Monday, 4 August 2008

Missing Dr Osman fails to show up for work -Malaysiakini

Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid who had first treated sodomy complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and found
no signs
of him being sodomised did not report back to work at Hospital Pusrawi as was expected today - Malaysiakini .

Dr Mohamed Osman has been on leave for two weeks and was to start work today at the hospital located at Kuala Lumpur.

Officials at the hospital's emergency unit where Mohamed Osman was attached said the latter was not present and his name was also not on the duty roster. They added that they had no clue when the doctor would report to work.

Hospital Pusrawi and Mohamed Osman, a Burmese national, were thrust into the limelight in the wake of a leaked medical report of Saiful, a 23-year-old ex-aide to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

According to a copy of the two-page medical report, which was leaked to Malaysiakini and a number of websites, the doctor had found no signs of sodomy on Saiful.

However, Hospital Pusrawi authorities later argued that Mohamed Osman's examination was not sodomy-related despite conceding that the leaked report looked "genuine".

They also said the doctor, who went on leave after coming under tremendous pressure due to police interrogation, was expected to report to work today.

Despite the hospital's contention that the medical examination on Saiful was not sodomy-related, medical experts had argued that the report was still relevant to the controversial case.

Source : Malaysiakini


Alang said...

Just like the whole family of the private detective P Balasubramaniam, Dr Mohamed Osman & his family have gone missing.

Poor man. Being a foreigner, I can understand his fear being caught in this highly controversial case.

Where could he be? Under police protection?

My prayesr is that he & his family are safe...somewhere.

kutty said...

Saiful Anas for president.

free myanmar said...

Is The Mynmar doctor considered second grade since he's from junta country?

saifilogist said...


chong said...

has the hospital contacted him? has any of his friends beable to contact him and his family?
is he just missing into the thin air just like Bala???

i think we should make polis report.

wisdomthinker said...

Its pity to see he and his family to hide just because of fear being caught. He know yet this evil DSAI is using the doctor for his own good without concerning their safety.

Anonymous said...

I thought this kind of thing only happens in Africa or other 3rd world and autocratic countries. No wonder the nation is in disarray right now with its economy in chaos. The Govt is busy with its survival strategy. Nothing wrong with that so long as democratic principles are adhered to. Problems start when they resort to unlawful and heinous means, as have been happening all the times especially under Mahathir. Pak Lah is slowly learning frm him.

frm: fair play

optional said...

Biar tak payah datang kerja langsung lagi senang lah. Doktor yang tak boleh pakai, buat pemeriksaan lebih kurang, lepas tu keluarkan report buat kecoh. Kalau doktor yang boleh2 dibayar ni lebih baik tak payah terima je. Menyusahkan orang. Pergi lari duduk senyap2 dekat dalam gua, senang tak kacau orang.