Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Anwar’s bid to gain sympathy won’t work…

...says Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Hishamuddin was quoted as saying that Datuk SeriAnwar Ibrahim’s strategy to gain the people’s sympathy by claiming that he is the victim of a political conspiracy and that his life is in danger, will not work.

“The political scenario today is very different from that in 1998, and so it is difficult to win public sympathy with that kind of tactic,“ he told reporters at the Parliament lobby here yesterday.

The people could see for themselves the transparency and openness of Abdullah’s administration, which was contrary to Anwar’s claim that the Government had evil intentions towards him, he said.

You're right Datuk. This isn’t 1998. But you're wrong if you think he will be an object of public scorn.

According a poll carried out by Malaysiakini, almost everyone thinks Anwar is innocent - a whopping 94.4 pe rcent of its readers believe that the fresh sodomy allegation against the PKR de facto leader is part of a political conspiracy against him.

And, people are still flocking - by the hundreds - to hear what he has to say as evident at last night's rally at the Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam.

Pictures: courtesy of dinmerican
Video of the Shah Alam Rally: Here

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JamalAlimi said...

I am not surprised with the result from Malaysia kini's vote. I don't agree with you that it represent the majority Malaysian as it only represent a bias selected group of people whose composition are likely to represent people with certain political inclination and certain religious ideology.

Almost 95% of Malaysiakini readers are opposition supporters, of which 80% is likely to be non Malays who got rilled up with Anwar's rhetoric promises to remove DEB.

Hi&Lo said...

Is Hishamuddin drawing a parallel between Pak Lah and Dr M with regards to 1998 political scenario?

No need to be a lawyer to sniff the trial was a kangaroo court that found Anwar guilty.

Anonymous said...

Well JamalAlimi, you're a very typical UMNO minded person. Always treat non Malay as a bogeyman and blame opposition for everything. What a TYPICAL sore loser. I can't believe that this type of shallow minded person still exist to face global challenges. Oh bummer! I forgot, you only listen to the person who kisses the keris and believe every words Rip Van Winkle said. With you lots still there, I bet in 10 years time our country be crawling behind Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Oh by the way, do you know that Obama (minority black) is contesting in the U.S Presidential election after beaten Hilary Clinton (majority white)? What if he become the first U.S black President in the next election? I bet UMNO will go haywired! All of you will have to reflect back your statements on how racist U.S can be as compared to our country.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamalalimi,

Yeah, I'm a non Malay and I follow Malaysiakini on and off. But I want to let u know I also do not believe all that is written there all the time. But being a Malaysiakini reader, does that mean I'm opposition minded ? I have my own opinion on what's happening right now on the Anwar saga. So don't always think Malaysiakini readers are all mindless opposition supporters.They are people with brains who know what is truth and what are lies, ok ?

Anonymous said...

Not d public but the court has the right to say whether Anwar is right or wrong.But, Anwar has move one step a head of his extremist by using pshyco-centric approach n manage to put to his followers' mind that d court n d police also cannot be trusted..
That's Anwar. He can escape here but not in hereafter.

Matrip said...

Wooi Jamal Alim i,

How do know that most Malaysiakini readers are mostly opposition supporters? Even Pak Lah, Najib, Dr Mahathir and I am sure many other UMNO and BN members read Malaysiakini? It is just your UMNO's style of opinion.

Like what they used to do over RTM and TV3. Interview one or two to praise the government then conclude that the whole nation support them.

Jamalalimi reflect a typical narrow minded Malay UMNO who are so fanatic and extreme Malay Nationalist. Sorry to say that I am a Malay myself. But this country belongs to all races who are the citizen of Malaysia.

This guy doesn't even relaized that DEB has ended some 18 years ago. But not to my suprised as this guy mentality 18 years behind majority of the Malaysians.

He is so fanatic of Melayuism but he didn't realized we Malaysian of all races been living together side by side. We work together, we have fun together, we do business together.

This guy also forget that those especially in Sabah and Sarawak, are majority non Malays (Kadazan, Dayak, Iban and many others). He thought that this beautiful Malaysia belong to just MALAY.

The space for Malay extremist in this country is getting narrowed and don't let this kind of extremism to dominate us, the majority Malaysians who want justice, peace and strong Malaysia.

Malay or even Chinese or Indian extremism or any other racial extremism should no longer be the basis of a livin in this country. This kind of 'ism' should now be buried and don't let it to live up and dictate our way of life no more.

JamalAlimi said...

