Thursday, 31 July 2008

Maid in Terengganu

If you are looking for maids you don’t have to recruit them from other countries. Just get them from Terengganu,

Blogger Tehsin Muhktar, who alerted me to the Star report “Maid (s) in Terengganu” says "it’s so sickeninglah”. She's rather pissed off with what she described as another insanely stupid idea. You can read her entry here .

Terengganu is believed to be the state with most number of single mothers. And the state government thinks training 20,000 single mothers to be maids is a good way of helping them.

In case, you missed the story, here it is:

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu state government has come up with a programme to train single mothers to be turned into skilled domestic helpers.

The training, including childcare, to start next year will allow Malaysian families to source domestic help from their own backyard.

Terengganu is believed to be the state with most number of single mothers, at more than 20,000.

State Education, Higher Education, Human Resource, Science and Technology committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said the state government has asked the Terengganu Skill Development Centre (Tesdec) to prepare the training module.

“Suggestions would also be given to Tesdec to acquire and emulate the training system of Indonesia and other neighbouring countries,” he said after opening an employment carnival at Gong Badak here on Tuesday.

For a start, the trained domestic helpers would be placed at homes in his constituency of Seberang Takir, Ahmad Razif said.

“This placement of domestic helpers at homes in Seberang Takir will be the pilot project, and it would expanded to all homes once fine-tuned,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said employers would also feel more relaxed knowing that their maids were locals and lived close to their homes.

“This would also help single mothers to continue being self reliant and to reduce their financial burden,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the Terengganu government could help other states train their single mothers if the scheme proves effective here.

Poster: Courtesy of Tehsin


Me... Only Better said...

Oh..I see you liked the poster...hahaha...hell hath no fury like women pissed off...

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JaneCar said...

I look at it in a different perpsective. If the training aim to empower women with various skill to allow them to be independent financially, then I am all for it.

It is very narrow minded to think that domestic helper skills meant only one thing: to work as a maid.

Domestic helper skills would also give women skills to allow them to set up professional cleaning services, which are much needed in the country. Professional cleaning services are not unusual in most develop countries and the cleaners do made a lot of money.

Personally, I would be glad to have a professionally trained maid serving my house twice or three times a week to clean the house, iron my clothes, clean the fridge and whatever. At the moment I have an untrained cleaner who would use the same cloth to wipe my dining table and the dustbin, if I did not watch her closely

d-observer said...

If they need the job, why not? Any honest job is good enough to feed the children.