Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Malaysiakini - Anwar arrested outside his house

1. Anwar being taken to the police HQ 2. Wan Azizah & family arrive at police HQ 3. Supporters protesting

Pic above: courtesy of politickler

Update: 10:00pm
Anwar taken to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) about 8.35pm Wednesday for DNA testing after spending about seven hours at the city police headquarters. The Star

Anwar arrested: Update

Please go to Haris Ibrahim's The People's Parliament: (Here) for the latest on Sdr Anwar.

(Pic right: Courtesy of Haris Ibrahim : A small crowd of supporters outside the IPK, Jalan Hang Tuah)

Malaysiakini breaking news :
Jul 16, 08 1:16pm
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by the police just outside his home in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, at 12.55pm

The de facto PKR leader was on his way back to his house after being questioned by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

A team of police officers were waiting, according to lawyer R Sivarasa.

Anwar was driven away in a 4WD vehicle with tinted windows, escorted by a convoy of 15 patrol cars

Malaysiakini BM version: Anwar ditahan polis bertopeng here

Here's from another source:

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been accused of sodomising a male aide, has been arrested outside his home, his lawyer said Wednesday.

"The police came and took him away," said lawyer Sankara Nair, who said he witnessed the arrest."

He had just arrived home when about 10 officers detained him at the gate of his home," he told AFP.

Nair said the police did not specify what the opposition leader was being charged with, but that he would be taken to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters.Anwar's Keadilan party, which leads a three-member opposition alliance, issued an immediate call for his supporters to rally outside the headquarters in the city's downtown.... more here


wisdomthinker said...

Hello mommy,

Looks like the authorities is starting to take investigation process in his case. The police really is going to make this investigation to complete without any wrong steps and in a swift duration of time.

Hopefully the justice will punish the guilty crimes for their deeds.

an angry rakyat said...

I am just facking angry. The appointment with the police was schedueld for 2pm. Why didi they arrest him before the appointed time.

Kepala bapak depa!

kopub said...

Polis datang jemput dia ke balai polis je kot. Bukan kena heret pun.. sabar laa tunggu, terus2 nak bising kenapa..

sukj said...

A.kum Kak Maria,

1. Pihak pembangkang telah dapat membuktikan harga minyak boleh diturunkan sekurangnya 0.50/ltr.

2. Sepatutnya pihak kerajaan dapat umumkan harga minyak diturunkan dahulu 0.50/ltr hari ini !

3. Kemudian barulah 'sentuh' Anwar Ibrahim.

a rakyat said...

How stupid can they be.

Haa, Anrwar must have scared the shit out of these BN goons after the debate last night.

OMG it's like 1998 revisited.

My prayers you & yr family, DSAI.

Anonymous said...

The manner in which he was arrested by the police, stopping him at a junction near his home in Segambut, bundling him into an unmarked vehicle by balaclava-clad men and then speeding off to the KL police headquarters is abuse of police power.

After all, the appointed interview with the police was at 2pm.

What msg are they sending to the poeple.

They still havent learnt from the debacle of 1998.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,

The arrest is uncalled for and I believe the charge against Bro Anwar is politcally motivated.

Why did the police arrest him before the deadline?

And deploying police from the Unit Tindakan Khas to arrest DSAI. And why did they have mask on?


ellie said...

If the govet thinks this is the ONLY way to deal with Anwar, they are sadly mistaken.

No more a repeat of 1998 tragedy. Nobody deserves to be treated this way! NOBODY!

Hanif said...

Kenapalah bodoh sangat polis nie.

Why the need to intercept his car? What more by masked police from the unit tindakan khas.

It's not going to help their image as a force whose responsibility is to protect the rakyat and maintain peace and order.

Haiyo, it only confirms the public's perception that they are nothing but BIG BULLIES.

Their high-handedness in the way they arrested Anwar yesterday was a blatant act of abuse of power.


maxtor said...

Yang semua pergi bising buat kecoh ramai2 dekat sana tu buat apa. Dia hanya disoal siasat, dia dituduh, ini adalah sebahagian daripada prosedur untuk menyiasat. Kalau sebenarnya dia betul2 buat kesalahan tu, bukan ke naya dekat mangsa tu? Takkan apa2 yang kena dekat Anwar semua tak betul?Kenapa penyokong2 Anwar ni teruk sangat. Cuba bawak2 bersabar tunggu semuanya selesai. Ini je lah jasa Anwar kepada negara, membawa fahaman berdemo dan berkumpul disana sini untuk buat kecoh..