Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Najib: No way we will make it easy for Anwar...

...and let him win the by-election uncontested? No way hosey!

Barisan National will not give PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim an easy run by not placing a candidate at the Permatang Pauh by-election, said the deputy Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak, according to a report by Malaysiakini.

Najib was referring to the calls by two Kelantan leaders that the coalition should boycott the by-election.(read here and here.)

Kelantan Umno liaison committee chairperson Annuar Musa and Deputy Health Minister Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad had suggested that the coalition does not contest in Permatang Pauh.

Abdul Latiff had said: "If the leadership insists on contesting (in Permatang Pauh), I suggest we put an accounts supervisor or a local divisional member.

"There is support for Barisan but not enough," he was quoted as saying in today's ewspapers.

If BN was to give a walkover, the election commission would also save money, Abdul Latiff reasoned.

"It's not about only winning or losing but BN must present a choice to the Permatang Pauh voters," said Najib after closing the Umno Wanita "Meet the Leaderhip" meeting today.

He said that the BN supreme council will discuss at its meeting on Wednesday on a suitable candidate for the seat.

The seat fell vacant following Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's decision to relinquish it to allow her husband to contest


Anonymous said...

So be prepared for the dirty department of BN to work fulltime and the spin doctors from the mainstream media working overtime.

mat said...

If the contest is carried out by fair means, Anwar will win. That's for sure.

But we know what the BN is capable of ...phantom voters, rigging & money and the use of government media.

Anonymous said...

So be prepared also for the dirty department of PKR to work fulltime and the spin doctors from the PKR media and associates working overtime.

ideologist said...

Some people said they should just let DSAI win the election without interference as there are certain tactics to nail him down after the election is over, some might suggest that the election should be contested greatly with strong candidates selected from the party.

Choco said...

That's the spirit.
BN doesn't have to run away just because Permatang Pauh is PKR's main fort.
An election is not a popularity contest (unlike for some...), it's about the people and the manifesto that both sides can offer.

optional said...

Nanti boleh kita lihat putar alam si Anwar ni. Kalau menang mesti dia bangga2 kalau kalah pulak, nanti macam2 lah tuduhan keluar. Tengok je lah, biasalah Anwar, bab2 bercakap dan menipu ni memang senjata dia.