Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Tsk tsk Najib…

How could you be that shallow coming out with that statement?

"The fact that people came, is what that matters, not the numbers, be it 100 or 1 million, The fact that people sacrifice their time to show support is enough! Despite all the threatening measures taken to intimidate the rakyat. That’s how people in the government are, they still think they are invincible,nothing can strike them down. The more arrogant they are, the harder they will fall."- go here (Malaysiakini - report shows how shallow Najib is!).

The blogger was referring to - in case you’vce missed it - the deputy Prime Minister's statement in which he was quoted as saying that the day-long anti oil hike rally as a failure because of the poor turnout. (Here )

“The people did not turn up in the numbers expected. Only the hardcore supporters were there,” he told reporters after launching the Settlers Day celebration at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here today.”

Malaysiakini had on Sunday reported that about 30,000 gathered for the closing of the all-day anti-fuel price hike protest at the Kelana Jaya stadium to hear speeches by top Pakatan leaders. ( Read here and here).

(Alahai, Najib, in the first place you weren’t even there at the rally. Just because the rally did not reach the one million target the organizers had hoped for, doesn’t mean it was unsuccessful, a failure. But for 30,000 people to turn up for the closing of the all-day rally is no small feat. The rally was attended by ordinary Malaysians united in their concern over an issue that affects them. Consider yourself lucky if you could get half the attendance if you were to organise one. But I doubt that you could.)


Anonymous said...

Najis Razak could probably get half.

How? You see, he would probably truck in all the soldiers and their families for a compulsory attendance! Maybe all the National Service trainees would be 'diwajibkan hadir' !!

Thats how Barisan does it! By force and then later trumpet :But I know nothing! Who ordered them'

Like I dont know whos Altantuya? Yeah right!

Karls said...

But admittedly it is true, 30K is a far cry from the 1 million hype that they tried to generate before hand. I think for other observers (ordinary folks, mind u), to be promised a strong 1 million turn-out and then for that promise to fizzle like that..it goes towards the credibility of the claim of that protest. maybe not all are against it? that it makes our market more opened to real competition is a valid ground, after all.

Anonymous said...

Itupun pemuda PAS ditipu untuk hadir, kononya acara tanpa hiburan bertentangan dengan Islam

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kak ton

thinking allowed....

who authorised the usage of C4?
how on earth Altantuya's entry record disappear from immigration's data bank?
how come there's no record when C4 WAS taken out from bilik senjata? sounds like sauk, al maaunah?
how come Mr Baginda has authority over gomen servants/

dinx said...

memang failure lah tu..memang yang hardcore je pergi, yang lain malas nak layan buang masa..bukan mendapat sokongan pun perhimpunan tu..buat membazir duit dan masa dan tenaga je..akhirnya perhimpunan yang konon nak memprotes kenaikan harga minyak jadi macam karnival atau macam fun fair..kelakar dan kesian tengok.. lepas tu ramai yang mengeluh sebab macam tiada demonstrasi sangat, yang hanya ada adalah hiburan dan londehan seluar dari artis yang hadir..kesiannya..biasalah orang2 macam ni, takkan mengaku kekurangan dan kesilapan mereka sendir, mesti ada je cakap2 balas balik nak cover cerita...haha

M.Kate said...

Kak Ton, whatever Najib says nowadays..no one is going to believe him. I think the second SD by Bala was more damaging than the first one. He denied the first SD, whereby with bala's 2nd SD, everyone makes up their mind that he's involved. As for the rally, they are brave people. Our politics has turned into a circus arena, I am so ashamed..imagine the others laughing at us. Meanwhile, many lower income people whom are know are already feeling more than a pinch with the fuel hike and poor economy..and there's a rumour up north that a huge multi-national company relocating, which will cause a lot of jobless people..by the thousands. take care.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,

Most of the UMNO gathering are now being guised under conferences and seminars.....They are given free transportation and at least 4 star lunches to attend. I doubt anybody would bother to show up if they dont do it that way. The allocation of the events are coming from different ministries.

Check out the one that is upcoming under GABEM for the Konvensysen Ekonomi Bumiputera 2008. Look at the list of the speakers. I personally have a lot of bone to pick with a lot of the so called panel of speakers.

They dare to highlight why Malays are laggards while the panel of speakers consist of people like the CEO of TNB who wanted 100% increase in salary. Academician of Universities who are producing non thinking, non articulate graduates. CEO of SME banks whose officers cannot even cannot get bank statements out for audit confirmation for their borrowing customers. CEO of GLCs who delay payment to their bumiputera vendors. The likes of politician who have stripped and plundered distressed assets.

Well the list can go on and on....
Oh yeah...you should go ahead and attend this convention. You know why? Between the opening prime minister and the closing deputy prime minister and the panel of speakers in between, they have plunder our country billions of ringgit and now now trying to tell us how to "Melonjakkan Ekonomi Bumiputera"

Keturunan Sri Jebat

Anonymous said...

The above comment points to the possibility all that have taken place thus far is an attempt to kenakan Najib.

(1) Firstly I dont think Najib would be that stupid to use C4 as the murder tool to kill Altantuya, when he knew very well that C4 is only kept by the army. I think whoever wanted to frame Najib, intentionally use C4 to bomb Altantuya with the hope that people would point their fingers at Najib. C4 could be bought illegally from the black market of Eastern European /Africa /South American countries or even from Mozat/CIA

(2)The SDs etc are clear attempts to link Najib. Firstly, there was direct accusation against Najib in the first SD, then the retarction by Bala is an indirect attempt to kenakan Najib again, as many people would point fingers at Najib. I wonder how much DSAI or PKR had paid Bala?

wanna know said...

anon 4:16:00 PM

My question is: why the pointing of finger at DsAI & PKR?

Doesnt it cross yr mind it could be the work of a third party, someone who would want to kill 2 birds with one stone?

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak ton,
I thought the words look familiar! Thanks a million for picking up my say on Najib and his misconception of the numbers at the rally, and posting it in your blog. What an honour.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Wa alaikum salam tcannie,

I am sorry I wasnt trying to hijack your comment or take credit for it.

If you noticed, I had linked the intro/para to Malaysiakini,

You see I had googled for the report which Najib was quoted as saying that the rally was a flop and I was brought to your site.

You gave the url/link, but when I clicked, it referred to what Najib said. And the intro was different from what you you've downloaded from malaysiakini.

I thought, maybe, Malaysiakini could have deleted the original inro because it wasnt a report as such but but kinda editorialising.

This has been my experience quoting stories online and when you checked back they are no longer there or have been changed.

That is why I would rather copy & paste a full story instead of just of providing the link.

Well I thought I'll just quote the intro and give the link (Malaysiakini's which you had at the top of your page)in my original entry.

I have already rectified it.

Whenever I take excerpts or quotes from other wwebsites, it is my practice to credit them and link them up.

Please accept my humble apology. This incident will make extra careful the next time.

Anonymous said...

Kat Ton,
No No No, you dont need to apologise at all! I wasn't looking for one either. I'm alwys linking this to that ( guess everyone does that. I do.