Thursday, 7 August 2008

Doc who examined Saiful stands by “no sodomy” report

Malaysiakini reported that Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid who had examined Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan just hours before he lodged a police report is standing by his medical report that the former aide to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not sodomised. - Doc stands by 'no sodomy' findings.

In a statutory declaration dated Aug 1, Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid @ Than Aung, reiterated that he stood by 'his findings'.

Dr Mohamed Osman also said he had no knowledge of how his medical examination report on Mohd Saiful was circulated to the media and Internet.

As reported by Malaysiakini

“In his six-page statutory declaration, Mohd Osman laid out his medical credentials of 30 years and described how he first encountered Saiful. [See statutory declaration in full]

“He was initially attended to by another female doctor but subsequently referred to me as the patient requested to be examined by a male doctor.

“Through my experience, I have encountered many similar complaints and I therefore proceeded with the appropriate examination on the patient,” said the doctor.

He proceeded to conduct a rectal examination and recording his findings in Pusrawi Hospital’s “standard medical examination folder”.

The following widespread circulation of the report in verbatim - in the press and the Internet - shocked Mohd Osman.

He said that he only knew of the leaked medical report after he had gone on leave. According to hospital authorities, Mohd Osman has been on leave since mid-July.

“I would like also to stress that I have no knowledge of the person responsible for leaking the report to any third party.”

Police recorded statements twice

In his statutory declaration, Mohd Osman also recounted three visits by two police officers from two different police districts - to record his statement.

He said that in July 2008, his statement was recorded by one ASP Rosmi Mat Derus from the Brickfields criminal investigation department (CID).

Mohd Osman explained that ASP Rosmi wrote down about nine or 10 pages of statements in Bahasa Malaysia and produced a printed copy the following week for his signature.

The doctor, who is from Burma, admitted he did not understand most of what was written in the statement as he is not proficient in Bahasa Malaysia.

When confronted with the printed copy, Mohd Osman had to make amendments with the policeman’s assistance.

“I also pointed out to him that certain facts which has not been discussed in the previous meeting were introduced in the typed statements.

“The facts I queried was why the name of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim appeared in several paragraphs when it was never brought up during the first interview, neither did the patient ever confide in me the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

“He (ASP Rosmi) replied that Anwar is the accused and I already by then knew Anwar was the accused after reading the newspaper,” he added.

Mohd Osman said that he had hesitated to sign the printed statement, but had done so “as I did not want to have any issues with the police”.

Left country with family

Mohd Osman described that a week later, one DSP Choo from the Dang Wangi CID also recorded his statement.

“She asked me to explain, all over again, and I complied by explaining everything that I knew in detail the whole procedures in relations to the examination on the patient,” he said.

“At the onset of the interview, she impressed upon me that I will be charged if I refuse to cooperate with the police.

“The seemingly constant and unending police investigation and being aware of the high-profile nature of the case has disturbed me tremendously and I become worried for my safety and that of my family.

“Approximately one week after the third visit by the police, I decided to apply for leave and left Malaysia with my family,” he said.

He was scheduled to resume his duties at Pusrawi Hospital on Aug 1 - incidentally the day he signed the statutory declaration - but cannot be contacted and has gone missing.

“I think he is afraid to return to duty,” said Pusrawi Hospital medical director Dr Kamaruddin Ahmad, according to mStar online yesterday.


Anonymous said...

This latest attempt to doctor medical report is not surprising at all. After all they had done it before. This is the subject matter of Anwar's police report against Musang Hassan and Gani Setail. Both were allegedly involved in trying to force a doctor to amend his medical report on injuries suffered by Anwar while in detention in Bukit Aman no less.

frm: longing 4 justice

setatuteri dikelereshen said...

Seorang lagi pencacai Anwar ke ni? Biasa geng2 Anwar yang suka main2 SD ni. Apa2 je lah..Takda harga dah jadi SD ni sebab selalu sangat dimainkan golongan2 ini.

donplaypuks® said...

First PI Bala disappears abroad without knowledge of the Police.

Now, Dr. Osman leaves the country without anybody's knowledge.

Do we have such porous borders that people can leave the country without instant detection?

But then, what can you expect when immigration records can be erased with impunity and no questions asked?

read about 'NEP New Deal' at

Anonymous said...

Since 'longing 4 justice' raised the case of Anwar's police report against Musang Hassan, it reminds me of Musang's civil action against Anwar for defaming him. I'm curious that he filed the action before ACA investigation against him has been completed (I think it has not even started in earnest despite assurance that it will be done professionally. We can't take any assurance at face value anymore nowadays). If I were Musang, I will wait until ACA investigation has been completed and shud it lead to no prosecution, then I know they have no case. I will then follow with my action coz I'm now confident that I'm not guilty. Since action has been filed now, does it mean Musang already knew he would be "assisted" by the ACA?

frm: where's justice

Ghifari X said...

Lets be careful they wish to confuse our cultural traditions in light of BN/UMNO abominable mischief: Transvestites jailed in Kelantan. Go to HELL! Go rationalized philosophise and realize your heart rendering fallacies in HELL. You Shit Tanks with your dirty desires attempting to put a scholastic twist to filth, weakness, sheer vulgar weakness. Pretending to be extraordinary humanitarian. This was not about the humanity of a sick people but a group attempt to sanitise a already decaying society with shit. This isn't about politics as much as I resent BN/UMNO its about moral degenerate demanding society to open the doors, turn a blind eye albeit get involve and "there's no wrong no harm". We say to you; Keep it in your closets even when you are in public but don't try grandstanding this shameful and abominable behaviour as if to say, never mind the act we are human too. UMNO just look at the split you have created between the moral and amoral; indeed Mahathir's legacy.

Mankanan said...

Wah! Sampai 6 muka surat SD Dr Osman...Punyalah dia nak defend Anwar, sampai 6 muka dia buat.. Letih juga la nak baca.. Sekarang ni orang dah anggap SD tu hanya semata-mata alat untuk menyelamatkan diri dan untuk menghentam seseorang je. Orang sekarang dah sampai tahap sanggup bersumpah walaupun perkara yang disumpahkan tu tak betul. Jangan macam tu. Nanti bala Tuhan sampai, tak sempat nak bertaubat nanti...

Anonymous said...

I can't see which part of the SD mentioned about being detained for 3 days or forced to make false report on SAiful, or being harassed.

If Dr Osman decided to flee the country, which country did he flee? The SD was done in Malaysia obviously. Returning to Malaysia does not sound like he flee the country.

If he is such a threat to the alleged conspiracy, He would have been detained at the airport by the police for further harassment. No chance for him to make an SD.

Are we supposed to believe this unreliably informed RPK.

Hey, what happened to that accomplice...?

What credibility does RPK have? HIs imagination is getting shaky now as we get closer to the details of the allegations.

More lies to cover up one lie, they say


Anonymous said...

In the first medical note, there was no mention of proctoscope inspection. It should have been noted as it is a significant procedure. (?)

And the reason Dr Osman was referred after the lady Dr was because of Saiful mentioned about the sodomy. The first lady Dr attended for tenesmus diagnosis only . that seems fit

Anonymous said...

SD my arse! Who in the right mind in Malaysia would have faith in another SD....?? Thanks to RPK and Bala and gang, the SD is reduced to nothing but a piece of Sh*tty Document (SD) paper! WOuldnt bet on it whatever on THIS SD is even true.