Monday, 18 August 2008

Pak lah says it again: Saiful is a victim, who’s seeking justice, so leave him alone

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants all parties to leave Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan alone following the religious oath the latter took by swearing on the holy Quran on Friday - on the eve of the nomination for the Permatang Pauh by-election - that he was sodomised by de facto PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Pak Lah was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini that Saiful is seeking justice because he is a victim and should be admired for his courage to do so.

“Instead of criticising the manner he had performed the swearing, one should admire his courage to do so.

"One should question the accused instead, not the accuser," said the Umno president during his first visit on campaign to Permatang Pauh yesterday.

Abdullah's visit to Permatang Pauh today indicated BN's need to bring in all their big guns to ensure victory.

He is also the member of parliament for the neighbouring Kepala Batas constituency.Meanwhile a quick survey in the constituency revealed that the sodomy saga had minimal impact on voters.

Like the pre-Quran swearing period, persistent rumours are widespread now
that pictures revealing ‘Anwar-Saiful' intimacy would be out soon.

Local Umno leaders however are worried that BN candidate Arif Shah OmarShah would face the wrath of voters' backlash if the saga dragged on.

The government is firm in portraying Saiful, the young aide, as the victim. In an interview last month with The Associated Press (AP), Abdullah denied any conspiracy.

"The aide "needs justice," Abdullah said. "That is what he is crying for. We cannot ignore that."

Interesting read; On Intentions here and This whole mubahala thing here by Sakmongkol AK 47 and Sai-full of lies by Haris Ibrahim

(I saw Pak Lah spoke on TV3 last night. He was looking down most of the time and his body language gave the impression that he wasn't convinced of what he was saying. Well...that was my perception. But certainly you know which side he is on.)


zila82 said...

kak maria, pity pak lah. he is not involved in all this conspiracy whatever. The wartawan also maybe should ask more relevant quesions because how is pak lah related to saiful case? The best person to answr all this shud be najib. if najib involved, totally different story

RibutTaufan said...

he just wants this case to be seen and weigthed by the rakyat in every angle. Well, if the sex is consensues as claimed then both party are subjected to explaination but it's not fair to blame Pak Lah about this matter when it has nothing to do with him from the 1st place.

Anonymous said...

I got this from

"Leave Saiful alone?
Because he is the accuser and not the accused?
Are you saying the way our society understands justice and the way our judicial system is set up dictates that the accused should be the one bearing the burden of proof of his innocence? That is, instead of the accuser bearing the burden and scrutiny of proving the accused guilty?

You, sir, better recheck your statement lest you want to put your foot in your mouth by illustrating what you TRULY think of justice while masquerading as a "reformer" of the judicial system.

Besides, if I were to play along with your logic, it would be unfair to Anwar if we stop questioning Shitful. Anwar has ACCUSED (therefore being the accusER) Shitful (the accusED) of lieing in Shariah Court.

So if Pak Lah really wants to prove HIS own innocence in the matter, namely that he does not have any vested interest in the case and not the one orchestrating it, he should also come out with the statement of "Leave Anwar alone"

Anonymous said...

if pak lah got nothing to do with this guy, why even bother to pass all the remarks... why is he keep harping that he is a VICTIM?

not sure about you guy but i do know the pm is a compulsive liar...!

never be taken by he pretentious look... still water runneth deep!

c-aser said...

How can everyone has all the ideas to connect each issue to Pak Lah? Speculations that most of you made should atleast prove with evidence, not just a simple gesture movements to prove his involvement to the case related. This is a ridiculous accusation.

suci yanpa was was said...

Anwar is the offender.Saiful is the victim.Saiful said its personal and he seeks justice from god.Logically anwar should be worried and should swear immediately.Surprisingly it is Saiful escorted by the jejak kasih father puts himself in a position to clear his image, whereas he is victim of poking without consent.
kak ton just wondering, anyone in bolehland born, comes out from anus.thats why we have droppings everywhere.
Kak ton just wondering anyone born

Anonymous said...

Aah... his eyes looked its a conspiracy lar...

What else?

Why not question the most intriguing matter that Anwar refused to perform Oath.

