Saturday, 19 July 2008

PM to Anwar: give sample for DNA test

...because the existing DNA sample too old

The authorities require fresh DNA sample from the PKR de facto leader - who now stands accused of a sodomy charge - because the sample extracted 10 years ago was too old and fresh DNA sample from Anwar was necessary to facilitate investigations, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi said.

“The DNA sample the authorities have is too old so they need a new sample. What is wrong with that? (Oh yeah? Go and read what forensic experts say about DNA samples: Malaysiakini - "... Expert: Specimen can be conserved for years."

“If he insists that he is not involved (in sodomy as alleged), give the sample now and we will see the results as proof,” he said. (The Star: here , Malaysiakini : here and Malaysiakini (BM) PM: Dana yang ada, sudah lama: here)

Abdullah also guaranteed Anwar's safety in facing investigations into the sodomy allegation and urged him to allow the authorities to take a sample for DNA test.

Abdullah said no one should believe there was a conspiracy against Anwar although he could not stop the international perception that this was happening.

“They said it is something like what had happened before. If one wants to believe, how do we control such things?

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(I know, I know. Two entries on the same subject in one day? Aiyo, tok mommy. No more modal ke? Lol. I cant help it when we have our flip-flop leader commenting on something that is current and in the process puts his foot in his mouth - yet again. Sorry, Pak Lah, you aint no doctor. If you ask me, I’ve enough of the going-ons in this country and to make matters worse we have our half past six ministers commenting on topics they are ignorant of. )


Amin said...

Its ok tok mommy. Many entries on the same topic also can. It's a serious matter. No joke.

Abdullah also guaranteed Anwar's safety in facing investigations...

Who would not be fearful after being imprisoned 6 years on a thumped-up charges.

No-brainer PM.

Anonymous said...

I cringe every time I read a comment by the PM and/or his Ministers.

Dr T A Arasu MBBS MMed said...

The Chemistry Department of the His Majesty Government has already the DNA Print of Anwar Ibrahim.

There is no such thing as a DNA Print being OLD.

However, there is a thing such as an Old Prime Minister which needs a NEW DNA ie. a new body and mind to replace the Old DNA body and no-mind.

merdekame said...

Salam kak aina, i dropped a comment here before too, and here is my side.

Buat pengetahuan anda semua, kejadian sekarang dan 10 tahun dahulu tidak mungkin boleh dibandingkan. Siapakah yang ada di atas semasa perbicaraan DSAI dahul? Tun M, dan apakah agenda yang mahu diutarakan beliau pada masa itu? Pada masa itu Tun M sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk menghalang DSAI menjadi PM, termasuklah memanipulasi penguatkuasa.

Perlu diingat juga AAB juga lah orang yang membebaskan Anwar. Jadi mungkinkah buat apa dah kena tohmah buruk keluarkan anwar lepas tu nak masukkan balik?

Saya kira masing2 menyanjung tinggi kaliber dan leadership Tun M dulu, jadi perlu juga difikirkan apa sebenarnya yang menyebabkan beliau tidak mahu DSAI naik. Sudah pasti ada sebab yang munasabah.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

This is not abt Anwar but fair play. His fears are well founded based on the '98 trial.

It's not the DNA but possible abuse by the authorities that Anwar is apprehensive.

Am stating the obvious cos there were people in the previous entry who took in the govt line, hook and sinker and had forgotten how J Augustine Paul out to help the prosecution to nail Anwar.

DR SURESH K said...

If one had noticed Pak Lah's body lannguage during the PC when he commented about the `old DNA' one could decipher that was is so ignorant and just listening to all the wrong advisors.

He never showed any professionalism
and very phlegmatic indeed.What a lame PM we have as our leader.A national disgrace.

a wanderer said...

Pak Lah, if you have nothing intelligent to say, just SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

If Anwar claims that the previous 1998 DNA results were tampared with, then why not give new samples in the presence of his lawyers, his own doctors, his own genetists, or whatever experts that he can bring to analyse these results with the local doctors, genetists, experts, and the local police. And on top of it, why not compare if the new samples and the old ones have any differences, just to conclude if there is any evidence of tampering. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. the more noise you make, more people can see your lies. i just want to wait and see if any rasional people will lose patience with Mr Anwar's antics. just ask yourself, is malaysia such a polce state that you can't even find justice for yourself and your loved ones? was there any assasination attempts on anyone before, especially on the opposition? why do we have to depend on outsiders for help? Why can't we believe in ourselves to make changes for our country? please be rasional.

bisu said...

i agree with anonymous.

if u recall, the last time evidence of anwar's DNA is tendered in court, his defence team challenged it because the samples used for analysis was disposed off after analysis in accordance with the procedures at the time.

if the same result is used again, it would be opened to the same challenge. which is why it is prudent and reasonable that a new DNA sample be taken and analysed.

i just wish the police would just pluck his hair and send it for DNA analysis hehehe!!!

illegally obtained evidence is admissible you know...

bisu said...

by the way, did you read the news about anwar saying "siapa rogol siapa?"

heheh... is he saying dia kene rogol dengan saiful sebab saiful is stronger? hahaha

tok mommy, please read this ..

johan said...

Kalau "campur tangan" bising, tak campur tangan pun bising. Pada awalnya ini lah sebab AAB tidak mahu campur tangan, tapi akhirnya nama AAB akan terbawa2 juga sehingga AAB perlu buat statement itu ini. Biar pihak yang sepatutnya buat kerja masing dengan aman. Biar yang jadi kecoh dan tak puas hati hanya DSAI sendiri kerana dia yang tertuduh di sini, sudah tentulah!

Anonymous said...
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zila82 said...

Johan... atau pun penyokong2 DSAI yang taksub dan mahu menangkan DSAI itu sendiri? Entahlah, kita sebagai rakyat biasa duduk kat sideline je, tak payah lebih2 sokong itu ini.