Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wan Azizah files motion of no confidence against PM

Opposition Leader Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail filed an emergency motion of no confidence against Prime Minister at the office of the Dewan Rakyat Speaker at about 3.45pm Thursday.

After filing the motion, she said there would be no voting involved in the process, as Pakatan Rakyat was not seeking a no-confidence vote.

"We are not hoping for a change in the government but to have our voices heard,'' she said at Parliament lobby.

Asked why she was only doing it now, Dr Wan Azizah said because it was because the situation inthe country has worsened.

"This motion is simply to seek a change within the existing situation,'' she said. - the star

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Ronaldino said...

Remember MJ's Man In The Mirror? a change is right there within themselves. Just ask Anwar to get down to proper boring governance work instead of cooking up more drama. This is a waste of the Parliament's time and resource.

wisdomthinker said...

Hello mommy,

Wow. Now its PKR's time to file the motion of no-confidence against the AAB. Just a day after the SAPP started to postpone their action of continuing the no-confidence motion, its a opportunity call for them.

Is this just a gimmick to threaten Najib and AAB position? Its a psychological war to me already.

But, I dont think in this time the motion would make changes for the current situation.

Hakimi said...

Yeah, get down to real work instead of all thise PKR lead dramas