Friday, 28 March 2008

Waiting for the appropriate time?

Nuraina Samad wrote an interesting piece "Borrowed Time’ in which she said that unless Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi put things right he will be digging his own grave through inept decisions.

And it will be a matter of time before he will be forced to step down – and that will come from within Umno's ranks.

The current situation in the party reminds me of the aftermath of the 1969 general elections when Umno and the then Alliance were badly beaten by the Opposition.

The late Tunku Abdul Rahman Al Haj, our first Prime Minister, was blamed for the party's disastrous performance: Umno and the then Alliance lost heavily in Chinese constituencies in Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

The Tunku won in Alor Star but with a slim majority over an unknown opponent, and had it not been for the votes from Langkawi he might have lost altogether.

Umno members, especially the young turks, had been unhappy with the Tunku over issues relating to foreign and economic policies, national culture and language.

Opportunity did not come their way - not that soon. But he had to go. That was decided soon after the 1969 election and the violence of May 13.

Tunku had said that he realized all along the feelings of the people because they had "thought aloud but I was not giving up until the appropriate time arrived."

"To leave just as they wanted me to do would be giving in to my enemies, and that would be a cowardly way out. That I was not prepared to do.

"But one thing must also be remembered: the choice lay with members of Umno

Wise words filled with honesty and humility.

Tunku finally stepped down, at the appropriate time, quietly and gracefully, in September 1970.

Perhaps Pak Lah, too, is waiting for the appropriate time.


Blind Faith said...

Kak Ton

If Pak Lah is living on borrowed time (insofar as his leadership is concerned), when it is time for him to pay, he has to pay with interest, hasn't he?

And the current payback rate is high, judging from prevailing sentiments.

Anonymous said...

It is an understatement to say that the PM is incompetent, inept and weak. He is spineless and clueless. In short he is not Pm material, not in control aqnd unfit to lead the country any longer

He has not been able to explain his assocaition with Patrick Lim, denied his son's involvement in scomi and the influence his manipulative sil has over him.

He did not explain why the Raja of Perlis didnt want Shahidan and why Tuanku Mirzan rejected Idris Jusuh.

And he has yet to give a full accounting of what happened to wang ehsan funds for Terengganu.

I hope he has an exit plan cuz I dont expect him to last much longer.

puteri said...

The thing is I dont understand how Pak Lah can let the problem (the impasse between him and the palce) got out of hand.

At the end of the day, he lost all credibility, had to eat his own words and make a u-turn on the decision he had made.

He couldnt even map out a good strategy.

What kind of leader is that?

mekyam said...

Tok Mommy said... Perhaps Pak Lah, too, is waiting for the appropriate time.

Dear Kak Ton,

For the sake of what's left of his poor dignity, let's hope that is what he is doing, waiting for the right time to bow out gracefully.

But the keyword here is "dignity". Tunku had it in spades. AAB has shown many times that he is deficient in that department too.

I personally suspect he's being pressured by the hangers-on who surround him, to stall for time so they can save their hides. He is under siege from them too and obviously lacks the strength to push his way out.

Anonymous said...

Time's up Pak Lah. You better go before you're forced out.

Leave...step down with dignity the way Almahom Tunku.

Malu lah sikit, Pak Lah. Setiap hari kena sumpah dengan rakyat.


Anonymous said...

This Sleepy Head is just waiting for ANWAR (who sleeps in the bed with SIL) to be geared up to take over. This is Wayang Kulit Perdana. Each & every BN cabinet members slowly stepping down & cross over as planned. So PL/KJ has accomplished their mission killing the UMNO Baru by first class acting by provoking Malaysian to hate UMNO.Noy sure if these Katak2 will be in the ANWAR's line up though, but if they do God Help us.