Saturday, 16 August 2008

On the eve of nomination day, Saiful dropped the bombshell…

.. .by swearing on the Quran claiming that he was sodomised by the de facto Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Such perfect timing indeed!

But Saiful - in a press conference held in a hotel after having sworn on the Quran in the Federal Territory Mosque - denied that the timing of his statement was politically motivated, claiming that he was telling the truth.

Appearing for the first time in public since lodging a report on June 28 against Anwar, he said he was not a consenting partner in the alleged crime.

He also said that it was the first time he was sodomised by the former deputy Prime Minister, but refused to answer question on how many times he was sodomised. (Didn’t he say that he had been sodomised several times? )

“It’s a politicall gimmick,” Anwar responded when told of Saiful ‘s religious oath. ( Malaysiakini - Anwar questions accuser's timing.)

“One day after the Election Commission (EC) announced the date for the Permatang Pauh by-election they charged me in court for consensual.

"Now, on the eve of nominations for, this guy is swearing on the Quran. What is the motive for all this?" exclaimed Anwar.

According to Anwar, this is nothing more than a ‘dirty trick’ by Umno and goes to show that they are desperate.

The EC announced on Aug 6 that nominations for the Permatang Pauh by-election would be held tomorrow.

Below is an excerpt from Malaysiakini

Saiful's bombshell

This evening, Saiful dropped a bombshell on his former employer when he surprised everyone by taking a religious oath.

After declaring the authenticity of his allegations in the mosque, the former PKR volunteer proceeded to give his first press conference in a hotel at Jalan Ipoh.

Flanked by his father and lawyer, Saiful said that the timing of his "revelations and oath-taking" was not politically motivated and that it was his own undertaking.

He also said it was a coincidence that he was making this revelations one day before the nominations for the by-election.
And here are the questions posed to Saiful and his answers during the press conference.

Saiful: Sodomy wasn't consensual

Who witnessed the oath-taking at the mosque?
Saiful's lawyer Zamri: All the FT Mosque imams.

Where have you been hiding all this time?
Saiful: I've not been hiding but I was quietly gathering enough courage to answer all the allegations against me, especially by Anwar Ibrahim.

Why did you pick today and the FT Mosque?
I've been intending to do this for some time now but it needs mental and spiritual strength as taking an oath is not something trivial or easy. The consequences can be very dire in the eyes of God. Nevertheless, Allah has given me the strength to take the oath today.

Is it because tomorrow is the nomination date for Permatang Pauh by-election?

How do you feel after taking your oath?
I feel relieved and for the first time, I feel that I've been given the strength by Allah to face reporters.

Was it consensual?
I wish to stress here that it was done without my consent.

Do you intend to campaign in Permatang Pauh?
This is not a political matter, it is a private matter between me and Anwar Ibrahim.

Are the allegations you've made against Anwar frivolous?
Everything happened without my consent.

Some people have said that you were sodomised more than once?
I will answer that in court later.

Were you examined at Hospital Pusrawi?
I will answer that in court later.

Why did you go to Hospital Pusrawi first?
I will answer that in court later.

You did go to Hospital Pusrawi, right?
I will answer that in court later. I'm not like Anwar Ibrahim and do not wish to conduct a trial by media. I will give my statement in court and cooperate with them later.

Is this the first time you have been sodomised?
Yes, first time.

The timing of your swearing is very close to the nomination date for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Please explain.
It's all a coincidence. We don't know that Anwar is going to contest and I wish to stress here that I need strength and God has given it to me now. It so happens that it is Friday today. (We/he didn’t know? Liar! Didn't you wish him 'good luck' in your blog on Aug 1st? 'Kepada DSAI, saya mengucapkan selamat bertanding! ' Read here and here).

Were you ever in love with Anwar?

Have you made a police report and can we have a copy of it?
I made the police report at 5.30pm but at 6.30pm it's already everywhere via the SMS and Internet. I wrote the police report myself.

How many times and why did you go and see Najib Abdul Razak?
I will answer that in court later.

Read also: Malaysiakini's Hadi: Saiful's swearing a stupid act here.

(This is an act of sheer desperation. How low can they go? Using virtually every trick to stop Anwar from contesting the by-election. Saiful, you’re a downright liar. Stop invoking the name of Allah. You are making a mockery of Islam. You got the strength from the people who are giving you protection lah. This whole episode is a private matter between you and Anwar, you said. Then why the hell did you tell the whole world (and blogged about it too) that your butt had been poked? Moron!)


