Saturday, 8 March 2008

In loving memory of Edah

Al fatiha

My younger sister, Edah (Noraida), died exactly a year ago today. She was 51. May you rest in peace, sister dear.



adik said...

Al fatiha.

Semoga rohnya dirahmati Allah.


sesat said...

Dear Kak Ton,

May her soul rest in peace in a much better place.

puteri said...

Semoga Allah menerima amalannya
Dan meletakkan rohnya di kalangan
orang-orang soleh dan bertaqwa.

Al Fatihah.

pemerhati said...

Al-Fatihah untuk arwah.
Semoga dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

Condolences. I share with you and your siblings the loss which is still palpable.

We need to remind ourselves of God's wisdom. Above all, He is all merciful. Only faith is our comfort, tho we are all still human.

Forgive me if I sound too cliche.

May Kak Edah be in the fellowship of God's beloved. She had fought the good fight.

mekyam said...

Al-Fatihah to your beloved Eda, on the anniversary of her passing, Kak Ton!


Thank you for the lovely GE updates. This is a wonderful Saturday for me in spite of an ugly day outside. Malaysians never cease to amaze. If what I think is happening is happening, then once again we Malaysians got our MERDEKA in a bloodless coup. In the region, this is something quite Malaysian - doing what needed to be done quietly, almost lethargically.

We LEPAK even when we revolt. Don't you just feel so bloody proud of our countrymen? :D