Wednesday, 13 February 2008

PM to announce elections

He aint called a flip-flop Prime Minister for nothing.

Read what he said yesterday here. And now this

Parliament Dissolved Today For 12th General

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 13 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced the dissolution of Parliament to pave the way for the 12th general election.

The announcement was made at a media conference at his office here and telecast live on RTM1 at noon. The prime minister also advised all the state governments, except Sarawak, to dissolve their state assemblies to enable the state elections to be held simultaneously.

Earlier story:
And here is AP's story carried by the Star about 20 minutes ago

Wednesday February 13, 2008MYT 12:12:41 PM
PM calls news conference, expected to announce elections

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called an unscheduled news conference Wednesday, intensifying speculation that he will dissolve Parliament and announce the general election.

National news agency Bernama issued an "urgent note to editors'' informing them about a news conference by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at 12:30pm.

Abdullah's five-year mandate runs through mid-2009, but he can ask the king, the constitutional monarch, to dissolve Parliament before the period has expired. More here


Anonymous said...

Flip flop = selipar jepun.

Enough said. Nanti kena saman.

Anonymous said...

i say keep BN (coz the so-called barisan alternatif tak boleh harap langsung!) but kick dollahbedawi out.

Anonymous said...

looks like SO MANY peol got it RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Liar, bloody liar! Penipu besaq!


puteri said...

Bukan saja flip-flop, tapi seorang ulama yang kaki penipu!

Cleopatra, yes many got it RIGHT, which proves that they are right - the PM who is head of Islam Had-hari is the Biggest Liar we've ever had!

Anonymous said...

He got his inspiration or is it REVELATION (wahyu) - FINALLY- when he woke up yesterday morning.


Anonymous said...

And despite his lying, the people in Kepala Batas will vote for him again.

He is going to be the PM for the next five years.

Malaysian, you deserve the leader you vote for.

And get screwed again...and again!

:( :(

Anak Malaysia

Pak Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Now we can assume that when a politician deny something, its the truth.

Anonymous said...

Tok Mommy,

There is no way, we can bring the BN down. That is a fact. I dont think the Opposition can form the next Government.

They (the Opposition) are up against the mighty BN well-oiled election machinery. The BN has the experience - having gone through 11general elections. They have the means and ways of doing it.

As one commentator says, Pak Lah will be voted in again and he is going to be the PM for another term. Yes, that's the reality.

And he is confident the BN will get a 2/3 majority.

The Opposition has to put their act together.

Go for a straight fight (BN vs an Opposiiton party). Please agree on this. A three-cornered fight will reduce the Opposition's chances of a victory.

I know the BN can play dirty, like putting up an Independent should there be a staright fight between a BN and an Opposition candidate.

This is the chance for the Opposition. Dont screw it up.

This is the ONLY way is to deny a BN 2/3 majority.

Use your votes WISELY.

Time to give the BN a Wake-up call.

Anak Jati Malaysia

Anonymous said...

This one PM who wants you to walk (with him) but talks AND who dismisses rumours which turn out to be true (my son not involved in scomi and I'am not married...yeah they are rumourst!).

Do you still think this liar deserves another term?

Say NO to BN. Give the Opposition a Chance.

A voter

Trashed said...

He is the John Kerry of Malaysian politics