Thursday, 28 August 2008

Anwar sworn in as MP

Sworn in, Anwar is Opposition Leader - Malaysiakini
Aug 28, 08 10:19am

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is officially parliamentary opposition leader.

The newly-elected Permatang Pauh MP was sworn in this morning at the Dewan Rakyat.

Anwar arrived at Parliament at 8.55am and took his oath at 10.05am immediately after prayer recitals in the House.

Soon after, he took the seat reserved for the parliamentary opposition leader, vacated by his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The opposition leader's seat is directly opposite the prime minister's seat in the 222-member Parliament.

Anwar was declared leader of the opposition, a decade after he was sacked as deputy premier and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges.

He came to Parliament together with Wan Azizah, who held his Permatang Pauh seat during his political exile, and his daughter Nurul Izzah, who is also parliamentarian for Lembah Pantai.

"I hope the member for Permatang Pauh will contribute to the proceedings of this House. I am satisfied he has been unanimously appointed leader of the opposition," said speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia. -Malaysiakini


En.Ahmad said...

Kak Ton,i've been reading your blogs for the last 4 months, and i think your a wonderful journalist. You're unbiased and still hold to the journalism ethics. I know your dad is the journalism icon in the country, and i know it runs in your blood to be a fantastic journo. My uncle too,is still a journo as NST. And he too like you,knows what true journalism like.

Anyways,i just want to ask one thing. Can u remove BarkingMagpie on your blogroll? We don't need your readers reading his bigoted, biased, racist blog.

For all we know, he might be an UMNO Cybertrooper.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

From today Anwar is one of the Parliment MP. Let we see what is Anwar try to brings.. How far can he proof that on 16 Sept, there is a big change will be happen..

Anonymous said...

It may not be September Sixteen but Anwar will get more and more support from other MP's now that he is already in. September 16th is just his tactics of making UMNO "kecut perut" and put pressure on Najib and the PM.

Anwar will announce the "kataks" arrival when Pak Lah and his UMNO goons were busy with the Supreme Council Election in December...JUST to dissapoint Najib.


Anonymous said...

Seronok lah selagi boleh seronok PKR dan Anwar.

Surprise waiting

Not Ibrahim Ali said...

Don't assume BN jumping to PKR. It could be many leaving PKR.

We will see who has the last laugh

straycat's strut said...

Tok Mommy,
May I respond to that En Ahmad? His asking the removal of Barking Magpie from your blogroll is a bit too much.

Can I ask En Ahmad's comment to be removed because I dont agree with him? Or maybe I just happen to suspect that he is a DAP cyber trooper?

I read BM's blog all the time. I read MT too.

And its demeaning to hear En Ahmad saying "Can u remove BarkingMagpie on your blogroll? We don't need your readers reading his bigoted, biased, racist blog."

En Ahmad, who are you to decide what I should read? Wanna know what a bigot, racist and bias is? Its not the other person...

Thanks tok.

Bilal Rompoi said...

Wonder, does the Nik Aziz, Harussani, Hadi, Fatwa Council ... approve this sumpah?

Did he mentioned wallahi wabillahi watallahi?

Did he used the Quran? If not what book did he used? Holy book or constituition? Malaysia's or US?

Hehehe ... just being naughty

Anonymous said...

evelyn said,

kenapa dsai keluar semasa bentang rang undang undang dna. first day dah keluar dewan. Apa salahnya sekurang kurangnya dna kan bagus nak bukti untuk dsai sendiri yg dia kata dia tak buat tu..

nasionalis said...

Kalau first day dah suka keluar, baik keluar terus la ...

Tunggu masa gut?

Judge salah lagi? Polis lagi? AG lagi?

en.ahmad said...

To straycat:

By all means, do read BarkingMagpie not going to stop you. I'm not MCMC,I even can't block you from reading his blog.You already bookmarked his blog, don't you?

I asked that to Kak Ton, because she is a great journalist and i wanted her to be linked with all fellow journalist. And by read BM's blog, i can tell that he is just another writer and i don't think he was ever a journalist.

And why say im from DAP? Why not MCA?

To Kak Ton, I'm sorry for using your comments page for this arguments.