Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Zakaria Deros of 'istana infamy' dies


Former Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros died after suffering a heart attack early Tuesday morning, the Star reports.

The controversial 62-year-old politician was dropped from the Selangor Barisan Nasional line-up for the general election.

He was replaced by his daughter-in-law Roselinda Abdul Jamil as the candidate for the seat, which she did not win.

Also a former Klang municipal councillor, Zakaria hogged headlines last year when he had a run-in with the law for not submitting building plans for a mansion that was described as a virtual “istana” (palace) by his critics.

He was also found to have not paid the assessment for another property for 12 years, while his family was caught operating an illegal satay restaurant on government reserve land.

Due to these controversies, Zakaria gave in to mounting pressure and withdrew from being a municipal councillor.

His mansion has 21 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, including 11 that occupied by each of his children, as well as a VIP room, three living rooms, a dining hall and a prayer room.

The house also has a swimming pool, several gazebos, an orchard, a two-hole golf lawn, an office, a storeroom, two rooms for maids as well as a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen.

He is expected to be buried in Malacca.

Al fatiha.


MaryKate said...

Kak Ton, heard about the news just now. I dont mean to sound heart-less. It's a pity he died though I cant say I am glad if he were alive either. It's partly his fault for the loss of entire Klang and Selangor to the opposition.Dah la makan $$ kenyang2, still have the cheek to show it off. Serves him right and let this be a sign to the rest who plundered our country as well. With the opposition winning, there's a lot of hope for everyone, I finally see the light which I gave up a long time ago. have a good week ahead.

The Malaysian. said...

The above report reminds me of a saying I learnt at school many years ago - "For what does it profit a man that he should gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his own life?"

Anonymous said...

Kepada pembesar kerajaan,

Sedarlah akan setiap kematian
Membuktikan dunia hanyalah pinjaman
Segala kekayaaan
dan istana impian akan ditinggalkan

Simati akan disoal punca kekayaan
Tidak boleh dijawab dengan penipuan
Kerana hanya Amalan
Yang akan menjawab soalan

Anonymous said...

Al fateha

Hanya Allah SWT yang berkuasa untuk menghakimkannya dan megampunkan dosanya.

Kita sebagai seorang insan biasa hanya mampu mendoakan agar rohnya dirahmahti Allah SWT.

mekyam said...


I received this news through one of those mass emailing several hours ago and dismissed it as a not so nice joke. Didn't realize it was true.

Hi&Lo said...


I tabik your sikap terhadap Zakaria Deros. Jgnlah kita menghakimi dia sbb itu belongs to Tuhan.

We must doa for God's mercy even for the person who hurt us.

I also agree we cannot bluff God. He judges us according to our deeds.

Fear God is the beginning of wisdom.