Thursday, 27 March 2008

So what happened...?

I was searching high and low for the outcome of the audience the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, was supposed to have with the Yang diPertuan Agong, Tuanku Mirzan, yesterday.

But I found nothing. Nothing from the mainstream media. Not even from Bernama, the National Newsw Agency. Only the Star had the story albeit a brief one. Nothing much was disclosed.

So where else do we turn to if not to those "lying" bloggers and the new media (read here and here) when such news weren't forthcoming from the msm?

Was there an instruction to blackout the story? Do I see the hands of the fourth floor boys? If so why...what are they scared of? The Truth?

Are they afraid that reporting the outcome of the meeting would be seen as a slap on the Prime Minister who has to accept the Palace's choice over his candidate, Idris Jusoh (whose Datukship , by the way, was reported to have been withdrawn) as Mentri Besar of Terengganu?

Just my two sens: You guys better get real . You are neither protecting nor helping him.


Anonymous said...

kak ton, malu lah tu, how to face the people? So, as usual all the MSM will cover up, and guess what, now with the BN goons coming on board with blogs, VERY SOON their blogs will also be covered up, painting all the rosy pictures and nothing else. I for sure have no interest in their blog - if there is one, it will just be a repeat of the MSM reporting, i think these people just dont get it.MKate

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


You're right. They just dont get it.

They never learn and willl repeat the same mistakes because they just dont want to face reality.

puteri said...

kak ton,

I am not a journalist, but it is only logical that when you(msm) come with a story that the PM was going to meet the King, the readers/ public would surely expect to know the outcome of the meeting.

After all, Pak Lah himself said that the meeting was to resolve the political impasse between the palace and the BN leadership.

He himself said that he should have done it sooner.This is not a remeh temeh issue.

So why is the MSM suppressing the news?

This is hard news. Maybe the MSM just didnt know how to spin it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina in her blog says the Umno MKT will be meeting today.

We'll see how the msm slant the stories. It has so much to discuss.

I hope the reporters will ask the RIGHT questions.

Anonymous said...

kak ton

It's abundantly clear that the MSM are blacking out the news.

They think we don't have alternative access to news. They are wrong. And they still have not learnt about coming clean.