Maybe RPK can help him instead to draft another fake SD.


Hi&Lo said...

Why Saiful bersumpah before the court process takes place? He was not confident the courts would rule his way?

Anonymous said...

What is the difficulty on having an elected group of independent specialist doctor and have saifool's re-examined??


Lee said...

Swearing on the Holy Book doesn't prove that he is not a liar!Hundreds of thousands of peoples swear on the Holy Book, either the Holy Bible or the Holy Koran, in the court of law, any yet they are covicted!Saiful should go to the Syariah Court to prove that he is not a liar.It is that simple!

Anonymous said...

PM kita ni diam-diam berisi,tidor-tidor bermimpi,pandang-pandang ada hati,lurus-lurus mungkin berkonspirasi.

Alang said...

Anon 5:00PM (MM)

Obviously your comment was meant for Tok Mommy.

She didnt say it was a conspiracy.

All she said was that:from his demeanour, Pak Lah did not look as if he was convinced of what he was saying.

I also watched the TV3 8pm news last night. I had the same impression - rightly or wrongly.

telur dua said...

"The aide needs justice," Abdullah said. "That is what he is crying for. We cannot ignore that."

The Hindraf 5 are also crying for justice. Why are they locked away without trial? Why are you ignoring them?

Woi, Encik, be consistent lah.

Ghifari X said...

That is the last straw- what happen to this man they call PakLah or Abd A Bababi, he's that stupid? Right now I am cursing the dignity left of this man - be there any left. One man can't be so retarded yet occupy the highest office in the Land- I taught this only happened in the US and Egypt. What about innocent until proven guilty. please la- anything about AA Bababi isn't news so just don't mention this disgrace in the future. Shhhhit!

Anonymous said...

This ia perversion of justice. Badawi as PM has essentially told the courts that Anwar is guilty and Saiful is a victim. Then again who are we kidding here? Of course its a perversion of justice. Malaysia only has kangaroo courts. This is alreday proven by the VK Lingam video. Can't wait for Pak "Be"lah to finally "Be"lah together with his "I didnt screw Ataltunya" deputy.

Labu said...

Yah..Tok Mommy,

As you repeteadly highlighted that you are able to read abstract things, to make conclusion based on perception, to judge people by their looks, to vote them based on favouritism,

I am so delighted to appoint you as my lawyer.....!!hehe

Anonymous said...

its amazing, lots of people could be so easily be hood-winked by that kaki-tidur, kaki-temberang & his i-did-not-sodomise-altantuya side-kick.

so the petrol down by 50-55 sen on the eve of the by-election ke?

pkr response - besok kita bentuk kerajaan, rm1 kita kasi turun...

ketam said...

Anwar si pengkhianat bangsa Melayu dan Islam sekali lagi menghina dan memcerca bangsa Melayu sebagai bodoh. Sila baca artikel yang ditulis oleh RPK botak yang tiada otak dalam MalaysiaNoday mengenai kenyataan Anwar anak Ibrahim.

Siapa sebenarnya bodoh? Yang pasti ialah Anwar Ibrahim kerana dia masuk UM dulu dengan hanya mendapat 1 prinsipal sahaja. Walaupun Anwar ini bodoh tetapi kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, dia dapat juga masuk UM walaupun hanya dapat mengikuti kursus yang paling mudah di UM iaitu Pengajian Melayu. Walaupun mengikuti kursus yang mudah, kerana kebodohannya, Anwar tetap gagal pada tahun pertama.

Sekali lagi kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, Anwar diberi peluang untuk “repeat’ di UM. Tetapi, pada hari ini Anwar anak Ibrahim ini begitu lantang mempersoalkan hak keistimewaan Melayu yang pernah membantunya mendapatkan segulung ijazah yang sekadar “General Degree” iaitu ijazah paling rendah tarafnya kerana kebodohan Anwar. Jika tidak Anwar anak Ibrahim ini hanya seorang lepasan STPM sahaja. Manusia yang mungkin menjadi pemandu kereta taukeh-taukeh bukan Melayu.

