Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A nation in distress...


In view of the reponse from the majority of the commentators here, I shall respect their wishes and put up the jalur gemilang as it should be in place of the earlier one.

Earlier posting:

I shall join the rest of my fellow bloggers who are displaying the jalur gemilang upside down to express our frustrations and despair as rakyats of a nation in distress.

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Displaying the flag upside down is internationally accepted to denote extreme distress : read here .


optional said...

Ni yang sampai nak terbalik2 bendera ni apa cerita ni. Tak perlu buat macam tu dalam keadaan sekarang ni, keadaan sekarang tidak seteruk itu. Ini dah macam tak menghormati. Tak perlu gelabah sampai tahap macam ni. Cuba bertenang sikit.

PleoMax said...

This is a sign that some bloggers are clearly disrespecting Jalur Gemilang. It's our symbol of pride and joy. Why do we have send the wrong message to the whole world, is it not enough that now we've become the laughing stock?

anak malaysia said...

To optional & plleomax

This is not a sign of disrespect but a sign of protest of rakyats angry and frustrated at the way the country is being governed by a clueless leader.

It is an acceptable form of protest.

a citizen said...

Am sorry tok mommy,

I dont agree this time. However am angry with the current government - in fact am very very angry, but I wont dishonour our flag, the pride of the nation.

I would display the Umno/Bn flag.

But am not a card carrying member of Umno or any of the component parties of BN.

wisdomthinker said...

The flags belongs to the people which by meaning it is the right of evry citizens in malaysia. Its not something extremists of politic should mess with.

Independence day is for us to remember of how we get to be freedom from west colonization of the bad, pain past history.

Celebrate the day regardless of political concerns. Its a day to be thankful and bless, not a day to voice out our distress to the current government. I guess if the opposition are behaving such irresponsible acts, I rather vote for BN next time.

youthmalaysia said...

I as one of malaysian citizens feel very angry and sad with bloggers pursuing people to express frustrations and despair in such way. The flag is not a toy. Its an icon which represent our proud and peaceful country.

Mahyudin said...

Betapa ceteknya akal manusia ni bila sanggup mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang secara terbalik. Sanggup menghina negara sendiri. Buat malu kat negara luar je. Perbuatan mengibarkan bendera secara terbalik samalah juga seperti menghina bendera sendiri.. Orang begini layak ke kalau nak duduk kat Malaysia?

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Ton, i have to disagree. I think as a blogger, its our duty NOT to make the situation worst or insult our Jalur Gemilang and nation.

Its enough that we have a week and selfish government and opposition, that are doing nothing to improve the situation. Insulting Jalur Gemilang is like insulting Malaysia and asking for her to really be in distress. :(