Tony said...

Rather than castigating the poor fellow, this is actually a grand opportunity for anwar to gain more votes.

Once anwar swears back in the retaliatory mubahalah instigated by this pesky youth, all Muslims will have no doubt anymore of his innocence as well as gain anwar the high moral ground. The people will then see that this is all truly a conspiracy against anwar.

The final advantage for anwar once he has sworn his side of the challenge is that whatever devilish judgment will be made by the spurious courts when this thing goea to trial, the people will all know for sure anwar definitely didnt sodomize saiful since he went and performed the retaliatory challenge. As I said, this non-event is actually working in favor of anwar.

Anonymous said...

So lightning will strike Saiful?

Still doubt Anwar will do the same. And Anwar still failed to proof his innocence in the 98 saga. Where were all his facts?

And the death threat claimed by Anwar? The timing was convenient too. And we all know there was no death threat. Anwar is a Liar too? NO?


artic turban said...

what an insult to ISLAM, when there is already a doctors document saying the contrary. well it is between Saifool and his god, if he wishes to lie and swear on the holies of holiest it him who shall face the consequences, anway I may not be muslim, but even to swear figuratively, I am very afraid, this is a lost soul, he has lost all credibility by swearing, why, well than why go through all the hassle of going to doctor, police reports, dpm's house to
hold hands/get scholarships, why take more than one month to swear, this goes to show how low they are willing to go. I feel sorry for this person who professes to be a muslim.

IBU said...

These days, there are plenty of Muslims who tend to believe statutory declarations more than the swearing by Quran in the name of Allah.

People will pick and choose to fit and fulfill their prophecies.

Beh Kian Siaw said...

The police charged Anwar for having consensual sodomy with Saiful, and now Saiful said Anwar did it without his consent. So the case is closed: no sodomy.

By common sense and the so-called natural adult sexual experience, it is impossible to enter a man's anus without his full consent unless, by common sense again, the man is unconscious or physically handicapped. Since Saiful looks physically healthy and was still a virgin until it was robbed by Anwar (as he implied in the latest press conference), lots of lubricant and patience are needed for such an act to materialize. Would he let Anwar to do all these without his consent and full cooperation, and was physically unhurt(at least the medical report said so) after the act? On 28 June 2008, he told Dr Osman that he suffered discomfort in the bowel for about a week, probably implying that it was caused by the alleged sodomy Anwar had on him. He also said Anwar did that on him on the 26th, hardly 48 hours before he went to see the doctor. How did the bowel discomfort that started 7 days ago relate to the 2-day-old sodomy? In addition, Anwar must have a micro penis which left Saiful's butt practically unexplored as deducible from Dr Osman's medical report. Mind you that Anwar has six children!

With such intelligence, no wonder Saiful was said to be a university drop out for a few times.

Saiful also lied blatantly when he said that he knew nothing about Anwar in the Permatang Pauh by-election. How did he know that Anwar had made 'accusations' on him while he seemed to know so little about Anwar's recent business? He must be blind and deaf besides illiterate as he always has been.

Elviza said...

Kak Ton, I actually laughed reading the Q of "were you in love with Anwar?"

Oh God, these people have disconcerted point of view on love. It turns me off somehow

Anonymous said...

Saya ingin mendengar sumpah ini,daripada Pemimpin UMNO, terutama dari Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Najib Tun Razak.

Dengan ini sesungguhnya dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang berikrar dan bersumpah seperti berikut:

A’uzubilahiminasyaitanirrajim. Bismillahirrahman nirrahim. Wallahi…Wabillahi….Wata’alahi. Saya bersumpah bahawa saya, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,Perdana Menteri malaysia /saya Najib Razak Timbalan Perdana Menteri malaysia,semasa memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan, tidak pernah terlibat dengan Rasuah dan Maksiat iaitu Jika saya berdusta, atas pengakuan ini, maka saya berdusta terhadap Allah dan saya sanggup menerima azab, laknat dan kutukan daripada Allah hingga ke kiamat. Wallahualam.


Anonymous said...


cant agree with you more. a pawn in the political game and he comes out smelling terrible.
seriously, i dont know how he faces God daily with this bucket of lies.

Concerned Malaysian said...

