Monday, 14 July 2008

I say: It's about time...

...that the ACA acts without fear or favour.

PUTRAJAYA: The arrest of several senior government officers suspected of corruption shows that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is right on track in its efforts to tackle graft at all levels.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said it demonstrated that the ACA was taking action without fear or favour even though those suspected of corruption held influential government positions.

“But I’ve also said to the ACA, do be careful and they must be sure (before making any arrest. (Read here.)

The PM was referring, of course, to the case in whichf the head of a government department and six others had been detained by the ACA to facilitate investigations into the issuance of visas for foreign workers. (read here, here and here)

Malaysiakini quoted the ACA chief as saying that rampant corruption at the immigration department was a national security problem following the arrest of seven people. (Malaysiakini:
Immigration graft a 'national security problem': ACA chief )

(Good for you sir ! Don’t just go after them small fry. Go get the big “uns,” too. You know, the ones in position of power and “nak cari makan lebih.” Undoubtedly corruption in high places has become highly sophisted. Money or gifts are accepted normally through untraceable means. But that shouldn’t stop you from going after them. I remember the ACA used to be an organisation whose officers comprised men of integrity under the late Justice Tan Sri Harun Hashim. The mere mention of ACA will send shivers down the spine of many government officers. Unfortunately, over the years the ACA seemed to have turned from a fierce tiger to a toothless one whose main concern is to catch the small fish and discriminately leaves out the big shark. It has been all too common to hear the public complaining of corrupt civil servants and yet,they allege, nothing has been done about them Why is that so, you may ask.? Simple because of interference from the top.)


nemo said...

Deep sea fishing please.
go after politicians please.

apisfires said...

bagaimana jika report tentang proton??

Dora said...

Mendiang Eric Perwaja Chia?

Dani said...

It's good that the newly reformed ACA is brave enough to make such moves.
A big thank to Pak Lah for making it happen.
Hopefully after this ACA will be even braver to tackle bigger things.

Hi&Lo said...

ACA reports direct to PM. In cases involving politicians, ACA must seek green light from PM to proceed with prosecution.

ACA does not serve the nation but beholden to the PM.

I remember pre-Mahathir era, ACA was held in high esteem. As Kak Ton pointed out, it was once headed by former Justice Harun.

Later former Director of CID took over. The rot began soon after.

Graft investigations are different from police work. White collar crime is a discipline by itself.

concerned citizen said...

Tok Mommy,

Like the other profession, corruption is as old as history. So long as there are givers and takers, corruption will persist and will be here to stay.

What is important and effective is the system of values of the society concerned.

As long as society does not have a strong moral foundation, corruption will remain unabated