Thursday, 21 August 2008

Perak Exco member remanded for two days

Perak PKR state executive councillor Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi was today remanded for two days to assist the ACA in their investigations into a RM180 million housing project scandal.

The state cabinet member was taken to the Ipoh magistrate's court this morning where the two-day remand order was made, reports Malaysiakini.

He was arrested at 10.30am yesterday morning when he surrendered himself to the ACA.

Jamaluddin (PKR-Behrang), the exco for entrepreneur development, agriculture and commerce was among six detained yesterday for alleged graft in relation to a RM180 million housing project in Seri Iskandar, about 30-minute drive south of Ipoh. yesterday following a public tip-off. (read

Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin told reporters yesterday that those who have been remanded are innocent until proven guilty.

"They are remanded for investigations and no charges have been laid against them... Let natural justice takes its course," he told reporters.

The incident is expected to send the Perak government into turmoil as the Pakatan Rakyat government only holds a slim three-seat majority over Barisan Nasional

Meanwhile, PKR deputy leader Syed Husin Ali said the manner the arrests were made "indicates the possibility that the individuals involved may have been victims of entrapment".

"The timing of this incident also gives reason to suspect a political motive given our close proximity to the by-election in Permatang Pauh," he said in a
press statement yesterday.

The PKR leader called on ACA to conduct a "thorough, transparent and professionally conducted investigation" into the matter.

"If the investigation proves that alleged misconduct did in fact occur in this matter then PKR and our partners in the Pakatan Rakyat will take swift action against those involved in any impropriety consistent with our commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability."
- Excerpts from Malaysiakini .

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(I applaud the ACA for its good work. Very efficient too, mah, If these exco members are guilty, their place is in jail. No two ways about it. But until then, they are innocent until proven guilty. And I hope the ACA will continue to carry out its duty without fear or favour…and catch those who abuse their public office... irrespective of party affiliations.)


optional said...

Elok disiasat. Jangan pasal orang2 dalam kerajaan je orang sibuk nak tunjuk, nanti bila pasal orang2 PR semua nya tak betul, semua nya konspirasi. Macam suci sangat semua2 orang dekat sana tu.

Mr. Smith said...

When has the ACA detained a sitting a BN state ex-co on suspicion of corruption when almost all of them a corrupted like hell.
How many reports have been lodged against former BN leaders in the Pakatan states and how many arrests.
When it involves PKR, the ACA acts with super efficiency.

Halim said...

Very fast indeed. Am impressed.

So what happened to the the report made against PM and DPM on abuse of power? ACA is still investigating the case? NFA?

enter shikari said...

aku tak faham la.bila orang UMNO/BN kena cekup,ramai yang kata BPR buat kerja.tapi bila orang Pakatan Rakyat yang kena cekup,dah kata konspirasi dan BPR ini alat kerajaan.adei.tak faham betul aku.

Sue said...

Too many coincindeces lar. The arrest of the 2 PKR Excos a week before the PP by-election seems like a plot to potray the PKR and Barisan Rakyat in a bad light.

The timing is so impeccable.Why hasnt the ACA acted on the report of alleged corruption against the BN assemblymen in other states.

THe one-eyed Jasin MP comes to mind, among others.

Yes, go after the corrupt, but dont be selective.

Greenman said...

Yang salah tetap salah sekiranya terbukti di muka pengadilan.. tak kira sesiapa.

Kenapa bila Exco PKR dituduh rasuah, orang masih menganggap ia satu konspirasi? Apa yang maksum sangat dengan PKR ataupun DSAI.

Anonymous said...

tok mommy

you said it right. no exceptions, corrupts are to be put in the right place, which is behind bars.
btu if the ACA is abused to gain political mileage for the forthcoming PP by-election, then this BN govt deserves to be kicked out.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Badan Pemberi Rasuah (BBR) showing their blue colour. Perak MB said no such project has been approved. How then corruption comes out? From now on PR ADUNs and MPs shud be careful with strangers especially those carrying bags becoz BBR will suddenly appear and use the bag (containing money) as evidence for their evil scheme. The 2 Perak Exco men paid dearly for being friendly with strangers.Come on laa BBR. We know yr level of professionalism as Lingam case has shown. Till now no police report was lodged against Lingam's former secretary for perjury during the inquiry. I'm sure many more cases of beri rasuah happened but hidden frm public knowledge. My greetings to Perak ACA Director and her mentor Rafidah Aziz.

frm: tak terima rasuah