Friday, 11 July 2008

Here's what they say...

While Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's announcement will go a long way towards pacifying his critics, it has come at a difficult time for his challenger in Umno, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. (Malaysiakini - Ku Li: Handover is unconstitutional )

The Umno president's message to grassroots leaders at a special meeting yesterday was loud and clear: He will step down in 2010 and hand over the leadesrhip to his current deputy, Datuk Najib Tun Razak, but the top two party posts MUST be left unchallenged at the party election scheduled for December.

However, Tengku Razaleigh, who is the MP for Gua Musang, has already made public his intent to challenge Datuk Seri Abdullah for the presidency.

He has offered himself to lead Umno to "heal the party", which he described to be "in a bad way".

Tengku Razaleigh has described the handover as unconstitutional.

“This handover thing is unconstitutional and it is not something that should be passed down from one leader to another,” he said.

“The matter of Umno’s presidency and in turn, Malaysia’s prime ministership, should be endorsed by the grassroots.”

He also said he will continue fighting for the president’s position. (NST: Razaleigh intent on top post).

“What was endorsed or decided by supreme council today does not portray the wishes of the grassroots," the former Finance Minister said.

Here’s what Datuk Seri TengkuAdnan Tengku Mansor, the Umno-secretary-general said: "The announcement proves that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi is a man with a plan. "

Khairy Jamaluddin, deputy Umno chief aka the S.I,L: “ is my hope that the political situation can be more calm and the Opposition will begin to cool down their attack aginst the Prime Minister, asking him to step down.”

He has always talked about setting the stage for young blood and encouraging rejuvenation within the party, so I think this is his contribution towards that. I have nothing to be upset about this.”

Datuk Shahrir Samad, supreme council member: "The contest for for the top two posts is still open to memebrs to decide: It is not a blanket ruling that there should be any contest as some mebers would agree while others may not. We cannot stop people from nominating who they want."

And where does it leave Muhyiddin Yassin, an Umno vice-president who, although has never made it public that he wanted to contest the top two posts, has been watching the development in the party and the situation on the ground. That says a lot. And he had said that he would announce which post to contest before the Umno divisional meetings in October.

(Excerpts from the NST, The Star and Malaysiakinir)

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kamal said...

Tok Mommy,

Umno prides itself as a party which is democratic. How could that be when party grass root members have been told not to nominate others for the two top party posts?

Every member has a right to nominate who he wants as pointed by Shahrir.

Habislah Ku Li & Muhyiddin. The annoucement by Pak Lah yesterday have dashed whatever hope and dream they have of contesting for these two posts.

Siapa berani nak lawan Imam hadhari?

puteri said...

It was reported that he received a standing ovation after he made the annoucement.

Standing ovation for what?

Anonymous said...

That standing ovation was enough for Pak Lah to make a claim that members accept his decision.

He was quoted as saying They gave me a standing ovation, and I take to mean yhey accept it.",

wisdomthinker said...

Hello tunku,

Wow, soon the country will be facing reformations. With the public and protesters desperate to voice out for ABB to step down, finally AAB forced himself to set his retirement from the position as the PM and as the president of the UMNO.

By the supreme council's decision not to open contest for the top two post in the coming election party, AAB has clear his competitors opponent in this election scheduled on December.

In this 2 years, neither one could predict exactly what will happen to the country. Perhaps the police department, educations, ACA and other sectors will face reformations too.

Hakimi said...

Sigh! Another example of undevelop politics.

I don't think it's wrong for the party's president to pass the baton to the party's deputy president.

However, it is absoluteley undemocratic to pass the job of a prime minister to the current deputy prime minister, as though the job could be inherited.

Is it written in the country's constitution that a prime minister could inherit the job of a PM to his deputy prime minster? This is not like appointing his DPM as the acting PM when he goes on leave.

optional said...

Semua dah tak sabar2 dah nampaknya..Bising dan tak puas hati..

straycat's strut said...

Tok mummy,

No one asked if Malaysians have that two years to give him.

Who the hell gave him that two years? Suka-suka... If possible, I even want to take back the last five years from him! Or atleast give me a refund. Pak Lah is a damaged good, expired, malfunction, empty...

Hi&Lo said...

Bodek top dog is Umno's culture. It prides itself for its sopan-santun. But lurking under the surface is tribal warfare at work. To kill or be killed.

kate said...

I ditto what kamal, puteri, straycat's strut and hi&lo said.

We've had enuf of the flip-flop sleeping PM and his "roving eyed" deputy. Not to mention the antics of the S.I.L.

aku masih ingat said...

He he he! Pak Lah umum letak jawatan depa semua bagi tepukan gemuruh.

Wei, depa semua gembira, happy that he's finally going and let's hope to Pak Lelah keeps to his word.

Tapi bila TDM announced nak step down, semua terpegun & diam, lepai tu aku nampak kat kaca TV depa atai pentas laghi kat TDM and said "jangan, tidakk!".

Aku nampak ramai di dewan Merdeka di PWTC manangih sedih.

Penshium said...

Pak Lah did not lay down a blanket ruling that the divisions cannot nominate whoever they want, so if KuLi can muster enough support, then by all means go ahead. This power struggle aside, I do see the announcement as a good thing. Now those who really wanna challenge him can openly do so, instead of doing it the backdoor way of opposing hs proposals for reform and measures that might affect their holding one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Of course Ku Li can muster support, unfortunately, the current system in UMNO typically results in division / branch not brave enough to muster support to others appart from the current leader.

