Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Radzi "merajuk"? ...quits all party posts, denies split

Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, who was dropped as a Cabinet member yesterday, has resigned from all party posts but denied that the move heralded a split caused by growing unhappiness in the premier's party.

(But Rafidah says she'll stay on as Wanita chief despite being excluded from the new line-up)

"When you are not made a minister, you cannot work effectively as a secretary-general for Umno," the former Home Minister said.

Radzi is the first top level Umno official to quit after the March 8 general elections - which makes one wonder if the move points to cracks in the party. *

Asked if he had resigned over not being included in the new Cabinet, he replied: "You can take it that way."

Radzi, 66, said Abdullah had accepted his resignation with immediate effect from the position of secretary-general, both in Umno and BN, but denied that his departure signalled a split in the party.

He was replaced by Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who, like Radzi, was dropped from the Cabinet

The Sun has the story: here and Bernama here .

* Read Dr Khir offers to quit as state Umno liaison chief here

NST picture: OUT AGAIN: Datuk Radzi Sheikh Ahmad hugs a supporter after announcing his resignations as Umno and BN secretaries-general.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Kak Pidah, but she is gracious enough to say in public that she accepts the the PM's decision.

She might be seething inside, and who wouldnt at the manner in which the PM explained her exclusion to the press.

Stupid Pak Lah, tak der fineesse langsung.

sweet serenade said...

All is not well in Umno. First the letter from Muhriz asking the umno president and PM to do the right thing. Then Ku Li wrote letters to all umno divion heads and calling for an EGM in May. Now Radzi has resign from all party post after he was dropped out from the CDabinet.

Outwardly Kak Pidah seems gracious but God knows how she feels inside being left in the dark ande then Pak Lah dropped the bomb. Malu mukan kan? Pemuda Chiefr got reappointed in hisld post. Wanita chief kena axed.

I am sure there is quiet ramblings on the ground and kalau Pak Lah think everything is ok memang dia nak cari nahas.

orang lama said...

I see signs of open rebellion with the resignation of Radzi. I mean Radzi is supposed to be an ally of Pak Lah.

They were in Team B in the 1987 Umno election against the A team of Dr M.

Umno is in trouble and so is Pak Lah. He is fighting for is political the party. That is the reason he has given 5 cabinet seats to Johore with the hope that they could deliver votes to him should there be a contest for the post of the president at the party assembly end of this year.

That's also the reason he roped the reject, Mat Taib, whom he thinks can get the Selangor Umno votes.

Naah, he is not thinking of the country. This is his strategy to ensure he retains the No 1 party post because he is already feeling the heat from the ground.