Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hospital: It wasn't a sodomy examination

Hospital Pusrawi today clarified that its medical officer, Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid, did not conduct a sodomy-related examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, according to a Malaysiakini report.

The hospital revealed that Muhammad, a Burmese national, is not a specialist but only a general practitioner stationed at the Emergency Unit.

In a five-paragraph statement distributed to reporters, the hospital's general manager,Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob, also said that it has not released any official reports pertaining to the case.

Also present was hospital's medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad.

After examining Saiful, he said, the doctor advised the former to undergo an examination by a specialist at a government hospital.

Below's the (updated) Malaysiakini report:

"There were no further examinations carried out (on Saiful at Pusrawi) in relation to the sodomy complaint," he added.

Hospital Pusrawi was thrust into the limelight following media reports on the findings of the doctor who examined Saiful on June 28, hours before he filed a police report accusing opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him.

In his report, the doctor stated that he found no evidence of sodomy.

Quizzed on the authenticity of the report leaked to the media, Wan Mahmud replied: "Looks the same, contents are the same."

"It looks genuine," added Kamaruddin.

Kamaruddin also said that efforts to contact Mohamed has failed as he was on leave and was expected to be back next Monday.

He revealed that he last spoke to Mohamed two weeks ago. He also added that they had discussed about the the police questioning Mohamed."He was not detained by the police and the police were nice to him," he stressed.

Below are excerpts from the question-and-answer session with Wan Mahmood and Kamaruddin:

Q : Are the reports circulating in the net false?

Doctor (Mohamed Osman) did not conduct a thorough check-up (for sodomy) - that's under house rules. We have yet to verify the contents of the medical report. We have established an internal investigation group to verify if the contents of the original report are similar with the one that has been circulating around. We deny that Pusrawi has issued the report to any party.

Where is Dr Mohamed Osman now? Are you in contact with him?

Dr Mohamed Osman, he is on leave. No, not at the moment. We don't know where he is.

Do you know why he went on leave? When did he go on leave?
On Friday.

As your press release states that the doctor did not perform a check-up for sodomy, what check up did he conduct? Did the doctor have a look at Saiful's anus?

Saiful complained of anus pains so we did what is standard procedure.

(Did Saiful complain of) tummy ache or anus pain?

First, he complaint of tummy ache then he said that he had some pain in his anus.

In the report, it is stated that Saiful had not experienced any bleeding in his stool.

I am not sure of that.

How was the circulating report leaked? What actions will be taken?

That is what we are investigating now. God willing, we will find out how the report was leaked. Appropriate action will be taken. We will consult with our legal team on the next course of action.

The investigation is set up first to see if the leaked report is the same as the original and secondly, we would investigate who possibly could have leaked it.

If you have not been in contact with the doctor, how do you know that the doctor did not conduct a medical check-up for sodomy?

We based our decision on the medical report he wrote.

So are there two different reports? Are they (the report that is circulating) the same (as the original)?

It is the same report.

You do have the original report, so is it (the copy that is circulating) the genuine report?

I cannot say if it is the genuine unless someone confirms, the committee. Maybe, maybe not. It looks the same but it is not the original copy, that is with me.

Looks the same but it is not the same because we have the original copy.

So the report that was leaked is not from Pusrawi? Even if the letterhead is the same?

Yes, we deny that (leaking it). Not officially from us.

Are the contents the same? It is the original copy from Pusrawi?


Did you talk to the doctor before he went on leave? When was the last time you spoke to him? What did you speak to him about?

I can't remember, maybe two weeks ago. We just spoke about what happened about the Saiful's case. The police questioning him (Dr Mohamed Osman).The police were nice to him.

Did Dr Mohamed Osman check Saiful?

The doctor's name is on the report.

When will you get the results of the (internal) investigation?

I think in about a week.

Is there a more detailed report than the one that is circulating?

None, I don't think so.

But there were no signs of sodomy.

The doctor advised the patient to go to a government hospital, HKL.

‘TRO sodomy' was written in the medical report's in bracket, does that mean sodomy had occurred?

I am not sure what is written in the bracket.

Can you tell us a little about the doctor? His credentials?

He is qualified. He has been in Malaysia for 10 years. He has been with us since January.

He (Saiful) was not examined for sodomy, but (how come) the doctor said that there was no signs of sodomy.

He came complaining of pain in the anus, so that's a part of the routine, you look for pus, bleeding.

How is this different from an actual sodomy check-up?

He came complaining of anus pain not complaining of sodomy. So the doctor performed a check-up for anus pain not sodomy.

What led the doctor TRO (to rule out) sodomy? Why?