Jika dia tidak dapat masuk UM kerana hak keistimewaan Melayu, maka dia tidak dapat menjadi wakil pelajar dan dikenali ramai termasuk oleh Tun Mahathir yang mengangkatnya naik menjadi seorang pemimpin. Tetapi, hari ini kita melihat si tanggang bodoh bernama Anwar anak Ibrahim ini sanggup menghina dan mengkeji bangsa Melayu Islam semata-mata inginkan kuasa dunia.

surfer said...

This I got from Justice For All who wrote to Malaysiakini:

Another stunning fumble by the prime minister and more proof that he lacks even the basic virtues that a few thought he had. He has contravened basic human and Islamic principles that anyone accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called Saiful a ‘victim’, even though the court has not even begun hearing this case. So far, the only victim has been Anwar Ibrahim and his family.

PM told us that the boy (Saiful) is seeking justice - how does he do it? By swearing on the Quran (though I thought in Islam we are ONLY allowed to swear by Allah) on the eve of nomination day and one and a half months after the alleged sodomy took place?

PM told us that Saiful is being courageous. Really? By refusing to answer questions on Dr Osman's report, on his connections with Najib and Rosmah and his meetings with senior police officers before the so-called ‘sodomy’? That is courage to the Prime Minister?

The PM’s behaviour is embarrassing to all Malaysians, and his ethical and moral fiber is simply non-existent.

hashim said...


Why condemned Pak Lah for Anwar personal affair. Please lah, Pak Lah is the one who consented on the release of Anwar for him to get treatment overseas and in fact the passport for Anwar was hand delivered by KJ himself.

I thought you are liberal in your thinking and quite rational in your thinking.

Frankly, I formerly worked for Phileo Allied Bank, owned by Anwar proxy-fund manager Tong Kooi Ong. I knew who Anwar was then 1998- he is the economic hitman for CIA. Please asked Datuk Murad Khalid...

Please checked with ex college (MCKK) who is Anwar, what is his sexual priorities?

Kak, sorry to say, Datuk Nalla kata walupun dia umpan perempuan dekat Anwar tetapi Anwar kurang minat....., Anwar prefers ......

Jadi, tolonglah jangan taksub dengan Anwar.., kalau jumpa ular dengan Anwar biarlah kita lari dari dari Anwar, kesian Datin Wan Azizah dengan anak-anak nya.

Anonymous said...

Tok Mommy,

Can someone defend Anwar's refusal to recite the oath?

Based on Harun Din's statement, what saiful did was correct,

Saiful is the one accused by Anwar (of presumably fitnah,)
and rightly for Saiful to swear to defend himself ( from the presumably fitnah from Anwar)

Why wouldnt Anwar respond? All he need to say is in the name of Allah. Even the Quran is not necessary.

What kind of manipulation can there be?
Similar to comments made by PAS leaders?
I'm sure PAS, claimed to be more Islamic than UMNO, will respond in favour of Anwar.

Anwar's excuse is so lame.

Why can't you blog on this Tok Mommy?


maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Dear MM (anonymous 6:55PM)

Can someone defend Anwar's refusal to recite the oath?

Based on Harun Din's statement, what saiful did was correct,

But I thought this is what Harun said:

Pas deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din echoed Abdul Hadi's sentiments, saying there was no such thing as swearing on the Quran and doing it in the mosque.

In any case, he said Mohd Saiful's actions were odd as it was usually the accused, and not the accuser who should do it.,

Anwar's excuse is so lame.
Well, you are entitled to yr opinion.

Why can't you blog on this Tok Mommy?
Do you have a blog of your own? If you do, why don’t you blog about it. In case you don’t have, then start one. 

Anonymous said...

Tok Mommy,

I knew what Harun Din meant. Just twisting on the other perspective. ie, looking from Saiful's position.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes Saiful is a victim. Ataltunya was not a victim. She deserved to be raped and murdered and her body blown to pieces to cover up the true indentify of her baby. Doesn't matter if the baby belongs to Najib or Agung or Satan. She deserved her death while poor old Saiful was raped by a 65 year old man with severe disk herenation. Anwar is such a strong man that a well built Malay adult cannot stop him from sticking it in his ass.