Monday, 7 July 2008

Fear not the police, Bala; protection for Saiful & nephew worries uncle & family held against their will

“I give a guarantee of his safety if he comes to meet us, and he is free to bring a lawyer to the meeting,” said Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Bakri Zinin.

Bakri gave this assurance at a press conference Sunday to the private investigator, P.Balasubramaniam, who has been reported missing since making explosive claims linking the deputy premier to the murder of a Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shariibuu. (Read here) .

“We are seeking Balasubramaniam to help in our investigations,” he said adding that the police suspect Balasubramaian “is either in hiding or someone is hiding him.”

Police have also asked Interpol to help find the private investigator. (Malaysiakini : Missing PI could be overseas, Interpol help sought.)

Today, Malaysiakini has a story in which his nephew, R. Kumaresan - who filed a missing person’s report on Saturday - fears that his uncle, aunt and cousins could be held against their will (missing private investigator P Balasubramniam and his family might be held against their will, alleged the former’s nephew R Kumaresan ). You can read the full report here .

Balasubramaniam, who was last seen after a hastily-organised press conference on Friday is believed to have left the country with his wife and three children.

At a press conference last Thursday Balasubramaniam released a sworn statement linking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak with Altantuya, who was murdered in 2006 and her body blown up with explosives in a remote forest.

Within 24 hours (on Friday) he retracted the allegations saying he made them under duress.

Kumaresan filed a missing person’s report on Saturday, saying that the investigator and his family (his wife and two young children) had disappeared and that the family was concerned over the fate of his uncle, who could not be contacted by his relatives.

Bakri said police are also having difficulty probing the missing persons' report lodged by Kumaresan as he was also not cooperating with investigators.

In the meantime the young man, Saiful Bukhhari , who accused opposition leader leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sexually assualting him is under police protection after receiving threats, officials said today. (read here and here)


Hi&Lo said...

If Bala was not under duress to make the first SD, but of his own free will, he should have taken contingency plans.

If he had been blackmailed by Anwar, couldn't he have gone to the police than claimed later?

Why did the police call him up to report after the pc of his SD1?

Mind boggling of the amatuerishness of a former SB.

zila82 said...

Is Bala learning to be "flip flop" too? First this then that? I dont get it. If someone can conveniently pay RM4 to make an SD and withdraw it tomorrow, how the heck do we expect to look highly at these SD stuff? And then the PR (or Anwar) is mking judgements about the credibility of the judiciary, police whatsoever. It is the act by Bala and what not that actually MAKES th situation like how Anwar is describing!

Specky said...

can they not make that nephew co-operate? wonder why does a person who made a missing person police report wun co-operate..this is so weird, although it's very conveniently obvious where do most fingers point immediately after the disappearance. intended effect? whatever it is, I really hope the family is safe. Nobody deserved to have their entire family harmed for someone's politicking, not if we're suppose to live in a democracy.

mekyam said...

dear hi&lo,

consider this...

has it been established that the "police call" to Bala was an official summons? i don't think so.

the only thing we have is...

according to his first lawyer Americk, a police ASP [who according to Americk appeared to be on friendly terms with him] called Bala to discuss his SD1 over fishhead curry.

now the police station where Bala was dropped could just be a meeting point since an ASP would work in one and for Bala, being a 17 yr police vet, going in and out of a police station would be no big deal at all.

note how Americk, his lawyer, "dropped" Bala at the police station and curiously did not accompany him. could it be because Americk knew he wasn't going in there to be interrogated?

it's very likely that it was just a ploy to make it look as though the second SD was made after a "brush" with the police. since the assumed "brush" has not been established, we can't really conclude it was the police who persuaded Bala to come up with SD2.

i think SD1 & SD2 and the Disappearance have been masterminded by the same source.

notice how SD2, though appearing to retract certain crucial points, in actual fact cleverly underscored them? brilliant, no?

i'm no fan of Najib and i believe he IS implicated somehow with the Altantuya murder and i certainly don't think he is fit to be PM. but in this particular "mystery of two SDs but no Bala", i think Najib has been cunningly out-manoeuvred.

Anonymous said...

I think BOTH Anwar & Najib have been had.

And guess who's sitting pretty now?

The sleeping One.

merdekame said...

If Najib is behind it, why is it that RPK wasn't also (forcefully? blackmailed?) to retract parts of HIS Stat Declaration which also touched on Najib and Rosmah etc? Some inconsisencies in the Najib behind Bala SD withdrawal theory.

I remember is Shahrir who said thatthe govt flip flop la incapable la, but then so pandai to arrange conspiracies? Lol. That means those who are accusing the BN or govt of the conspiracy are indeirectly "praising" BN for being so blody smart. LOL!

eddie said...

agree with merdekame..

Anonymous said...

In this Bala saga, the missing part is the third scenario of the script written with main objective to frame Najib.

Scene 1: Bala made the SD, mainly to implicate Najib

Scene2: Bala had to retract the part of the SD that implicates Najib. The idea was to slander Najib so that people would now accused Najib and his people of forcing Bala to retract the SD.

Scene3: Bala had family had to go missing.The idea was to make people believe that Bala and his family have now been kidnapped by Najib and his people.

I think Bala and Family is in real danger, from the "power that be" behind the script.