Sunday, 24 February 2008

It's ' Nomination Day today...

...candidates contesting in the March 8 general election will be trooping to the 222 nomination centres throughout the country accompanied by their respective supporters this morning to submit their papers.

They will be vying for 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats.

The candidates will be given one hour (9-10am) to submit their nomination papers. There will be an hour of objection period before returning officers announce the candidates for the respective constituencies.

For the first time, all election candidates must pay stamp duty on their application forms to contest, a ruling announced by Election Commission (EC) on Thursday Feb. 21 . (read the angry reaction here and EC 's explanation here)

At total of 10,922,139 electorates, including 221,085 postal voters, are eligible to vote for their representatives from the various political parties that will later form the federal and state governments..

The Parliament has 219 seats prior to the dissolution - three new parliamentary seats have been added in this general election (Igan, Sibuti and Limbangl in Sarawak) following the redelinenation of the state's electoral boundaries.

Campaigning period has been extended to 13 days from the previous 10, beginning today (Sunday) until 12 midnight on March 7.


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