To anonymous at 8.57 pm:

I am stating facts or explaning reality. None of my statement is wrong, to reiterate, the majority of Malaysiakini's readers are eithers supporters of DAP or PKR. Hence it the vote represent the select group of people rather than the majority

Also, to the contrary, I am a PAS supporter who has consistently vote for PAS since I became eligible to vote and has never in my life voted for BN. However, I am not the typical fanatic PKR /PAS /DAP supporters who tend to vehemently refused to accept facts when they do not concurr with their political inclination.

Anyway, to correct your perception, I have never said Malaysiakini's reader are mindless. Infact I myself read Malaysiakini.

Secondly, we are not talking about race here. I stated that many non Malay became attracted to PKR because of Anwar's Ibrahims rhetoric of removing DEB. Wasn't that a fact?

Thirdly, I dont believe the sodomy allegation is designed by BN. On the contrary, I believe it was designed with main objective to frame BN and to increase support to PKR. I dont think BN is in the mood of staging the allegation when they knew very well that the outcome would be rather negative

Anonymous said...

Good Day Jamal Alimi,

Well seriously being a Malaysiakini reader does not mean one is supporting the opposition, its more of having a balance or independent media rather than the pro-govt MSM. Next thing please don't simply put up figures like 80% is likely to be non-Malays, come on dude...we're all Malaysian and i for one has got nothing against the Dasar Ekonomi Baru or New Economic Policy if it was implemented according to its original intention but at the same time what is wrong helping other Malaysians that needs help as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi&Lo said...
Is Hishamuddin drawing a parallel between Pak Lah and Dr M with regards to 1998 political scenario?

No need to be a lawyer to sniff the trial was a kangaroo court that found Anwar guilty.

6:46:00 PM

Bukankah 'kangaroo court' yang sama melepaskan anwar? Jangan hanya bila 'kalah' sahaja mengatakan mahkamah tidak adil. Jangan jadi pariah - kluangman

JamalAlimi said...

To Matrip:

Why are you so obsess with Melayuism.
I am not talking about Melayuism here, so stick to topic.

As I have said earlier, the majority of Malaysiakini's reader are DAP or PKR supporters and I will stick to that opinion.

Feel free to relish in your delusion on how open minded you are and how close minded are the other people. Enjoy your tempurung!

Anonymous said...

Hi JamalAlimi.

Why are u so cocksure what u said are facts and reality ? I think u a typical warped minded Melayu who is out of touch with times. Sorry for PAS to have u as a member. For yr info, I have been a regular Malaysiakini reader for years and I belong to and support no party. Neither am I an Anwar or a Lim Kit Siang fan. In fact I trust Paklah more than Anwar but that doesn't mean I condone injustices or the use of unfair and foul means to destroy someone politically, whoever he maybe. And this has nothing to do with NEP. NDP and all other racist policies. Like many other thinking Malaysians, we have long given up hope with regard to all the racist discriminatory policies that are slowly but surely strangling this country to death by the day. Hope people like u will wake up soon, if u have not.

Jamalalimi said...

To anonymous at 10:15:

As I said, I too read Malaysiakini but I will stick to the fact that the majority of Malaysiakini's readers are DAP or PKR supporters.

Pertaining to the proportion, you should also check your fact before you deny, have you got credible data to support your assumption that the majority of Malaysiakini's readers are not opposition supporters?

Can I also advice you not to discuss base on assumption; where in my statement have I indicated that I am an adamnt supporter of DEB.

Guys, opened up your mindlah, just because I disagree on something, that does not made me an opponent of your belief or an UMNO. Don't be shallow lah. Come out of your tempurung

Anonymous said...

i wonder whether hisham's word would carry weight if his father was a peasant,
and where would he be.
probably keris producer....

Anonymous said...

Which planet this Hishamuddin comes from? So unlike his grandfather! Just like Najib, so unlike his father! Both of them really care for the good of multicultural rakyat! (although they were both products of past history of British times; thus existence of racial-based parties at that time) This's what Anwar is about; a product of history also, when Malaysians are finally tired of race-based politics; because actually , they found out, it's such a blessing to have dynamic multiculturalism. Imagine, we would have long been dominated by Taliban-style rule if only Muslims exist in this country,like in the Middle-East (the horror Saudi-style!) or Pakistan/Bangladesh!. In fact, I know many kampung Malays who switched to supporting Anwar after the first cruel incident; just barbaric!

Noor Aza Othman,

Ikhwan Muslimim said...

All Malay-Muslim UMNO Ministers have lost their sense of decency, ethics and morality and no longer command any credibility with the vast majority of right thinking, Muslims.

Collectively and individually they have not shown any moral courage to be truthfully to themselves let alone to the vast Majority of Muslims.

True Muslims have abandoned them and they are now leading only IGNORANT and Unthinking Malays who don't care for their true identity and live and behave as true Muslims.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for a True Muslim to look up to them as their Amir, Khalifah and guide for this world and more so Hereafter.!