I opioned that there is no need to do this swearing if one truly respect the religion. Even if it is true, Allah knows. It is really sad to see you dragging your family, generation who has nothing to do with the sodomy into the curse. Allah is All Mighty, HE will not punish the innocent one .... not your family and generation!! Be sensible and have strength to overcome this as it is a Keujian from Allah.... Both you and DSAI .... Bertaubat to Allah and stop belittling the Holy ISLAM!!

Ultraman said...

What IF, Anwar is indeed the SODOMIST?

Not possible?
why not?

alang said...

Apalah gunakan nama Allah SWT yang Maha Suci.

Tapi kami tahu yang engkau, saiful telah bohong.

Terlalu banyak contradictions.

Dan soalan yang mudah pun tak mahu jawap, asyik,asyik kata nanti beritahu dalam mahkamah.

Kalau dah bersumpah atas Quran di dalam masjid dan ingin menunjukkan kebenaran, kenapa tak boleh jawab pula?

Ini mesti dapat "nasihat" dari kuasa "tertentu" di dalam Umno. Tolonglah kami bukan se bodoh Saiful.

So dont insult our intelligence.

Shiok Guy said...

in the swearing process, saiful cannot even remember the date by hard.. he mentioned 26 August.. which is the by-election day.. may be his mind if pre-occupied by the by election day!

Saiful Sodomized On By-election day, 26 August 2008

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

" The timing of your swearing is very close to the nomination date for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Please explain.
It's all a coincidence. We don't know that Anwar is going to contest and I wish to stress here that I need strength and God has given it to me now. It so happens that it is Friday today. (We/he didn’t know? Liar! ). "

I believe he said about the police report on 28 june, not about the swearing.


Anonymous said...

He will be required to Swear on the Koran IN COURT During The Hearing on this Sodomy Case, that he is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

However he insist on Swearing IN PUBLIC before the hearing and in front of the Camera and Jounalists to coincide with Anwar's Nomination Day....

What does that tell you??

Shame on you Najib!!


Anonymous said...

Saifool is fooling us can't even protect your own ass,you as a genuine man, now tell me how can you protect your wife? even your wife a mere woman will fight to protect her honour violently and not be easily taken advantaged of.

Senang2 aje kasi orang tua bantai belakang. Sekarang semua orang tahu kalau nak SENANG main belakang...cari SAIFOOL dia tidak akan melawan!!

Dia ingat kita semua bodoh nak mampos macam pak lah ke? mintak2 dalam berapa hari ni...dia terus bertukar jadi katak ke atau berok...kalau boleh muka terus bertukar jadi Najib.

Francis said...

PAS leader slam Sinful

IPOH, Aug 16 — Coming to the defence of their main ally, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today charged that to accuse Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy by swearing on the Quran is not only stupid but politically motivated.

Casting the matter in a religious light, he said Anwar’s accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s oath on the Quran was stupid because such an act could only be done by a husband or wife to accuse either one in an adultery case, referred to as li’an.

"In the case of sodomy, there is no such thing as a marriage. Therefore the swearing on the Quran cannot be done," Hadi told a press conference at the sidelines of the Pas general assembly here today.

He also said it was politically motivated because it was done a day before the nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-election where Anwar is involved in a three-cornered contest that is his ticket to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional government and seize power by his self-imposed Sept 16 deadline.

"No doubt it is motivated by dirty and immoral politics," Hadi said, reiterating his belief that Anwar did not commit sodomy. Police have charged Anwar for the offence and his case will be mentioned on Sept 10.

Hadi reiterated his proposal that the case should be referred to the syariah court. Anwar has sued Saiful for defamation and slander in both the civil and syariah courts but has refused to take an oath on the Quran. Pas leaders say Anwar should not do so to prove his innocence.

Last night, Pas deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din also claimed that it was a politically motivated move, done in less than 24 hours before the by-election nomination this morning.

He said Saiful did not have to resort to the Quran as he should only bring four witnesses to prove that sodomy had taken place.

"If the accuser fails to provide the witnesses in the syariah court then his allegation is false and he should be punished by 80 strokes of the rotan according to Islamic law," said the religious scholar at a Pas forum here.

Anonymous said...

Ini dah menjadi antara Saiful dan Allah SWT.

Kita tidak perlu menuduh syak wasangka kepada sesiapa tanpa bukti kerana ianya akan berupa fitnah.

Jika Anwar benar, dia harus lebih berani, malangnya Anwar tidak bercadang menyahut cabaran seperti biasa. Sebaliknya seperti selalu, memberi berbagai alasan, gimik dan sebagainya.

