Monday, 10 March 2008

PM defends S.I.L again & says KJ has no influence on him

You believe that?

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today reiterated strongly that Khairy Jamaluddin had never been an influence in whatever he has done or decision he has made.

"Khairy is not an influence in whatever I do. He's the Umno Youth vice-head, and he has his idea about anything.

"There may be some coincidence that he speaks about the same policy and not because the policy is what he has promoted, it's a policy of the government," the Prime Minister told newsmen at the Umno Headquarters, here.

He added that as an Umno member, it was a duty for Khairy to know policies of the government and talk about it.

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observer said...

There are none so blind as those that will not see

There's none so deaf as they that will not hear.

MaryKate said...

Arrogance at the peak = both of them.I really think that Pak la is not running the country, but SIL.

Anonymous said...

kak tom,
: PM (Perdana Menteri) KJ
PM (Pemimpin Malas) Pak Lah

puteri said...

The son-in-law is the main reason why the country is going down the drain because Pak Lah is weak and incompetent.

KJ is taking advantage of the FIL's incompetence.

How could the FIL be so blind and deaf despite boasting that he has "BIG Ears"?