Friday, 1 August 2008

Khalid to Umno: Let Ezam contest in Permatang Pauh

Remember how Ezam Mohd Nor, the former PKR youth chief, who returned to Umno’s fold on May 28, had bragged about taking on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in any by-election adding that he would fight his former boss and mentor 'till the end'?

The braggart said this last week following Anwar’s announcement that he would contest in the Kulim-Bandar Baru parliamentary by-election in Kedah if the court orders for one to be held. (Read here and here)

“Saya berani mencabarnya secara habis-habisan," (Malaysiakini - Ezam teringin cabar Anwar di Kulim)

“If the Umno leadership decides to give me the mandate to contest against Anwar, I will be prepared (to do so)” he said.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has thrown a challenge to Umno to allow Ezam take on Anwar now that a by-election battle is on for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat.

Umno should allow this battle between the former PKR youth chief and his one-time mentor provided the former is ‘brave enough’, says Khalid.

"We in PKR are requesting Umno to let Ezam contest against Anwar in Permatang Pauh because this will bring a new wave in national politics," Khalid said during a meet-the-media session in Shah Alam Thursday. - Malaysiakini Khalid: Unleash Ezam against Anwar

"If he (Ezam) is brave enough, this is the right time," he added

Permatang Pauh was, until yesterday, held by Anwar’s wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, who is parliamentary opposition leader. She announced her decision to vacate the seat to pave the way for a by-election.

Asked on Ezam’s chances of winning at Permatang Pauh if he were to contest, Khalid, replied:
"Let him contest first, then we will see."

Sources: Malaysiakini ; The Star

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Anonymous said...

Kut Ezam dah sembunyi kerana kecut perut.

Jom kita tunggu jawapan beliau.

Lawan Ezam, jangan tak lawan. Buktikan yang anda anak jantan.

Jambubaik said...

Wow. The possibility of Ezam contesting in permatang jauh is 50-50. Since Ezam is so eager to have a duel with anwar, this would be a tough fight where the venue is a stronghold of PKR previously hold by Azizah. UMNO would leave no choice but to put the best players to compete with the de-factor leader PKR, DSAI.

alang said...

Let's see if you're a man of your word, Ezam.

And man enough to take on your former boss.

Pleaaaaaaaaaaase dont disappoint us.

hj jamaludin said...

Bismilah Hir Rahman nir Rahim
Let Ezam contest in Permatang Pauh site.B 4 that let them have a live debet. And let Pak lah decide whether Badut Ezam can contest for the site.

Anonymous said...

If Ezam loses UMNO should dump him and make him eat his own s..t

Anonymous said...

The war criminal,murderer came to town at the invitation of islam Hadhari Malaysia's PM but nobody took any issue...except TUN Mahathir.

Samsudin said...

Sekiranya Ezam diberi peluang untuk bertanding di Permatang Pauh untuk menentang Anwar, ini merupakan peluang baik baginya untuk buktikan kata-kata beliau untuk menentang Anwar habis-habisan. Tapi persoalannya, adakah Pak Lah dan UMNO boleh beri kepercayaan sepenuhnya kepada Ezam memandangkan Ezam merupakan ahli baru UMNO dan beliau juga merupakan bekas orang kuat PKR..

penyokong PR said...

if UMNO doesnt allowed Ezam to contest under their ticket
Ezam should then be brave enough to contest as an independent
against Anwar,
EZAM prove to the rakyat you got
buah zakar.

B.Pakatan supporter said...

Oh I'd want Umno to put this Ezam to contest his ex mentor in P.Pauh. And I look forward to him losing to Anwar & his deposit too.

Average Joe Public said...

Yes, yes, yes! The Odious and contemptible traitor Ezam should be selected by UMNO to challenge Anwar. What better way to put htis merable rat out of his misery.

Let's see how many heckles he gets and how many zero ceramahs he gets.

C'mon Ezam. We dare you. You man enough, mon?

Lee said...

That DSAI will win in Permatang Pauh is a foregone conclusion.It doesn't matter who is pitted against him.But, to put that fler...Ezam..must be a bad joke!That chap was convincing once upon a time.He has proven now that he cannot be trusted..with his so-called crusade against corruption.
His only use to UMNO is that he was once with DSAI and can be used to wash dirty linen.A man without priciples who is also a liar can be used for this purpose, but he cannot be a candidate to oppose DSAI.