Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ezam warns Anwar: I will reveal your dark secrets

According to Malaysiakini which carried a story from Bernama, Ezam has warned Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that he will reveal the dark secrets of his former boss if he is linked to a political conspiracy over the sodomy report.

“If you link me to a political conspiracy over the sodomy report, I will divulge your secrets,” Anwar's former protege, Ezam Mohd Nor, declared.

“I will in 24 hours swear as a Muslim that I will fight him," said Ezam - who is the former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chief and who has since rejoined Umno - at a talk organised by the Shah Alam UMNO division and non-governmental organisation (NGO) Alam Free Speech Friday night.

(Sources: Malaysiakini, Malaysiakini BM version , Bernama and the NST )

(Is he (Ezam) warning or blackmailing Anwar? Why does he sound so defensive? Why the threat? It looks like Ezam himself has some dark secrets to hide and fear that Anwar could use them against him first. My advice and a reminder: Stay focus, Ezam. You don’t have to join the bandwagon of Anwar-bashing because you sound pathetic and come across as an ingrate. But what we want to know is: where are the six boxes of reports that you collected and promised to reveal. You haven’t forgotten about them, have you? Hope not.}


nckeat88 said...

maybe he has some video about anwar behaviour. Don't trust Anwar completely. All politician are dirty, the dirtiest one will win.

malayamuda said...

Ezam said as a true Muslim he will reveal DSAI's darkest secrets in 24 hrs.

I wld like to ask Ezam....

Does Islam permit anyone to reveal anothers "darkest" secrets to shame the person ?

so what does Ezam mean when he says " as a true Muslim he will reveal " ?

Dont bring religion into your dirty politics all of you......which includes AAB, Najib, Ezam, Anwar and Mahathir

Michelle said...


I think Ezam is stepping a very fine line here. He said that he will "divulge Anwar's secrets", but ONLY if Anwar links him to "a political conspiracy over the sodomy report". What if Anwar doesn't link Ezam to anything? Ezam going to keep quiet?

Doesn't this mean that as long as Ezam's own skin is not charred, he's not going to reveal anything?

Then maybe the 6 boxes of reports are doing the same job. Being held as "secrets to be revealed" only if UMNO does anything to him.

Ultimate blackmail.
Also a form of corruption, me thinks.

Amin said...


Bwtween Ezam and Anwar, I'd take DSAI's word any time.

This ezam has shown to be a man without integrity. No principles.

Has sold his soul to Umno. He's the sort of person ..."if u cant beat them join them."

Hi&Lo said...

Ezam lost his credibility long ago over the six boxes.

I agree with MALAYAMUDA. Claiming to be a true Muslim to make his statement believeable. Even crooks wear their religion on their sleeves.

Michele is spot on regarding Ezam's antic parallel to blackmailing.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, this guy is out of PKR and Pakatan. Imagine someone who is prepared to sell/blackmail his former boss and colleagues being an elected Pakatan leader ? I think by now one of the Pakatan state government would have been sold out. Thank goodness, it was a blesssing in disguise that he left PKR early! Good riddance !

Anonymous said...

You trust a double headed snake??
I rather trust my grandma, when she
toldme she has just climbed a
coconut tree.
Sorry gandma, no disrespect

anti tiger said...

Kak ton,

i wonder why ezam enjoys 'sumpah' so much since Keadilan days.Now even more.Suka sangat guna Dengan nama Allah, lebih arif taat dan patuh kepada Allah.
jangan di makan sumpah atau jadi sumpah-sumpah dan sampah sudahlah.
Bunyamin dan adik beradiknya bersumpah yang nabi Yusuf mati di makan serigala.sumpah juga,tapi setelah nabi yusuf jadi raja mesir mereka dimaafkan.
muawiyah abu sufyan juga mengangkat quraan setelah hampir tewas dalam perang siffin menentang saydina ali.muawiyah memulakan perang dan mahukan darah Ali, tapi menggunakan quraan untuk berdamai dan akhirnya mempadayakan dan tidak menghormati perjanjian gencatan senjata dan merampas position khalifah..
ezam oh ezam......

slyderrose said...

Ezam if you really have Anwar dark secrets, reveal it now. Why wait?. Or this just another ploy to get media publicity. I don't trust Ezam at all as I had heard this word many times before. Now I realised this guy just another guy playing politic to please his master. Remember what Allahyarham Adlan Benan Omar said about you before he passed away? And perhaps Lokman Adam call tell more.

malayamuda said...

UMNO goons better be ware.

Ezam will be now probably fliming your dirty acts and collecting your dark secrets to be used against u guys once there is a fallout........

Ezam you are a dangerous MF

sikembangcina` said...

Salam Kak Ton,

Here is a piece of Ezam from RPK - The Cult Called PKR;

Interesting! It also reminds us not to be so obsessive of a personality which is very true.

nckeat88 said...

He can't revealed it now maybe because the dark secret also involve him as well. He will not revealed it unless he is seriously threatened and than he will reveal it and die together with Anwar.

Hi&Lo said...

It's so childish: No more friend I will kiss and tell everything to the world.

If Ezam has anything to reveal, just bring it on. No need to preface with a threat.

Even tho I am no diehard fan of Anwar, I will not believe anything from Ezam. It will be full of half-truths.

Anonymous said...

All must have noticed that Ezam will once in a while 'tried' to be in the headlines. Threaten people with their 'dark secret' (irrespective it is right/wrong/ true /false) is the lowest form that anyone can get! Such desperation behaviour in trying just to be of some use in his new party.

Please la, by now he shud know that both sides are suspicious of him! Writing on the wall 'Ezam has lost all credibility!

Ezam, Go and get a normal job la.......

Kunta Kinte

Anonymous said...

Ezam used to be a hero in the eyes of all those who support Reformas. His finest hour was when he made tremendous sacrifices for Keadilan and Anwar and was jailed under ISA and OSA. Now it appears he has made a complete u turn. He is now ZERO to all those who once supported. Can Ezam explain why he is now supporting all the people in UMNO whom he used to condemn for corruption, nepotism, cronyism and human rights abuses? Can he also explain why he is now condemning all those in Keadilan who were his comrades-in-arms in fighting corruption, cronyism nepotism and human rights abuses? Maybe Ezam should simply say that the $2 million given to him by Pak Lah (with more goodies to come)has made him sell his soul to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

when he agreed tojoin umno, dah agak dia punya mission to hit anwar, consistently antara dia dengan anwar je, something bad had happened between them when he left pkr, i belief he offered himself to be in barisan just to give back to anwar, well pak lah took him at the right time, atleast more squad in umno attacking anwar,he just doing his part as he deal to rejoin umno, anwar is triple snake one, no one should trust him....

Anonymous said...

I think the scenario is simple and quite straight forward, why so many interpretation.

Ezam said he will reveal Anwar's secret only if Anwar and PKR's keep on slandering Ezam to be involved in PKR's allegation that the liwat allegation is a conspiracy.

Between Anwar and Ezam, dua-dua susah mau percaya. Ezam menipu 6-boxes" dulupun atas suruhan Anwar. So..

Anonymous said...

Ezam, you're inconsequential to DSAI lah.

Anonymous said...

I interpret his saga differently; only after several years, he only discovers the true color of Anwar.

As he has openly declared, one of his mission is to prevent Anwar from becoming the PM. I believe his statement, and I believe that is not because revenge but now he see the real evil Anwar.

eddie said...

Just reveal his dark secret. Let the Malaysians know who the real Anwar is.

Anonymous said...

Anwar = ultra self-righteous, manipulative, holier than thou scumbag. Time will reveal. CHEERS!