Thursday, 28 August 2008

Don’t they ever learn?

Umno leaders are still in a state of denial - downplaying the victory of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim - who won a major victory in the recent concluded by-election of Permatang Pauh and sworn in as Member of Parliament today.

Anwar garnered 31,195 votes, winning by 15,671 votes and surpassing his wife Dr Wan Azizah Ismail's 13,388-vote victory margin in the 8 March general election.

Here’s what the Prime Minister, Datuk Abdullah Badawi, says of the result of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

JOHOR BAHARU, Aug 27 (Bernama) -- The result of the Permatang Pauh by-election, which was won by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, cannot be interpreted as a trend that can happen in other constituencies, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

The prime minister said the Barisan Nasional (BN) which won 140 parliamentary seats in the March 8 general election still commanded strong support from the people.

"What happened in Permatang Pauh was not something so big as to change the situation that exists after the last general election.

"The Permatang Pauh by-election is one by-election that cannot be interpreted as something that can happen in other constituencies. I believe we can still continue the government." - Bernama

(How does that sound? Delusional? Definitely – judging from the statement of the number One man in the country to the information Minister Shaberry Chik (read here ) and Home Minister Syed Hamid Al blur when the message is loud and clear. Barisan Nasional lost because the voters dont want the party you represent and are sick of government propaganda. You still don’t get it it, do you? Too much propaganda is counter-productive. [Read Zorro’s take on How and why Umno lost here and Malaysiakini: Umno's gamble fails spectacularly here]).


Ikrak said...

That stupid fella is not only blur but still in daze.

Why must Malaysia has a stupid dumb idiot as a PM. Is he a PM or another Puki Mak?

We have lost our respect on all the BN-UMNO regime leaders. They are got for the shit hole only.

conscience said...

It is very difficult to change the mindset of arrogant UMNO politicians.
They could'nt even accept defeat gracefully.
I was never very much a Anwar supporter, until, after the by-election in PP. Anwar stood like a man, fought like a warrior and dignified all through the 10 tens of campaigning. Unlike BN, they resorted to vulgarism and filth, crossing the line of all human decency. They stooped so low just to clinch on to power.
PM, DPM and their cronies have lost the trust of the people...this is the beginning of the end of this crooked regime.

Anonymous said...

The Permatang Pauh by-election is one by-election that cannot be interpreted as something that can happen in other constituencies. I believe we can still continue the government."

You hope. Hello, the Bn lost five states to the "Opposiition", including your home state, Pak Lah.

You are still in a denial mode. The writing is on the wall. BN has been buried "dikuburkan" and that is going to be the trend!

Now where is that braggart son-in-law of yours? He is one reason for the defeat of BN in PP. Get it?

Halim said...

The Umno-led Barisan Nasional election machinery (using dirty tacticcs, racial cards and money) - has been proven in the latest by-election of Permatang Pauh to be ineffective in swaying voters to its side.

The use of religious issues, personal slandar on Anwar by the BN leaders had certainly backfired.

Indeed, when will they ever learn!

White Kettle of Penanti said...

The following was posted on Zorro's:

You are entitled to your opinion and I will not deny and harass you as what comentators did on you recently. This is now my opinion and I will state it honestly.

Lets be honest la. You are bias. You cannot not to be so because you were working for PKR at PPauh and you are no fan of UMNO for whatever reason. And, I saw you are try to impose your view on UMNO but I am not sure you appreciate the sentimenst and insecurity of the Malays. It gives a clue that you see what you only wish to see.

On the unusual side for coin to stand on vertically, both side behave badly.

I believe you refuse to see and take into account how innocent voters felt intimidated by the presence and psychological harassment of PKR campaigners just for being suspected as a BN people.

I believe you refuse to see how media people were suspiciously treated and followed around ready to be strong armed. I am not talking about the two photographer incident. That could be hired Pekida doing smear tactic on PKR.

I believe you refuse to see how we as common voters saw PKR's overexuberant psygame to the point of equally refusing to respect the other side's right to campaign. I was an innocent passerby when Anwar visited PAS Bilik Gerakan next to the PPauh UMNO HQ.

As a non partisan voter in PPauh, I despised BN's personal attack on Anwar, particularly those unsuabstantiated allegations by Nalla and Ezam. I also saw Anwar's refusal to acknowledge authority and preempting events with equally unsuabstantiated accusations of conspiracy.

But I am ready to give him a chance. As someone who decided to vote for Anwar just to teach those indenial BN/UMNO people a lesson, I must advise you honestly that PKR does not have the right attitude, experiance and humility to rule yet. Selangor is but a fine example.

Lets not forget only 5 mnonths ago, PKR had only 1 seat in Parliament and spatial of ADUN seats here and there. PKR got where they are because of UMNO/BN's fault, great PKR PR/psygame and not their promises and visions. I know it is empty.

Only a short sensation of power, they are equally capable of harrassing their opponent and show contempt to the common people. I fear when they have power that they could be worse than BN in pouncing to any voices of desent.

UMNO BN took 60 years to become arrogant after lots of achievement for the country in which the sweetest is independence. You've got only 5 months. Shouldn't you prove what you already have first? We are not stupid ... remember we are ready to give you guys a chance.

Anonymous said...

They (BN) won't learn, refuse to listen because God hardened their hearts, so that He can use PKR to crush them mightily in one strike

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah and his blurred vision. Aiyo yo. Still delusional.

Go on sleep sumore. BN and Umno digging its own gravelah!

Queen Bee said...

hi kak ton... brother ikrak sabar2 ye. i know how angry u r but mind our language here bro... we all know our pm is a sleeping pm. during cabinet meeting also he can doze off. i think his statement above is concocted by someone... so we wait and see what PKR supremo will do next for our beloved MALAYSIA.

chong said...

a sleepy flip flop PM how lucky malaysia is.

conscience said...

white kettle of penanti;

In response to your comments, the bottom line is, more than 30,000 voters gave the green light to Anwar. If you claimed to stand on the middle ground, respect the wishes of the people in Permatang Puah. Obviously, you do not read MSM.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

In the song 'Where have all the flowers gone?'
The question asked was 'When will they ever learn? (x2)
Now even after they hear the sound of the loud gong
They still want to hang on to what they always yearn

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290808
Fri. 29th Aug. 2008.