Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Altantuya murder: Notice filed to summon DPM, missing PI - Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reported that prominent lawyer Kapal singh has filed a court application Monday seeking to summon Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak and private investigator P. Balasubramaniam to testify at the Altantuya Sharibuu trial. (here)

The application, which was filed with the Registrar’s Office in the High Court also asked the court to summon Brickfields police's criminal division head DSP Musa Safri, CID chief DSP Idris Adul Karim; and lawyer Dhiren Rene Norendra.

Karpal Singh said the application was made on the grounds of public interest as in the first SD, the former policeman linked Najib to the murdered Mongolian woman.

On July 4, in a complete turnaround, Balasubramaniam filed another SD retracting the earlier sworn document.

This is to get the court to re-evaluate Balasubramanim’s evidence given in court in view of the conflicting SDs that throw a shadow of doubt over the evidence he gave in court as a key witness, he added.

Karpal Singh said the court has to ascertain if the evidence given in the first SD was true and if it was, then the court has a duty to summon Balasubramaniam and Najib to give evidence.

Source: Malaysiakini; The Star


Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
This is an acid test to see whether our courts of law really have the teeth to do its job. I doubt that they will ever testify. How I wished to be proven wrong.

adik said...

Pak Zawi,

Me too. An acid test, indeed. But unlikely that the court will let it through because it involves the no 2 man in the country.


Anonymous said...

Tolong Tulis pasal perkara ini.

Saya sedih bila membaca Utusan Malaysia hari ni berkenaan Bank Rakyat untung RM 1 bilion.Terkenal dengan untung besar dan mempunyai tabungan tinggi kenapa Bangunan Strategik Angkasa Raya dijual baru-baru ini bagi tujuan dibangunkan.Bukankah Bank Rakyat sepatutnya membangunkan sendiri bangunan berkenaan? Apakah ianya bukan lagi Bank 'Kerjasama' rakyat Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Agreed wholeheartedly with Zawi and Adik. In the end it will be like Mahathir in 1999 when he was subpoenaed but gave lots of excuses to avoid coming to court (and saving himself from being grilled by Karpal). Of course that time he was helped by the presiding judge who was more active than the prosecution in opposing the subpoena. Come on Najib, if u can ask "what's Anwar is afraid of?" regarding DNA, we also can ask what are u afraid of here. But I pray that you will be brave enough to testify. I wud like very, very much to be proven wrong.

Fair Player

two-face said...

Bala has testified as a witness in court and with his SD he has perjured himself. If I'm not mistaken, ten bloody years for perjury!

Isn't that an irony that you were in court as a witness but did not tell the whole 'truth' and later went to a Commissioner for Oath to declare something that is very significant to the case.

Is this a game? From the looks of it, it definitely is. But most important, who are the players!

Anonymous said...

Recalling or summoning anyone else new is irrevelent to us Rakyat. The AG had already spoken i.e. there is only THREE involved. So be it. What is more important here is who are those standing accused in the dock for murder. THE POLICE nonetheless. Members of the active police force stands accused...Not ex-police officers, not bogus police officers, not retired police officers but active members and on duty to boot.

Who cares whether there is anyone else involved? Who cares whether it's HIM or HER?

The Police are involved..... with two of their specially trained officers in the dock for allegedly having committed the brutal murder.

This only means that the IGP, the Home Minister and the Prime Minister are collectively involved not for what they did...but for what they didn't do and that is to properly and effectively control their subordinates. These three have failed the rakyat miserably by their inactions. On all accounts, these three must bear full responsibility by resigning from their respective positions with immediate effect.

love.peace said...

Atlantuya is another case that not yet had been solved.such high-profile case aint easy to solve when there are too many "hands" interrupting the investigation/proceding.

there are speculations said that Najib and his wife involved in the killing of Atlantuya but Najib strongly denies it.i dont really recall but i think it was either Najib or his wife that issued a deformation.