Antares said...

Forget about the keris-kissing backside-obsessed baboons of BN... I've found Tok Mommy's blog! Wow...
have you found mine yet? ;-) xoxox

Anonymous said...

Check out this old man at I personally admire his courage and determination to withhold his rights and stand up against one big giant. Won’t it be cool if some bloggers write/comment about his problem?

Anonymous said...

Jamal Alimi,

Saya seorang Melayu, bukan penyokong PR, bukan penyokong BN, hanya menyokong kebenaran. Gelojak negara masa kini membuatkan saya menilai kembali siapa yg benar. PAS saya suka dan perlu sokong kerana saya seorang Islam, tapi PAS belum layak bercakap soal negara Islam kerana mereka belum kukuh untuk itu. DAP and PKR menjurus towards equality/fairness dan itu sesuatu yang tepat pada masa sekarang. Umno/BN bercakap soal ketuanan Melayu dan DEB yang mana masih menjadikan Melayu semakin mundur. Bukan DEB yang perlu dipertahankan untuk menaikkan Melayu, ia soal pendidikan dan pemikiran. Bangsa Cina, India, Iban etc adalah rakyat Malaysia juga bukannya hanya bangsa Melayu saja. Ya, saya salah seorang Melayu yang menentang DEB, saya menyokong equality, kerana sebagai bangsa Melayu yang sayangkan Melayu, saya berpendapat PENDIDiKAN yang efisyen dan PEMIKIRAN yang terbuka adalah perkara utama yang perlu untuk mengubah nasib Bangsa Melayu. Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Singh, etc adalah rakyat Malaysia, kita mempunyai hak yang sama. Please be fair, kita Muslim, a good Muslim not just by his/her pray, it is about right attitude(right attitude=Islam is a way of life). By the way, as Muslim, we need to obey leader(Pak Lah) as long as he is on the right path, tp kalau sudah terkeluar dari landasan, adalah berdosa(my intepretation about sin) sekiranya kita masih menyokong. Jamal Alimi seorang penyokong PAS, please show what is "Islam is a way of life', sebab saya rasa kebanyakan orang PAS yang bercakap soal 'Islam is a way of life' x faham apa itu maksudnya...ia menyebabkan salah faham tentang Islam dalam kalangan orang bukan Islam...please be fair.

fergie said...

I am a non-malay and remember Anwar's attitude towards us in the past. However, I am willing to give him a chance because he is promoting non-racial politics. I have the utmost respect for muslims who abide by the islamic teachings. My closest friends are muslims but not racists. I have learnt much from them. This country needs good governance now to recover from all the setbacks we have faced.

crower said...

1. Just see how far you guys have deviated from the topic in discussion.

2. This is not about DAP, DEB and what not.

3. This is about Anwar and his sodomy charges.

4. If Anwar can promote to the public that he's innocent, the same treatment should be afforded to the complainant.

5. If anyone should know about fairness and justice, it's Anwar as the de facto leader of "Keadilan".

KaKiaYam said...


check this out -

in case you don't get that in full, here's in part -

i find your explanation inconsistent. you claim that those who voted "represent people with certain political inclination and certain religious ideology"

what political inclination and what religious ideology, may i humbly ask? before you answer that, do make point to read your subsequent statement that claims 80% of malaysiakini readers to be non-bumi.

as for the removal of DEB, do you really think the chinese are so eager for the DEB to be removed? after surviving discrimination for so long?

my guess is the malay that will suffer the most if the DEB is continued any longer....
globalisation is at our doorsteps, do you think the malays are prepared for it?

think again, or perhaps it's time to get your ganja fix, mr. jamal?


KaKiaYam said...

jamalalimi, it's not about the commenters not respecting your views. You have the right to your views, but be ready to argue and justify your statement. Otherwise, you are just bullshitting.

For example, you wrote -
"Almost 95% of Malaysiakini readers are opposition supporters, of which 80% is likely to be non Malays who got rilled up with Anwar's rhetoric promises to remove DEB."

Where and how do you come to those figures? Surely you have some facts to fall back on instead of just mere perception.

You further mention that 80% of these readers are non-malays. Again, why 80%? You mean the malays could only read in malay? A majority of the malays i know read The Star instead of Utusan and BH.

Again, I need your explaination on the religious ideology. Since according to your perception 80% of the readers are non-malays, what religious ideology are you refering to?

You may have come out of the tempurung, but it seems you still have the tempurung inside you....


melayu said...

Hear! Hear!

I ditto what anonymous 7:14:00 AM said.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying the PM/UMNO is screwed no matter how this thing turns out.

