Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Road-blocking BN's popularity - Malaysiakini

In anticipation of a rally that didn’t happen (Rally? Really ? - Haris Ibrahim) police reacted by settting up roadblocks causing a massive jam in Kuala Lumpur dan kawasan-kawasan sekitarnya, Monday.

Hope the Barisan Nasional and the police will learn the "donts" if they want to reclaim their dented image. (Read rocky’sbru dont over-reactlah: here).

And go read the letters from angry motorists in Malaysiakini - Road-blocking BN's popularity. (here)

Amidst public anger police have the cheek to claim success in thwarting the rally. What success huh?

Our beloved Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, in the meantime has defended the police for setting up roadblocks around the city in anticipation of a public demonstration and Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Minister has apologised for what he called “the inconvenience” to the public.

See the pictures of “inconvenience” that Syed Hamid was referring to in the Star (here) and the sun (here). I dont seem to be able to download the pictures.

I can understand my fellow blogger and an MRT (mee rebus Tuesday) regular Tony Yew's frustration and anger - and that of other motorists who were caught in the jam too. (Read Tony's entry "Sorry..." here )


angry motorist said...

Tok mommy,

Syed Hamid has a lot of explanation to do.

The order to set up road block was from him based on an unverified SMS received.

What a lulu (sorry no offence to blogger lulu.)

Kim said...

IMO. the BN government's trying to put the blame on the Barisan rakyat when no rally was ever planned.

The BN is trying to psyche the rakyat to turn against the BR that the jam was the doing of the "Opposition."

It's not the fault of the BN government. In fact it is trying to safeguard the people.


dinx said...

Semua tu langkah berjaga2 je, kalau tak dikawal, golongan2 pendemo tu boleh menimbulkan kekecohan..Pendemo takda otak, sebab dia orang lain susah..

dinx said...
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angry citizen said...

Why did the polibe cliam success? Over what? Did they detain any protestors.

Tell you the whole exercise has backfired. People are angry not with the Barisan Rakyat. But with the police & the Government.

What they did was abuse of power.

Now Pak Lah says dont believe in SMSes.

And here we have a home minister giving orders to set up road blocks based on an unverified information.

By Pak Lah's definition Syed Hamid has committed treachery.

mato-mato said...

Pak Lah said: “The police are trying to reduce hindrances and reduce traffic jams too,” he said, adding that businesses and shops affected by demonstrations held inside the city expected the police to ensure disturbances were kept at bay.

“But at the same time the demonstrators say police have no business disturbing them. The police have a responsibility in ensuring there is no trouble and all is safe for the public,” he said

Gelak aku baca apa yg Pak Lah kata.

Mananya demonstartors. Yang aku nampak ramai anggota polis yang tercagak.

You real jokerlah Pak Lah.