Saturday, 8 March 2008

Confirmed: Opposition takes Penang, Kedah, S'gor& Perak, PAS retains K'tan

The People have spoken! You did it my fellow Malaysians. You did it! You wanted change and you got it. Congratulations!


Opposition claims victory in Perak - 1.50am
The state is still too close to call. However, the opposition claimed that it has won a simple majority in the state. According to PKR state chief Dr Lee Boon Chye, the opposition was victorious 30 out of 59 seats (DAP - 18, PKR - 6, PAS - 6). But the state Election Commission appears to have suffered a computer glitch, which has delayed the announcement of the results.

Confirmed: Guan Eng is the new Penang CM - 1.01am
DAP confirmed today that its secretary general Lim Guan Eng will be the next Penang Chief Minister. He said that DAP would form the state government with PKR.
“It will be a government for all Malaysians. We stress that we will not rule alone but together with PKR. We also hope that the PAS can help this new government”.

Polling agent: Only technical issue to be solved in Lembah Pantai - 12.43am
A technical issue has been blamed for the delay in the delivery of official results from 14 ballot boxes. However the result will remain the same - a win for Nurul Izzah - with no question of a further count.

Official: Wan Azizah retains Permatang Pauh - 12.31am
The incumbent wins the seat with a larger majority of 13, 388 votes. She polled in 30, 338 as opposed to BN’s Firdaus Ismail’s 16, 950. In the three state seats under this constituency, BN took Seberang Jaya while Pas won Permatang Pasir and PKR won Penanti.

Unofficial: Opposition wins Selangor - 12.25am
Selangor has fallen into the hands of the opposition. PKR has earlier announced that its secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim will be named chief minister. In Selangor, the Opposition has taken 35 seats (DAP - 15, PKR - 11 and PAS - 9) out of the 56 seats in the state.

Meanwhile, the opposition is also doing very well in Perak but it is still not clear how many of the 59 state seats it has won.

Uncounted ballot boxes in Lembah Pantai - 12.12am
There are another 14 ballot boxes that have not been counted in this parliamentary seat, throwing a spanner in the victory achieved by PKR’s Nurul Izzah against incumbent Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

Abdullah says defeat part of democracy - 11.50pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that he accepted defeat in three states - Penang, Kedah and Kelantan - a sizable number of parliament seats. He said that was how democracy works and urged everyone to remain calm and not to celebrate in the streets.

Opposition wins 27 state seats in Penang - 11.40pmThe opposition has won 27 out of 40 state seats in Penang - DAP (19 seats), PKR (6) and PAS (2). Of the parliament seats, DAP has seven seats while PKR has three seats so far.

Latest official tally - 11.33pmAs at 11.20pm, BN has won 52 parliamentary seats, followed by DAP with six, PAS (2) and PKR (2)

Confirmed: Opposition takes Kedah - 10.50pm
Both the PAS and PKR have won 22 out of 36 state seats in Kedah. This means that the combined opposition will form the next state government there. Apart from Kedah, the opposition has won two other states - Kelantan and Penang.

Unofficial: Pak Lah wins with reduced majority - 10.45pm
The Barisan Nasional chairperson retains his Kepala Batas by a reduced majority of about 11,000. His majority in 2004 was 18,000.

Wee Choo Keong takes Wangsa Maju - 10.42pmUnofficial:
Former DAP leader Wee Choo Keong, has won the Wangsa Maju parliament seat in Kuala Lumpur for PKR. He is reported to have won by 500 votes. This will mark the return of the fiery lawyer to Parliament.

Unofficial: Zam loses in Sungai Petani - 10.22pm
The information minister has apparently lost Kedah’s Sungai Petani parliamentary seat to PKR’s Johari Abdul.

Human rights lawyer Sivarasa wins Subang - 10.16pm
PKR's R Sivarasa wins the Subang parliamentary seat by a majority of 8,000 votes.

The opposition has also picked up the three state seats under Subang - Elizabeth Wong (PKR) in Bukit Lancang, Dr Nasir Mohd Hashim (PKR) in Kota Damansara and Khairudin Othman (PAS) in Paya Jaras.

Unofficial: Wan Azizah retains Permatang Pauh - 10.05pmThe PKR president and incumbent has won the seat by a 4,000-vote majority.
KL's Titiwangsa falls to PAS - 10.05pmOfficial: PAS' Dr Lo' Lo' Ghazali has won the Titiwangsa parliament seat with a majority of 1,972.

Unofficial: Nurul Izzah beats Shahrizat - 9.53pm
According to ground reports, PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar, Anwar Ibrahim's daughter, has knocked out Umno minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil at Kuala Lumpur's Lembah Pantai. Today is also International Women's Day.

Confirmed: Opposition takes Penang - 8.52pm

Unofficial result: The opposition will form the next state government in Penang for second time in history. Gerakan, then an opposition party, won Penang almost 40 years ago. The DAP-PKR-PAS combination has collectively won at least 24 seats out of the 40 seats. - malaysiakini

PAS retains Kelantan: PAS president press sec - 7.50pm.

According to Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir, who is the press secretary of PAS president Hadi Awang, PAS has unofficially won 31 of the 45 state seats.

He said that PAS' Nasharuddin Mat Isa has beaten Umno's Awang Adek Husin in Bachok. Awang Adek, who is deputy finance minister, also lost in the state seat of Perupok, which is under Bachok.


Anonymous said...

kak ton, yeah yeah !!!

MaryKate said...

kak, the peopled has voted and the people will decide, there's more showdown for pak lah.

kas said...

thanks darling for the updates.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

I hope the victors will be humble in their hour of triumph, and the vanquished dignity in defeat.

In an unprecedented chapter of our history, the real work has just begun for PKR, DAP and PAS. Together they must show us the better way in terms of power sharing.

I pray good sense will prevail among them. Their partnership is untried and untested. None of them won alone.

I hope they can show us a better way forward towards a more harmonious and prosperous Malaysia.

The new govts of the respective state under their care must demonstrate a holistic approach towards development and nation-building.

We need to be more competitive in this era of globalisation, not forgetting the problems of global warming. It's my earnest hope they take seriously environmental and social impact in their planning. Failing which the future generations will have to bear the consequences.

I also hope to see the less fortunate are better taken care of. They must be empowered to lead a life befitting dignity of a human being. No one should be left out.

For our nation to move forward, we must bear one another's burden. The marginalised must be incorporated into the mainstream. Then only our society will safe.

mekyam said...

Dear Kak Ton,

If what I think is happening is happening, then I think Malaysians have once again got their MERDEKA in a bloodless coup.

In the region, this is indeed totally Malaysian -- doing what needs to be done, quietly. In fact, almost lethargically.

Malaysians never cease to amaze. Even when we revolt, we do it in our customary LEPAK STYLE. :D

Don't you just love our people!

mekyam said...

Dear Kak Ton,

We Malaysians have again done it our way - LEPAK STYLE even when we revolt. :D

Another historic MERDEKA with a bloodless coup!

Go Malaysians!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Dear all,

I am speechless. Too happy for words. But we did it.

Both the candidates I voted for in my constituency won. And both are newbies who defeated the incumbents. I could feel the mood for change at the ceramahs I attended.

Yaay! This is a new beginning. I know, I know it's so cliche.

:) :) :)

Thanks for visiting anon, marykate, kas, h&l and dear dear mekyam.

Bless my fellow Malaysians. Bless my country.

zaitgha said...

Kak Ton,

i couldnt agree with mek yam more...

i still got goosebumps reading your postings, Rocky's and Ena....

iN@ said...

hi mdm, thanks for the updates.

all online n/p are currently down..