Thursday, 21 February 2008

S. Vellu to defend his Sungei Siput Seat

Nope, he aint going anywhere. In fact, he's staying put. The MIC President is contesting in the general election to defend his Sungei Siput Parliamentary seat for a ninth term.

And Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is not afraid of any challenges because he has seen tougher fights in his long political career.

Samy Vellu is also confident of the continued support of the Indian community for the MIC “because they realised that they needed a representation in the government.”

He said this at a press conference yesterday to announce the MIC list of candidates for both the Parliamentary and State seats in the Marh 8 General Election.

“I think the Indians may not like me now. That is why I thought if I go maybe they give better support to BN, I take it that way. I know the Indians don’t like me now ... so let us see.”

On the effects of the recent Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rallies, he said they knew how to talk to Indian voters who now realised they had been misled with promises like getting RM1 million.

“Many people thought if they keep supporting them (Hindraf) they might get RM1 million. The RM1 million made a big swing. I also can say if you support me I can give you RM2 million, but that’s not what we want to do. In any case, the BN government has promised many things, it will be done, it is being done.”

On the MIC candidate list, two of its nine incumbent members of parliament have been dropped while 13 new faces will be contesting in the 19 state assembly seats in the general election.

Subang MP and vice-president Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar was dropped to pave the way for Shah Alam division youth chief and Central Working Committee (CWC) member S. Murugesan to vie for the urban seat.

Another vice-president and Tapah MP Datuk S. Veerasingam would be moved back to his previous Sungkai state seat in Perak.His Tapah seat goes to MIC information chief Datuk M. Saravanan.

His Tapah seat goes to MIC information chief Datuk M. Saravanan.

MIC would swap the Ijok state seat in Selangor with Bukit Melawati with Umno.

Other MPs retained are deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel (Hulu Selangor), vice-president Datuk S. Sothinathan (Teluk Kemang), secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam (Segamat), Wanita MIC chief Datin Paduka Komala Krishnamoorthy (Kapar) and MIC Youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran (Kota Raja).

Read What Samy said two days ago: here


Anonymous said...

19 new faces but they come from the same bottle - MIC.

New blood or tainted blood? Doesnt much much difference, anyway, when it is nothing more than recycled products.

Anonymous said...

What changes in MIC ? They're all the same old people, two dropped out of 9 incumbents for Parliamentary seats. No big deal.

So what changes are Samy talking about?