Thursday, 31 July 2008

Saiful to come out soon and wants ...

...all quarters to "leave the matter to the police, says his lawyer. - Malaysiakini

"(He will appear) once he is ready. I will keep all of you informed," his lawyer Zamri Idrus told a press conference at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday.

Zamri said this when asked why Saiful did not attend the press conference.

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Prior to taking questions, Zamri read Saiful's handwritten note which called on Anwar and the public to not interfere with police investigations into the matter.

Saiful, who is Anwar’s former aide, urged his former boss not to 'dolak dalik' (twist and turn) the issue.

In the three-paragraph note, Saiful, 23, also said he was waiting for the police to complete their investigations and bring the perpetrator to book.

"I wish to state that there are no reasons for me to falsely accuse Anwar in this matter," he said.

After reading Saiful's statement, Zamri said his client merely wants all quarters to "leave the matter to the police." - Click here to continue...
Source: Malaysiakini

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angel wears prada said...

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is determined to swear on the Quran to prove he is telling the truth of being sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Saiful is willing to swear on the Quran. If the ulama says he has to use the Quran, we will use it,” said Mohd Saiful’s lawyer Zamri Idrus yesterday.

Zamri said his client would take the holy oath after police completed investigations into the allegations made by him against the PKR de facto leader.

“We will set the time and date later,” he said.

Zamri added that his client continued his challenge to Anwar to swear on the Quran that he had not sodomised Mohd Saiful.

- source from the Star

Devil wears Gucci said...

ANWAR is too much in denial. His fraud actions should be red-handed caught soon. The attemption taken by him with the aid of RPK is gonna end them going jail for good. Both of them deserves a good lesson for causing troubles in the country.

Me... Only Better said...

Tok about this at my sickeninglah:

Forget other countries, get your maids from Terengganu!
By R.S.N. MURALI Staronline July 30th

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu state government has come up with a programme to train single mothers to be turned into skilled domestic helpers.

The training, including childcare, to start next year will allow Malaysian families to source domestic help from their own backyard.

Terengganu is believed to be the state with most number of single mothers, at more than 20,000.

Anonymous said...

Just don't forget to bring your four witnesses.

Laser said...

He will swear that he got sodomized..but really, to make the matter less about answering how did that happen? A young strapping man like him, did he have a price that Anwar refused to pay? Ohh I don't doubt it happened. Just HOW?

RedBag said...

Well, of course for the second time around Anwar will not fall without a fight. Anwar is making noises to cover his allegations...
and laser,
there are many things that can make a healthy young man 'tunduk' to a 60 years old...sedative, or even the promises of power or money can be a very strong reasons. Not necessarily a knife to the neck act.

amoker said...

THat is the only things he seemed to want to do again and again. Challenge in swearing. All talk but lets look at evidences.

Anonymous said...

err..if keep saying leave it to police to investigate, why sibuk sibuk asyik panggil press conference again and again..sendiri cari publicity !! ptui..!