Friday, 15 August 2008

"I can defeat Anwar"...

...says Datuk Arif Omar Shah (left), the chosen BN candidate who will be taking on the PKR de facto leader in the Permatang Pauh Parliamntary by-election on Aug 26.

"I am confident of winning even if not by an overwhelming majority," Arif Shah declared after he was named the BN’s choice on Thursday night. (Malaysiakini read here)

He added that Anwar should be contesting in Kuala Lumpur since the PKR leader was now Klang Valley based - instead of contesting in Permatang Pauh

BN's Arif: 'Who can defeat Anwar? I can'

...The 52-year-old Arif Shah - who is also the Seberang Jaya state assemblyperson - said his selection was unexpected.

He broke into tears hearing the announcement, and his supporters were up on their feet applauding him. It is not BN's norm to select a by-electioncandidate who is already holding office- in a state assembly or Parliament.

The candidate nevertheless took the podium without haste and declared his readiness for the uphill battle, to the approval of the 1,500-odd BN supporters gathered.

In his short speech - punctuated with Mandarin sentences - he asked voters to give BN a chance and pledged to serve all communities equally.

The Umno man, popular among locals, is known for his constituencyservices and can speak fluent Mandarin, an advantage in BN's bid to woo back Chinese voters.

He successfully defended his state seat in the last general election, whilst his Umno colleagues faltered. - Malaysiakini

(All I can say is, all the best to you, Datuk, Just play it clean! Read here)


hongkie123 said...

If BN goven properly i.e. do the below:-
1) catch BIG fishes, eg cabinet ministers who are corrupt and send them to jail (at Anwar's case speed);
2) do not rob, steal and cheat people's money;
3) fair and just to all Malaysians (not only UMNO members only or MCA/MIC members);
4) no arrogant leaders;
5) no more corruptions at govt administration level;
6) fair and clean police and FRU;
7) no more overpriced projects;
8) equal opportunities to all Malaysians (not only Bumi,UMNO, MCA or MIC fellas only); and
9) get rid of Samy Vellu

Do the above and I am sure if BN field a monkey (the hairy type), BN will still beat Anwar.

silentwhisper said...

He had to be confident, and to voice his confidence in order to light up the spirit of the party members against the opposition in the coming election. Anyway good luck to Arif Shah.

punk said...

we all know obviously that winning chances are more towards Anwar.then again Arif need to boost his and all UMNO supporters spirit thefore he must have to take things in a positive and not giving up easy already.

even if he do not win the seat,at least he can try to put up a good fight (read:by-election) against Anwar.

Me... Only Better said...

Alah Tok Mom..he looks like he is going to pengsan tak ceria and older than his to win like that meh...


Anonymous said...

In politics anything is possible. For instance look at PAS. It has so many contradicted views in the last 1 month. Will this view go well with liberal Malaysians?

And talking about Ariff. If one wants to know who Ariff is or was please recall the protest at Komtar in Penang. He is an Indian Muslim claiming himself to be Malay was furious on that day behaving like a street mob similar to the reactions we saw on last Saturday at bar council forum . He was angry with Lim Guan Heng for suggesting NEP abolishment.
Differing views are ok with me but the aggressiveness he demonstrated was enough to suggest and convince me he can't be a leader for multiracial society of Malaysia.

All Permatang Pauh voters please reject him.


Anonymous said...

Apa emosional sangat ...belum bertarung dah tau menang..
ape daa....

Antares said...

Nothing personal, but it's been clear for the last few years that Umno/BN has reached the end of the line as a political party. It has no real vision apart from Mahathir's shallow and stupid Wawasan 2020 - a cosmetic notion of "progress and development" based on the false trappings of "success" and not on genuine values like intellectual and spiritual maturity and other civic virtues. In short everybody in Umno/BN is only there to serve their own financial and egomaniacal interests - not the nation's long-term good. Take the BN candidate for Permatang Pauh, Ariff Shah, brother of Amin Shah the big-time embezzler. Typical Umno slob whose academic credentials appear to be phony... who the hell wants him?
Umno... time to go! Bye bye, BN!

ghostly appearance said...

Me... Only Better,

Anwar as well look both are just the old man vs another old man.the only difference is Anwar is far more popular than Arif.

then again,popularity can fade away but legacy stays forever.

Samad said...

Tua bukan sebarang tua,
Tua berasal dari Permatang Pauh,
Sungguh hebat bagi dikata,
Kepada Anwar, pi dok jauh-jauh...

Yang tua tu selalunya banyak santan...

Go on Dato' Arif..

Teruskan perjuanganmu...

Hi&Lo said...

Hot air. By declaring he can beat Anwar, Arif did not give strong reasons to the voters to cast for him.

Able to speak Chinese, so what? Can he connect to the everyday struggles of the people?

M.Kate said...

Of course he can, I have no doubt about his dream!

mohd said...

he said that because probably he wanted to lift up the spirit of his own and other UMNO supporters to go against dont expect Arif and the rest of UMNO to let Anwar win easily,do you?.

speaking Chinese is one of his advantage.Anwar have advantage of his own as well.

you are talking aggression.have you forgotten that Anwar is aggressive as well?he used to rally against the govt before on the streets when he was in ABIM.and he also refused to make any statements when asked if his supporters gonna go for riot.

Bunga raya said...

anonymous 2:15:00 PM,
mahunya dia tak emosional masa nama dia terpilih.ko ingat senang ke nak terpilih untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada sejarah!?.pulak tu lawan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang memang kita dah lama kenal.

mungkin pada orang lain nampak remeh tapi mungkin bagi dia ini adalah one of his best moments in life dan aku percaya dia akan cuba sedaya upaya seperti Anwar akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk pilihanraya nanti.

spitalfield said...

Dato Arif shah is a graduate from Nanyang University,Singapore(before Nanyang split into NUS and NTU in 1980).

thank you.

Anonymous said...

This joker Arif appeared in TV1 few days ago...seen kissing the hands of Gerakan Secretary General.

He looks as if he had already won the election...what is this tears and the kissing of hands about??

bodoh punya orang! jalan ke arah kekayaan semakin terang dan dekat? itu sebab menangis dan cium tangan??


elle said...

you are talking that all races in malaysia are one family but when a suggestion of opening uitm to our races, all hell are made by the malays .. please work on this first before you talk kok for your votes...

Anonymous said...

Allah SW tells us about these nefarious, wicked hearted, sooty hearted and evil oriented people.

Don't listen to the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths

Defamer, going about with slander

(Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin,

Ignoble, besides all that, base-born."
(Quran Karim 68: 10-13)