Monday, 11 August 2008

Rampant vote-buying in Umno must be curbed… prevent serious harm to the party, warns party-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. - Malaysiakini.

From unofficial reports, it has become rampant at all levels, he said adding that “it is frightening if this becomes normal practice in future." (Oh Oh I thought this is the norm in Umno among the top leadership. (Read here).

The Umno-led coalition's failure to address corruption on a national scale was a major factor in March general elections when voters dealt it an unprecedented setback, depriving it of its two-thirds majority in Parliament, he said, according to Bernama and carried by Malaysiakini.

Muhyiddin: Vote-buying rampant in Umno

"As party members, we must view this problem seriously and I regard Umno now being in a danger zone if money politics continues unabated," party vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin said, according to the state Bernama news agency.

"I've received unofficial reports that it has become rampant at all levels and it is frightening if this becomes normal practice in future."

Seen as potential successor

Muhyiddin is seen as a potential successor to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who has faced calls to quit since the elections, but Muhyiddin has said he will not challenge the premier at party leadership polls later this year.

The party vice-president, who is also trade minister, said that while vote-buying had in the past occurred in ballots for top Umno posts, it had now spread to the branch level.

"It is sad if one day the people see this problem as synonymous with Umno so the situation must be corrected before the next general election," he said, according to Bernama.

Umno last month asked the country's anti-corruption watchdog to help it battle vote-buying in the heated contest for top posts during the party's general assembly from December 16 to 20. – Malaysiakini

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no pain no gain said...

Money politics will never be abolish in the future. They will always exist in this party nor other parties as well.

koala bear said...

seriously,all political parties should overcome this's a turmoil to the country and society.if we let this to continue,then our future generation are going to suffer.

Aopen said...

this has become a disease that cripple the very trust of rakyat to the parties. This happened not only in UMNO but also to the rest of the parties in Malaysia.
Something must be done in order for this stop once and for all.