Friday, 8 August 2008

If you want to know the latest on Pak Bakaq's arrest...

Update 3 at 9:00pm: Bakaq released! Abu Bakar Mohd Rashid, 50, who runs the blog Penarik Beca, has been released by the police. He walked out of the CCID hq in KL about 5.30pm, nearly 40 hours after he had been picked up from his home on Wednesday night. Read here

Update 2
at 3.36pm:
Pak Bakaq to be released at 4pm! according to (Nat Tan) here .

Update 1
: Read Rocky'sbru take
Bloggers Arrestd for doing a doggy (here).

Earlier posting:
Please go to Nathaniel Tan's blog and read his entry "The cause of Pak Bakaq's arrest...".

Below is an excerpt taken from Nat's blog.

Update 12pm: I’m not 101% sure this is the right thing to do, but I found the image for which Pak Bakaq was reportedly arrested on this post. I was a bit suspicious because it apparently appeared earlier on this earlier post, but has since been deleted. However, the first image I came across was hosted on blogspot (presumably Pak Bakaq’s?) and the second on Photobucket.

Read the content of the article. It’s hard not to suspect that there was some vengeful motive on the part of the cops, as Pak Bakaq was speaking out strongly against corruption in the force, and collusion between its top brass and known gangsters.

In fact, Pak Bakaq seemed to be quoting Raja Petra a lot - who has taken up this particular gauntlet of exposing police corruption many a time. Looks like since Raja Petra was already under considerable fire, they maybe wanted to unleash their frustrations against someone else.

The exposes dealt extensively with exactly the type of corruption scandals that has recently featured on the front pages: multi-billion ringgit deals involving the police and very sketchy elements (like BK Tan, Israeli security forces, etc), over communications and IT “upgrades” for the cops. To continue, click here .

I missed a Bernama report whcih was put up by the National News Agency earlier. Click here.

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