Because Saiful mentioned that he was sodomised. Sodomy check-up has to be done by a specialist not a medical officer. You need a gut specialist. We don't have one in Pusrawi.

Does that mean that Dr Mohamed Osman is not qualified to make any conclusions?

He is not qualified to make any statements, any conclusions (with regards to sodomy).

Does the hospital stand by the medical report signed by Dr Mohamed?

I have not seen the report anyway.

You have spoken to Dr Mohamed who has confirmed that he examined Saiful and confirmed that he has signed this medical report, why is the hospital still not convinced that it is the genuine medical report? Why is it taking so long to match the copy with the original copy?

We just realised this. When? Two days ago. It is just like VK Lingam said, "It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me".

Have you been in contact with him?


How is the medical check-up for sodomy issued? Is it just an external check-up or an internal check-up?

I can't answer that, I am not an expert on that division. We usually advice these police cases to go to general hospitals.

You are not disputing whether the medical report is real. You are disputing if Dr Mohamed has the qualifications to ascertain that (sodomy had occurred). Basically you are discrediting your own medical staff?

No, but not when concerning this case.

Is he suspended?

No, he is on leave.

When is he expected to come back?

He is to return to work on Monday. He joined us in January 2008. We have tried but we cannot reach him, he is not contactable.

Do you think he'll be back?

He is a good doctor but his examination is not conducive on sodomy.

If the contents of the reports are the same are you acknowledging that the report could have been from Pusrawi?

It could have been. It is the same.

There are two different writing on the medical report.

Yes, there are two different. The patient arrived to see a doctor, and he meet with a female doctor first. After he complained of his anus pain, than he was passed on to a male doctor (Dr Mohamed).

Was that person who leaked (the report) paid?
Anything is possible.

Is this the first time Saiful has seek medical check-up at Pusrawi?
Yes, it was his first time according to our reports.

Is Pusrawi's ethics been compromised?
We can give assurance that our ethics are protected but this is a high-profile case.

Source: Malaysiakini

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hancock said...

i've read in another article which also stated that the doctor is not the specialist.perhaps that's why saiful was told or advised to undergo another checkup at HKL.still not sure the content of the report at HKL though.

waiting and still waiting for this all to end.

also any day from now Anwar will be arrested and charged.

curious said...

At least the hospital didnt deny that the report isn't theirs.

The point is the doctor did examine saifool's ass. After all Saifool complained that he had been sodomized.

Which part of Sialfool's anatomy did he examine if not that bugger's ass.

Oh, oh. Dont tell me he checked Sialfool's mouth instead!


amoker said...

Come on. Is there such people who are sodomy experts? haha . Anyway, his physical check note did give a lot of facts on the physical nature of Saiful at that time. And it will be disastrous if the HKL report states otherwise visually

RedBag said...

Another shocking detail revealed.
Well, this is definitely a blow to Anwar and his campers, since Anwar released a statement yesterday saying that the charges should be dropped because the medical report shows us that foul play is involved. Let's see what he has to say now.
One more thing, isn't Wan Azizah a qualified doctor? How come she didn't seems to know that the report is a bogus?
or she chooses to side her husband and ignore the truth?

Blue Perry said...

this is interesting, so Saiful went to the hospital complaining perut and anus sakit..and said NOTHING about being sodomized..and the doctor did not carry out any sodomy-related examination...oooo but in the all incriminating medical report of RPK...the most picked up part is "TO RULE OUT SODOMY"?? why he pandai-pandai? or he memang very kamching dengan Anwar? and how come Saiful so ngam pergi hospital tu dan jumpa doctor tu? Conspiracy memang ada. but now I'm really convinced not from the kerajaan. Someone got hooked on playing victim it seems.

a watcher said...

It's unbelievable how the plot thickens with every new episode daily.

Anonymous said...

I believe Dr Osman knows his position and responsibility.

That's why he has recommended Saiful to HKL for an examination TRO sodomy.

TRO is To Rule Out and cannot be interpreted as anything else.

Hospital Puswari being threatened is now trying to cover their arse. Sorry for the term of reference.

wisdomthinker said...

So the doctor on his ownself concluded no sodomy when saiful himself never told the doctor about being sodomised.

Why the doctor suddenly know all along before saiful lauch a police report itself?

Shouldn't he have done a proper probe of sodomy then if he wanted to pronounce as such.

Smells like rotten fish. Hmmm..Saiful went to see this doctor before he lodged the police report right?

so it's either Anwar and the doctor set him up, or they're ALL in it together.

tangansotong said...

Dr Muhamad Osman yang menjalankan pemeriksaan terhadap Saiful bukanlah specialist. Sebab tulah Saiful disuruh buat pemeriksaan lanjut di HKL.

alvin lee said...



