Thursday, 10 July 2008

PM to retire in 2 years and Najib will take over

Malaysiakini: breaking news : Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has finally set his retirement date - he will hand over the leadership to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak in two years' time.

And the Star reported that he would also hand over his chairmanship of Barisan Nasional to Najib and confirmed that he would not lead the coalition and Umno in the next general election, would defend his party president's post in the coming party elections in December and that he wanted Najib to remain his number two.

"This means that we have to set in motion the process of transferring the power. The process would begin with this announcement that I plan to hand over the (Umno) president's post to Datuk Seri Najib by middle of 2010," he said after a special Umno briefing attended by divisional leaders and leaders of the party's Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings at the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre.

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Luqman's Mommy said...

God save my country. Amin

MamaMia said...

Good move methinks. The PM knows he's not gonna be around forever, and in light of the recent events (what an understatement), this announcement can work in his favour in that he can be dispense with the inner favour cajoling for the remainder of his term and put in places things that have the country, instead of the UMNO big names, in mind. Najib oh Najib, where do u go from here?

adik said...

Ksk ton,

Pak Lah was quoted by Malaysiakini that - "... wants time to finish his projects"-

That reads like gimme me time to make more money for my kerabat & sahabat.

Anyway, can believe this flip=flop PM?

Now tell me, why is it I dont believe him? Cant take his word. Dah serik dengan janiji2 palsunya.

Like luqman's mommy, am praying: Please God, save my country.

Lu Fikirlah Sendiri....... said...

Natijah daripada apa yang berlaku mengenai keputusan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (AAB) ini ialah menunjukkan betapa BODOH-nya orang-orang Melayu yang menjadi ahli UMNO. Mereka tidak peduli atau sengaja memekakkan telinga dan membutakan mata tentang apa yang rakyat inginkan ketika ini.

Ternyata post penulis terdahulu di http://fikirlahsendiri.blogspot.commengenai Ketua Bahagian telah pun 'dibeli' oleh Kumpulan penyelamat AAB kelihatan benar.

Kenapa penulis menyatakan betapa BODOH-nya orang-orang UMNO? Kerana selagi mereka membiarkan si AAB memegang kerusi Presiden dan menjadi Perdana Menteri, selagi itulah kuasa UMNO lama kelamaan akan terhakis malah besar kemungkinan akan lupus sebaik keputusan Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 diumumkan. A Lu Fikirlah Sendiri wahai ahli UMNO yang BODOH sebodohnya.

surfer said...

Tok mommy,

Am going to copy & paste what I got from A Little Taffer's Room

He/she gave a good analysis as to the reason why flip-flop Dollah announced his retirement plan:

1. By declaring that there is no contest for the top two, Abdullah is forcing the ground-root level members to support him and Najib unanimously for the roles for President and Deputy-President. This effectively shuts off Team B, which is Ku-Li and Muhyiddin. If Muhyiddin persists of contesting, he will be branded as a traitor to UMNO.

2. To put a slap on Mahathir (who celebrates his actual birthday today) saying that whatever he did could not unseat him off UMNO.

3. Another way to restraint Najib from the possibility of contesting against him for the post of President.

4. Another way to throw Najib since of his involvment in the Altantuya murder. When he throws Najib out, he will pick a loyalist to take over his place. The loyalist could admit that he wasn't capable to running the post, thereby he'd say that I will fill in for the mean time. In other words, he could throw Najib out like Mahathir did to Anwar and then continue until 2013.

5. It is predicted that by the world economic meltdown will hit the highest point in June 15 2010 when the New York stock market will have its greatest crash since 1929 depression period. After he leaves, whoever takes over will have a hard time to stimulate the national economy. At that time, the funds of the treasury could be emptied out by Abdullah's cronies and corrupt yes men.

6. Ahmad Shabery is one of Abdullah's cannon fodder. He's been made as a sacrificial lamb in next week's debate with Anwar Ibrahim. And he has declared that he could quit if he fails to tell the people on government policy of fuel management. Let the slaughter begin.....

Well, not all of the Malaysian citizens are fooled by this soap opera / red herring but instead they believe that Dollah Badawi will flip-flop again, particularly when you see #4. In the last 5 years, the price of petrol in Malaysia has doubled, which means, what we pay for the cost of living could be by another 50% more than what it was before. Sometimes politcal games can be fun to watch from the citizen's view. It will be a incredible clash recreated in Spartacus, between Gracchus (think Mahathir) against Crassus (like Dollah Badawi)... but the ante is up and more dangerous than the movie itself!

Hayat said...

So Tok Mommy,

I suppose the year 2010 must be the right and best time where Pak Lah is concerned to hand over the reign of the Government to Najib, his deputy.

Two year is a long time and a lot of things cud happen.

Ayo, like we dont know. He's just buying time.

Najib dah kena dengan Pak Lah. Sampai tua lah lu tunnggu Najib because today he flipped but tomorrow Pak Lah might flop.

optional said...

Begitu ramai yang tak puas hati dengan keputusan ini, ramai yang gila nak jadi PM bersuara, semua dah nak jadi macam Anwar ke? Tak sabar2 sangat dah..Apa kita boleh buat, kita hormati saja keputusan ini, dan tunggu saja lah..