Thursday, 10 July 2008

Now you know why Malaysiakini is No 1 news site...

...and why many have stopped relying on the MSM and are turning to the online news website as an alternative source for news.

The bottom line is: Malaysiakini is the most visited news website in the country because the MSM have failed to provide fair and unbiased reporting.

Harris Ibrahim’s (of the People’s Parliament) entry - Media reporting on the PROTES rally : a comparison between Malaysiakini & Star - hit the nail on the head.

“If you haven’t got the time to go through all four reports ( Malaysiakini 1, Star 3 ), I’d ask you to just compare the photos in the Malaysiakini report that appeared alongside the report of the crowds that showed up to listen to Anwar, with that which appeared in the first Star report below entitled ‘Anwar dares PM and DPM to discuss how to tackle oil crisis’, which was also reporting on Anwar’s presence at the rally,” he wrote. (read here)

Top traffic ranking service ranks Malaysiakini No 15 among the nation’s most popular sites. This is the first time that the independent online news portal has overtaken The Star online in the ranking. (read Malaysiakini here)


Anonymous said...


Setuju dengan apa yang akak katakan: Botoom line is because of the failure of bthe MSM to provide fair & unbiased reporting.

I have given up reading the msm papers with the exception of the Sun and dont watch the local tv stations. Tak nak baca or hear propaganda kerajaan. Dah muak dan meloyakan.

I just turn to Astro's Al Jazeera and BBC and read blogs.

al jazeera konon said...

Blog pun sama jugak..Banyak je yang berat sebelah..Semua menghentam je..Macam tu pun boleh harap 100% ke? Patut laa banyak komen2 yang dapat dibaca nampak macam bias jugak..Sebab dengar cerita dari one side je..Sama je semua..Konon2 semua berita dari internet tu betul sangat la tu..

wisdomthinker said...

Hello mommy,

Eventhough many people said that MSM provides biased reports, but I still watched it anyway, also viewing on websites and blogs.

I'm very curious to every source report from every side so that I could get a clear picture of the current issues and the facts which they hide, edit or speculate for their purposes.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When is a news not a news?
When it's a yarn
When is a news no longer a news?
When it's a yawn

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100708
Thur. 10th July 2008.

puteri said...

Tahniah Malaysiakini kerana berani menyiarkan berita yang TIDAK BERAT SEBELAH and for telling it as it is!

And to bloggers too for providing us multiple choices with regards to alternative sources of news and various views. :)

Saya pun said...

I totally aree with anonymous 9:27AM and puteri.

Blogs offer a different perpspective. Not all blogs are bad, just as not all poliiticians are good.

Not all blogs just hentam2 the gomen ler.

Yes, me too, I dont watch the govt-controlled TV stations for news.

They also suka hentam the Opposition. No need to elaborate, if you know what I mean.

Thank you tok mommy for giving me this space. Have a nice day to all yr esteemed commentators.

kutty machan said...


i thot is the most popular read....

some people are not to two sides of a coin.
they are so used to winner take all and tail i win and head i win..

thanks kak ton for bringing up about malaysiakini....
how about dulu kini dan selamanya..
penciptanya pun dah keluar

zila82 said...

100% unbiased reporting can never be achieved be it MSM or online media. Clearly, th eonline alternative media hss not been fair in their reporting as well, especially so on the govt's side. But whatever it is, there should be a balance, and at one point in time during Tun M's tenure, freedom of press and media is far more restrictive than now. Remember the banning of The Star? And does Opposition news or leaders ever made it to MSM before?

johanna said...

is that a comparison bt Malaysiakini and Star online?

that would be a fair comparison. But not malaysiakini with the Star (newspaper).

i'm sure, even if the star wanted to give a good spread, i think they have space constraints.

the only thing to compare is whether the Star downplayed the event and did not present the news truthfully.

Hi&Lo said...

Am more interested in pedestrian news and their opinion than bigwigs hogging the headlines all the time.