Friday, 11 July 2008

Police: We’re not involved... PI’s disappearance but confirmed that he is in "a neighbouring country".

The police said they were not involved in the disappearance of P. Balasubramaniam and vowed to probe the private investigator's two contradictoray statutory declarations., Malaysiakini reports .

Bukit Aman CID chief Mohd Bakri Zinin said he was piqued by the allegations that the police were behind Balasubramaniam’s disappearance.

“We have no motive in this matter. I am unhappy with assumptions from people that we are involved in this,” he told a press conference in the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarters Thursday.

“We will be investigating into the truth in the statutory declarations and we want to finish the investigations as soon as possible. Give us the time and space.”

Balasubramaniam went missing last week after retracting a statutory declaration that alleged Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abduk Razak was linked to murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The former Special Branch officer was reported to have left the country with his wife and three children to an undisclosed location after being threatened.

Bakri confirmed that a team of police had taken a statement from Balasubramaniam in a “neighbouring country” Thursday.

He explained that the police were able to trace Balasubramaniam’s whereabouts after issuing a red alert to their counterparts who subsequently responded with information.

However, the police chief repeatedly refused to provide further details on Balasubramaniam or name the country in which the private eye has sought refuge on grounds that the matter was still under investigation.

“They left the country voluntarily without influence (from the police) and the reason given was that he feared his life was in danger.“

He did not give other reasons why he left but he did receive threats. We will let Bala reveal the nature of the threats,” he said.

Asked if Balasubramaniam wishes to return to the country, Bakri said he was not informed of such a request but said protection would be given to him if he applied for it.

“If he applied for it, I can give it, but we have to see if that is necessary. We do not give police protection to all. We cannot give him protection outside our jurisdiction.

Bakri was also quizzed as to whether the Najib will be called in to give his statement as his name was implicated in the first statutory declaration.

“As long as they are involved in what we’re investigating, we will call them. All names involved will be called up as witnesses,” he answered.

And Balasubramaniam was reported to have asked his nephew, R. Kumaseran to stop the ongoing campaign for his safe return as it would endanger the private eye and his family, (Malaysiakini – stop the campaign, Bala tells nephew)


wisdomthinker said...

Hello mommy,

I think the police won't have any bad motive towards Mr. Bala eventhough he accused Najib in his first SD.

Although we knew that Najib is a powerfulman which controls 3 main forces: ground army, airforce army and the marine force army, he does not have much influence in the police department.

Too much assumption made from people which police will be involved in the hot sensitive issues to cover up Najib's ass. Well, personally in my views and studies about the current issues, I don't think so.

Let just let the authorities deal with the current issue cases.

Hakimi said...

Those making assumptions are political parties and their fanatic supporters.

It is the political parties' raison d'etre to badmouth their opponents, so much so that if there is no opportunity, they will make up events. In Malaysia, unfortunately, we are are blessed with immature and unsophisticated politicians whose main political strategy is "caci" and "menghalalkan cara". Comparing with the develop Western countries, we are so back ward in many things, that includes not only science and technology but also politics, politicians and political parties, and sadly too journalism.

eddie said...

Agree with wisdom thinker, why would the police get involve in this..People making assumptions to make the government look bad..It is more likely Anwar's plan..