Thursday, 13 March 2008

PKR threatens to pull out of Perak state govt

Perak's MB's swearing-in put off : New Selangor MB sworn-in

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In yet another dramatic twist to the formation new state government in Perak, the swearing-in of Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as mentri besar has been cancelled.Mohammad Nizar, a PAS assemblyman, was to be sworn in at the Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar at 4pm today.

However, palace officials made an announcement at 4.20pm that the ceremony had been put off. No reason was given.

It is learnt that the three candidates for the menteri besar post were involved in a prolonged meeting with the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah at the Kinta Palace in Ipoh just prior to the swearing-in ceremony.

The meeting lasted from 2.30pm to 4.05pm, hardly leaving any time for them to be at the 4pm swearing-in ceremony at the Kuala Kangsar palace, which is about one hour from Ipoh. Continue here

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Malaysiakini breaking news

PKR has today threatened to pull out from the Perak coalition government on hearing that eight of the 10 executive council posts will go to DAP while the remaining two going to other parties.

In a statement issued by PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali, the opposition party expressed its objection to “the agreement made between PAS and DAP with regards to the composition of the Perak state exco”.

“In the spirit of sincere openness, we stress that the composition of the exco must reflect the composition of the population of Perak and represent the interests of all ethnic groups fairly,” said Syed Husin.

“We ask that this composition be discussed again and if the composition is not altered to the satisfaction of all parties involved, PKR will not take part in the administration of Perak.”

However, he said that PKR will honour its agreement to support the coalition government.

According to available statistics, Malays represent 53.7 percent of the population in Perak, Chinese (31.4 percent) and Indians (13 percent).

In last Saturday’s general election, the opposition won an unprecedented 31 of 59 state seats - DAP 18, while PKR has seven and PAS six. The remaining 28 are in the hands of BN, with Umno 27 and MCA 1.

According to Syed Husin, PKR accepts Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision to appoint PAS state assemblyman, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, as menteri besar of Perak.

“While at first we stressed the need to choose an individual that will be well received by the majority, we now accept the decision in the spirit of cooperation between PKR, PAS and DAP as well as in the interests of stability and harmony for Perak and for the whole of Malaysia.” Click here to continue

Pix: Courtesy of the Sun: PKR's Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim taking oath of office as the Mentri Besar of Selangor.


Anonymous said...

Whatlah, less than a week after the GE, bickerings among the Opposition coalition have begun. All for power.

The DAP-PKR-PAS coaliition doesnt seem to understand that we voted them in with the hope they would stay united and work on their similarities rather than go power- crazy like these.

Fighting over the MB post, they are no better than the BN.

What a let-down.

Anonymous said...

Bet you the BN is laughing at the Opposition in Perak.

You guys dont seem to be able to put your act together.

Pi Bani said...

From day one, HRH told the representatives from the so-called coalition to only come and see him when they were ready to form a government. Then they agreed to accept whoever the Sultan chooses amongst the 3. Things looked as though were settled.

Then came Kit Siang's statement, and although he apologised, HRH saw that the supposedly coalition had yet to come to an agreement. Then came PKR's statement, making it even more obvious that the coalition was not ready. Thus the meeting today with the Regent.

Should I be surprised HRH put off the whole thing? I expected it, really. HRH has to think of the people's interest. A shaky administration is definitely not good for the state.

OI, the people of Perak want to go on with life lah. Can you guys please make up your mind - you can work together or not? If not, then give the job back to BN lah - they do after all have the most number of seats.

And now the BN people already saying padan muka instead of doing some soul searching for themselves!

Fed up already. That's why lah I have always hated politics and never did quite trust politicians, no matter which party. They have just reaffirmed my stand on that.

BN tak boleh pakai, BR pun tak boleh pakai.

Next election, form new coalition... Barisan Rakyat Alternatif... BRA... eh, yang ni boleh pakai... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel so cheated. You guys have to screw it up. Dont even know what power-sharing is. Macam budak kecik.

We gave you the chance and you threw it away.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

what a real disappointment. they worked hard to knock them BN off and now this. werent they offered themselves to serve the people, and get rid of BN only comes in 2nd?

anak perak said...

If you guys can't work together don't expected people to vote for you again in next elections.
We will think twice before casting our votes or maybe won't even bother to vote at all.

If you don't take this piece of advice given, you gonna be the losers.

Remember we, the people, are watching very closely.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should give the Opposition Coalition a chance - time to sort things out among themselves.

I believe they were really caught by surprise that they had won more seats than expected to be able to rule five states - something that is beyond their imagination.

All we wanted was to deny the BN a 2/3 majority. But the Opposition got more they they could chew.

Let's give them time, a chance.