Apa yang pasti, GIMIK terbesar ialah ketika Anwar menyembunyikan diri di kedutaan Turki atas alasan ada ancaman bunuh yang sehingga kini tiada kesahihan. Siapa menipu?


Anonymous said...

Woi saiful, jangan engko gunakan Islam untuk tujuan politik. Nanti dilaknati Allah baru hang tau.

Engko telah mengangkat sumpah menggunkan Al Quran yang suci tapi ketikan disoal dalam wawancara tdak mahu menjawab soalan berkaitan dengan Najib. Kenapa?

Upacara mengangkat sumpah sehari sebelum penamaan calon di permatang pauh berbau motif politik sebagai satu percubaan supaya penggundi Islam/Melayu di kawasan tersebut percaya bahawa DSAI melakukan tuduhan liwat.


Anonymous said...

Macam ini pun bolehkah, macam mana nak percaya orang sinfool ini kalau dia bersumpah atas quran, dan tengah jam kemudian dia bertipu mengatakan dia tidak tahu mengenai percalonan anwar do PP, bodoh sungguh orang ini, THIS IS THE NET RESULT OF our future umno leaders, even religion is not spared, so how to believe the umno people if they don't even respect their own religion, SO WHAT IS ALL THIS RUBBISH TALK ABOUT, "SEGI BANGSA, AGAMA DAN KETUANAN MELAYU", IS THIS THE exemplery example of the nett product of BTN, can swear on the quran. This is a shamefull & sad day for all Malaysian Muslims, especially all the IMAMS who allowed this swearing to take place, these has tarnished the image of ISLAM, as we all know this is politically motivated, ISN'T ANYTHING HOLY ANYMORE. UMNO has NO MORE MORAL HIGHGROUND to stand on, IS THIS the way of the hadharians, than evan me as a non muslim say, they are praying to false prophets. PM BADAWI AND THE UMNO CABINET HAS really tarnished THE ISLAMIC RELIGION WITH THESE SHENANIGANS. From today when any muslim leader of umno denomination claims to represent the muslims in Malaysia, I SAY TO YOU SIR/s and Madams, you are not muslims but kafirs.
Qur'an 4:142 "Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah. He shall retaliate by deceiving them."
Bukhari:V7B71N661 "Magic was worked on Allah's Apostle and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done."

Anonymous said...

O this Saiful the cesspool,
Thou art a bag full of scum and muck!
What a blight to thime religion!
And thou would even call the curse upon thy offspring in thy abominable lies. Even dogs would do no such thing.

Anonymous said...

For Muslims in this country this is my request!
More and more people seem to be exploiting religion to gain publicity and trust with Malaysian Muslims. It's time for Muslims to come strongly against such cheap attempt of these creatures.
Just because "GOd is all Merciful" anyone could do anything including swearing on Koran to only ask for forgiveness later, right at his favorite Mecca after collecting enough rewards for "lying on Koran"


Makan said...

"Bahawa Dengan nama Allah saya bersumpah saya tidak
melakukan perbuatan terkutuk ifu. Dan ini semua adalah fitnah
dan tohmahan jahat untuk terus menghina dan mengaibkan
Seisikeluarga Saya" - Batu Pahat, Johor Darul Takzim 19 September 1998
_petikan dari cover BUKU SUMPAH dan AIR MATA Reformis Bangsa oleh Mohd sayuti Omar
terbitan tinta merah Kuala Lumpur 1958.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Saifool had sinned one way or another...........either if he has really been screwed & did not fight back or he just outright lied / 'fitnah'his former boss. Either way, be 'roasted' in hell!

Anyway, mankind has a history of killing each other because of race & religion (money is the modern evil).

Honestly, i dont give a damn even if my PM is a gay, that is his personal life. As long he lead the country out of this shit hole!

Kunta Kinte

Anonymous said...

How come did Aunty Pet was not at the mosque to accompany Seefat (Shaifool)? Kinda miss her..........with her better chance la!

polis pantai said...

Mana kita tahu yang dia ni menipu ke atau sebenarnya dia tidak menipu. Semua bercakap melalui pendapat tanpa seorang pun betul2 tahu. Pasal timing ke apa semua tu, tak bermakna apa2 pun, kalau betul nak digunakan untuk menjatuhkan Anwar, buat bila2 pun sama je, buat benda tu lepas dia repot polis pun kesan sama je. Anwar pandai mainkan benda ni supaya nampak yang semua ni konspirasi.