is.If only I'm pak lah's MT UMNO I would've tell him..."dollah I rasa dah tiba masa you belah sebelum kamu dijatuhkan.Rakyat dah naik meluat tenguk muka you...jangan malukan melayu".

Anonymous said...

Why cant Pak Lah pi sembah Tuanku? Have an audience with HHighness.

TaK Leh ke? Why take a confrontational stand?

puteri said...

kak ton,

There's an interesting read by tumpang sekole: "Palace, Pat Lat and petroringgit" - which tells why Idris Jusoh wants so much to be reappointed.

It's all tied to Pak Lah's, KJ's and Patricki Badawi's interest.

Anon 11:55:00AM is spot on when he/she said:"It's the oil stupid!"

Here's the link:

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Maria,

Haih...Depa ni tak habis-habis yet, and poor Terengganu is stuck in the tussle...


You know, I find it bemusing...

In Perak, when the DAP members were asked to boycott the swearing in of PAS as MB (by Mr Lim Kit Siang) to protest the appointment (which they didn't lar) the UMNO members wanted to lodge a report agaisnt DAP on the grounds that they defy the Sultan...

Same basics here, don't you think? The MB-to-be has to have the support of the Dewan Undangan members, otherwise, it is unconstitutional...

But when DAP want to show their non-support, they are deemed to defy the Sultan...And yet, when BN themselves do it, it is their right as members of the Dewan?

*Raise eyebrows*

Oh well, if I were Ahmad Said, I would have rejected...All the BN people who support Idris has to do is pass a vote of no confidence, and bye-bye...

Mana mau letak muka ni?

Anonymous said...

Salam Semua,

Mereka lupa bahawasanya KeBawah Duli Tuanku Sultan Terengganu apabila MURKA boleh mengenakan tindakan BUANG NEGERI kepada Idris Jusoh. Maka secara SAH Idris tidak akan dapat menjalankan tugas sebagai MENTERI BESAR.