Frankly the way I see this is either
1) Its a runaway operation of UMNO (even Samy Vellu is not that crazy and MCA/Gerakan have better imagination).
2) Anwar orchestrated the trap but the chap did not know it because even Anwar is not stupid to rely on the idiot.
3) Its by a third party looking to take down Badawi.

Even if this was no. 2) and it will be very hard to prove it is, Anwar still comes out ahead because it shows the guy have more imagination and guile than anyone else in UMNO.

So the PM/UMNO is a guaranteed loser because they look like a bunch of morons!!

PAS supporter said...

Since the PKR troops have been mobilised into this dicourse, I'll join in as well to support fellow non UMNO and non PKR citizen, who appeared to be as disgusted as me with both the corrupt BN and corrupt PKR leaders.

I am Malaysian and not a member of any political parties. I will not support BN, PKR or DAP, in the current political situation.

BN - the reason is obvious and I'll not elaborate.

PKR - for obvious reason, but i'll just point out why since PKR supporters are currently flooding this discourse!! I do not find PKR leaders, particularly Anwar Ibrahim a man of principle and integerity. My interpretation of him is based on his action rather than his rhetorics during his full house "ceramah". Lets just take one example, he talks against croynism, nepotism, corruption bla.bla..Unfortunately his behaviour points to otherwise. Well, how many cronies had he enriched and elevated when he was the deputy PM. While the so called Mahathir's cronies had mainly served as pawn to materialise Mahathir's development agenda, Anwar Ibrahim's cronies were mainly pawns to keep him in position and power. Not to mention the number of
his family and his wife's family who suddenly became extremely rich.

Didn't he too uses his position to his advantage. In my interpretation of the word integrity, corruption and principle; a deputy prime minister who uses his power to intimidate witness would be defined as corrupt, irrespective of whether the allegation against him is false or not. Hence, I will not support PKR, unless all the corrupt leaders are replaced by new faces whose integrity could be guranteed. No I will not vote for party whose principle is the end justify the mean.

DAP - no way, only support mainly Chinese and partly Indian agenda. Get real.

PAS - yes they are not perfect and quite gullable, so much so that they were con by both BN and other PR component. But, one thing for sure, they are not corrupt and not arrogant. Equality for all should not be a problem under PAS. While their main agenda is Isamisation, it is clear that they practice fairness to all individual irrespective of race and religion, in line with Islamic teaching. I could see that they are a group of people who are willing to listen to other opinion. I prefer PAS to helm the government.

Why worry, Malaysia is rich of intellectual and professionals. With PAS helming the country, these intellectuals and professionals will have more freedom to expand and contribute to the country under PAS.

harun said...

Semua yang buruk terkena kepada pemimpin kesayangan Anwar, semua cakap kerajaan punya kerja. Kita tk tahu yang masih ada kemungkinan yang dia betul2 buat benda tu. Kena ingat yang dulu Anwar terlepas daripada tuduhan dulu bukan sebab dia dibuktikan tidak bersalah. Tapi mahkamah tidak mempunyai cukup bukti untuk mensabitkan kesalahan ke atas Anwar. Jadi kita belum betul2 pasti dia bersalah atau tidak. Kita tunggu dan lihat apa yang akan terjadi lepas ini.

puteri said...

Rakyat tidak bodoh. Suara kerajaan tidak akan berguna lagi.

Ternyata sekarang rakyat bangun menuntut hak saperti yand terbukti dalam PRU12.

Mereka bijak membuat pilihan.

elviza said...

Kak Ton,

What you said last week keeps ringing in my head: "would it transpire into votes?"

I surely hope so. Having said all that, I agree with Zorro that I do not want the rally to be an excuse for the current government to declare state of emergency.

In the meantime, back to work. See you Tuesday.

By the way Mr. Education Minister, where do you send your kids for schooling? Government or private institution? Just asking.

tak bodoh konon said...

Rakyat tak bodoh ye. Tapi ramai yang nampak macam lain macam je, pegi ikut Anwar berdemo semua. Padahal Anwar tu bukan perjuangkan apa sangat, dia gila kuasa je..Ini pun belum tahu yang Anwar salah ke tak, semua dah sibuk tak senang duduk, tunggu je lah dulu tengok siasatan selesai. Sekali tiba2 memang Anwar ni salah, sia2 je pegi demo untuk dia, tak ke jadi bodoh jugak tu..

Anonymous said...

Anwar memang gila kuasa. Sebab utamanya adalah dia berpendapat bila dia berkuasa, dia boleh dapat lebih banyak bontot !!!! OK tak analisis saya?

Anonymous said...

Uwaaaaaaaaa... so many stupi faces here being lied time and again and still fot them Anwar is Saint !!!