Wednesday, 27 February 2008

PKR Promises "A New Dawn for Malaysia" and DAP says "Just Change it"

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has unveiled a five-point manifesto that promises, among others a vibrant economy, safer streets, a more affordable living and better education for all.

The manifesto, A New Dawn for Malaysia, pledges to:

* Make Malaysia a truly constitutional state for all, guaranteeing basic human rights, rule of law and an independent judiciary.

* Create a vibrant economy for all, eliminating discriminatory policies, corruption and wastage.

* Make the streets and neighbourhoods of Malaysia safer for all, through creating a professional and neutral police force.

* Make Malaysia more affordable for all, by lowering petrol prices, ensuring tolls and tariffs will never be raised unreasonably and by other policies.

* Increase the standard of Malaysian education for all, including higher salaries for educators.

PKR also promised to implement a minimum wage of RM1,500 in the manifesto launched by its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday.

Perhaps the boldest proclamation was the PKR’s desire to implement affirmative action based on poverty line and not race.

"Just Change It" or Jom Ubah is the slogan of DAP's eight- point manifesto launched yesterday in Penang by the party's secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Safer streets, better living standards, quality education, healthy environment, cleaner water and transparent government - these are some of DAP's promises should it be elected government

The manifesto also promises democracy and freedom and a “Malaysian First” economic policy.

Denying that its plan was similar to PAS’s welfare state proposal, Lim said it was a serampang dua mata (two-pronged approach) solution.

It will set up an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission and also set up an independent anti-corruption agency to fight graft and an independent judicial commission to ensure integrity in the judiciary.

Lim said the election is not about the candidates. It is about the voters.

"Help us deny Barisan Nasional a two-third majority and we will take care of you.”

He is contesting the Bagan parliamentary seat in Seberang Prai and the Air Puteh state seat on the island.

The choice is yours, people. The future of the country is in your hands. So vote wisely, come March 8!

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warrior2 said...

Pls enlughtened me. The manisfesto promises many things IF they are elected as Government.

At the same time, DAP has said, even repeated in this post, they want to deny 2/3 majority.

I am in need of explaination.

J.T. said...

Every politician makes promises. Whether they live up to it is yet to be seen. From what I can see, current situations aren't exactly blissful. So, why not? We could give the other side a chance to proof what they can do for the country and the people. We desperately need better conditions for all its people and not just the chosen few.

warrior2 said...

My point being... how is it that when you only want to deny 2/3 majority but at the same time your manifesto spells things which will be carried put as a govt, isnt that a contradiction and odd? To me, if you are only aiming of denying 2/3 majrity, your manifesto should reflect and be within that context!

So, to get votes, they will say just anything!

Anonymous said...


So, to get votes, they will say just anything!

The same goes for other political parties, the BN included!

You dont believe them, dont vote for them. It is as simple as that.

So what's your problem?

小针 said...

"2nd Deputy Prime Minister" Petition:

Anonymous said...

小针 ...

What the fark are you talking about?

A second DPM whatever for?