Anonymous said...

cuba adik korang mengadu kena liwat... korang bawak g hospital PUSRAWI.. and then kat situ ada doktor yg bertugas dtg check.. didpti takde apa2 pon yg membuktikan adik korang ni kena liwat.. then doktor bertugas tu diberitahu oleh adik korang mengaku mati2an yg mmg dia kena liwat.. dah tentu doktor akan suruh g check kat hospital lain and hospital yg paling dekat adalah HKL.. apa yg berlaku kat HKL tu citer lain.. tapi maklumat awal adalah pengesahan oleh doktor yg bertugas ttg mmg sah dan nyata adik korang tak kena liwat.. korang check and pertikaikan plak ke doktor tu apa kelayakan dia? doktor mata ke.. doktor sakit puan? doktor manusia ke doktor haiwan? sudah tentulah tidak sbb korang dah beranggapan mmg doktor hospital bley dipercayai and professional.. tapi kalau kes pertikaikan qualification doktor pulak yg di bangkitkan... maka kita juga berhak pertikaikan ketulusan hakim2 di mahkamah.. polis2.. menteri2... dah tentu org yg letak depa di tugas tertentu tahu responsibility yg akan ditanggung penjawat tugas tersebut.. takkanla qualification doktor takde nak suruh jg emergency room.. takkan SPM tak lepas nak suruh jadi Hakim mahkamah.. takkan degree takde tapi suh jadi menteri.. ehh silap.. menteri la ni pon ramai yg takde qualification yg sesuai dgn portfolio yg dipegang.. hmmppphh padan la org boleh pertikai.. sbb depa pon mcm tu...ishhh..ishh..ishh...

Anonymous said...

There is only one sodo mee expert in Malaysia..the former PM mamakthir! To bad present UMNO not in gud relationship with him...if not they would have got better more accurate report! Don't u agree?

Anonymous said...

In denying that the medical examination conducted by Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid on Saiful Bukhari Azlan was related to sodomy, Pusrawi’s general manager Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob’s famous comments were “Looks the same, contents are the same” Going by the infamous assertions of Lingam in the infamous video clip recently, of course Dr Osman’s examination wasn’t a sodomy examination – BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A SODOMY EXAMINATION anyway if we read between the lines what Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob said above. Let the people judge for themselves whether Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob is KOREK, KOREK, KOREK on the report.

Say fool bull Korey said...

i dunno what Saiful is doing while Anwar doing something to his anus? Did he just let Anwar do the job?
can’t u run away from him?
or both u guys falling in love?
What kind of stupid Saiful..

Anonymous said...

wow! yet another twistt..but why did PUSRAWI take days to deny any thorough cekups was done....hmmmm...well.....i just dont buy very certain DSAI will be charged soon...

Anonymous said...

sounds like and looks like lingam-talk from the hospital.
well, the doc wasnt looking for sodomy. he was looking for a plastic object that looks like a dildo? got stuck and saiful was complaining about pain?
this doc is as professional as you can get. he advise second opinion despite his professional judgement tells him there is no sodomy.
What hospital is that which tries to beat round the bush with "looks like ..sounds like...but dont know if its like..."

Anonymous said...

thiswhat the heck!!!
look like me, sound like me but it isn't me???

so is this how the professional should behave???

fxxx lah malaysia no wonder...

donplaypuks® said...

Looks like the man with ambitions to be the next Minister of Health is fine-tuning the SPINDOCTORING apparatus.

If a neutral GP doctor with more than 15 years experience cannot be believed when he gives a clear and unequivocal professional opinion that his patient did not exhibit any symptons of rape, penetration, tear, bleeding, pus, pain or discomfort, then the time has come when there are M'sians who will not believe God when he speaks directly to them!

Anyway, the Plot Curdles!! This is sensational:

"SAC II Rodwan Met Saiful 3 Days Earlier in Room 619 Concorde Hotel, KL!!"

RPK at M2Day at

Anonymous said...

Hello Wan Mahmood. Do you need a specialist to examine a sodomy victim?

U mean to say a general practioner isnt good enhough. Isnt Dr Osman a practising doctor? OR U SAYING HE IS A QUACK?

You've just shoot your foot and insulted A MEMBER OF YR MEDICAL staff.


Alang said...

No doubt about it.


Milo said...

Did he complaint being sodomized or did he said that he's experiencing some pain?
but then again where is this so-called doctor? now, everyone knows that it's not a medical report but just 'nota perubatan'. Then if that's the case why do we have to make such a big huh-hah about it. Just rule out the 'MD' out. It's not a valid evidence anymore.