The situation is different during the era of Mahathir's tyranny, because the branch/division are not psychologically oppressed to vote for Mahathir's opponent. Unfortunately, despite the soft and humble appearance on the surface, Abdullah tyranny had bred and allowed the survival of those kind of UMNO members whose thinking is that "the leaders do no wrong and is always right"; who are more than willing to abandon their principle in favour of position and money

aku yg celik said...

Of course you're not upset. Why should you, kJ?

Najib's hands are tied now. Tak leh gerak. Dah macam tunggol. Any intention to challenge Pak Lah has been dashed.

And Ku Li's attempt to go for no 1 has been thwarted with the order "No challenge for the two top posts" and so has Muhyiddin's if he had hopes of going for the No. 2.

I suppose you must be referring to yrself with the statement abt "setting the stage for young blood and encouraging rejuvenation within the party."

Tapi ingat ya! Manusia boleh merancang, tapi Allah yang menentukan."

Anonymous said...

Its always been like that in umno meetings. From branch to division level. All will agree to whats said, but the minute the meeting is over, they will have another meeting somewhere else, mamak stall for small fries, hotels/cafes for big guns, and condemn whats said in the meeting. So typically hypocritical.

Pesanan said...

Saya terbaca di satu blog bahawa Tan Sri Sanusi memetik sebahagian dari kata-kata Alexander Fraser Tytler dalam ucapannya di Telok Kemang pada Julai 12hb, 2008.

Petikan itu seperti di bawah:

From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

Mengikut Sanusi, orang Melayu berada di pelbagai peringkat dan masih perlu pembelaan dan diperjuangkan.

Ayuh kita fikirkan pula keadaan mereka yang tidak perlu pembelaan?

Ada yang sudah mewah dan kini leka. Ramai sudah ambil sikap tidak peduli kepada nasib bangsa dan perjuangan bangsa yang memberi kemewahan dan kejayaan kepada mereka.

Ramai pula dalam masyrakat sudah di tahap pergantungan dalam pelbagai rupa. Mereka rela lakukan apa saja untuk jalan mudah ke arah kemewahan dan kuasa. Pembohongan, pengkhianatan, pencurian, dan apa saja dilakuakan untuk demi kepentingan diri, keluarga – anak dan menantu, dan sahabat dan kroni.

Mereka ini yang akan membawa kita kembali semula kepada penjajahan dan penghambaan. Abdullah Badawi telah membawa kita ke keadaan demikian dalam masa singkat 4 tahun.

Adakah peralihan dalam dua tahun itu sesuai?

Mandat habis akhir tahun di dalam waktu tambahan. Apahak Presiden untuk menyerahkan pada masa yang dia tidak ada mandat lagi. Alangkah pelik UMNO melakukan kita .

Adakah Abdullah seorang yang berkebolehan?

Dia diserahkan kuasa dengan negara sudah dipulihkan. Dia hanya melakukan pembinasaan. Tidak dapat kuasai pentadbiran, lemah, leka/tidor dan mudah dipengaruhi.

Adakah ini satu penyelesaian dengan keadaan negara, bangsa dan parti serta tekanan pembangkang dan tuntutan masyarakat?

Demi menjaga hati, kita mengenepikan kepentingan parti, halatuju perjuangan dan kepentingan bangsa, negara, agama dan parti.

Dalam keadaan yang sangat kritikal kita masih mah mencari jalan tengah dan menangguh2 lagi. Kita sudah tidak ada masa.

Demi tatasusila dan adab, kenapa Imam yang tidak diterima makmum mahu lagi kekal? Margret Tatcher boleh turun bila akarumbi sudah tidak mahu walaupun mahu dapat 60% undi?

Pak Lah seperti seorang yang gila kuasa. Bukankah tidak ada adab susila Melayu orang yang tidak tahu merendah diri, bersikap ego dan menolak kehendak akarumbi parti dan rakyat?

Bolehkah parti dipulih dalam dua tahun lagi dengan masa lebih kurang dua tahun setengah?

Orang yang tidak tahu dan telah membinasakan ekonomi tidak boleh diharap menghidupkan kembali.

Lame duck hanya siapkan kerja yang ada. Reform tidak boleh dilakuakn oleh seorang PM lame duck tetapi oleh pemimpin yang mahu kekal. Sepatutnya dalam 100 hari sudah cukup masa untuk memahami, selepas itu sepatutnya tindakan dan penyampaian.

Dalam 4 tahun, tidak ada apa2 signifikan yang telah dapat dilakukan! Dia tidak boleh diberi lagi masa.

Persidangan UMNO Cawangan 17 Julai ke 24 Ogos. Bahagian 9 Oktober - 9 November. Agong 16-20 Disember.

Fikirkan apa yang dikata sebelum pergi bersidang.

Sedia berjuang. Tentangi kekangan. Hilangkan ketakutan. Rungkaikan pergantungan.

Berani lakukan perubahan!

Bersuara. Sebarang manipulasi ditentang habis-habisan. Usul diguna untuk nyatakan pendirian. Undi diguna dengan penuh kebijaksanaan dan keberanian.