Sunday, 3 February 2008

Musa: More freedom now

A Malaysian leadership where freedom prevails – both in speech and in expression.

This is how former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam has described the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Taking a shot at his former boss, he said Malaysians were now enjoying more freedom of expression and speech compared to the era of Abdullah's predecessor.

"This was unknown during the leadership tenure of my best friend,” he said in an obvious referrence to former Prime MinisterTun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

On demonstrations, he said: "We can even have demonstrations without permits...(and) the people have less fear.

Oh really? You too Tun? Also mudah lupa or buat-buat lupa? Then what about this, this and this?

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Musa said that nowadays the media could even expose the mistakes and failings of the Government.

“The freedom given by the government is mostly enjoyed by us, the middle class. Nowadays, we can even have demonstrations without permits ... (and) the people have less to fear.

“This was unknown during the leadership tenure of my best friend,” noted Musa, at the Universiti Malaya Alumni Day 2008 Malaysian Development Vision Forum yesterday.

While it was true the authorities had used water cannons and tear gas to disperse illegally-assembled crowds, he said even developed nations used such tactics on such demonstrators.

On blogging by detractors and the opposition, Musa welcomed it as a form of digital democracy as it allowed them to vent their anger, without going to the streets and causing harm or public disturbances.

“However, I must remind the middle class to be more rational and less emotional about certain issues, and take a more balanced perspective.

“As the middle class, we should not be reactive to issues but be more proactive by studying, listening, being open minded and do researching,” he said, adding that the people should mingle with one another to achieve greater understanding. – Bernama


Anonymous said...

musa must be living in an alternate malaysia in an alternate earth in an alternate universe.

Anonymous said...

Where have you come from, Datuk? Cerainly not from here. From another planet most probably. Or perhaps you've been hibernating.

More freedom, you say. It's laugable. That's all I can say.

Yes...more freedom for the mainstream media to spin stories, that's more like it. More freedom for the mainstream media to misinform the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

I am anon 9:50:00 a.m
Musa's statement just shows that a Tun-ship can make an ex-politician say the darndest thing!

Anonymous said...

Musa has to defend his one-time ally and must show his gratitude for the Tunship awarded to him.

Press freedom....podohalah Musa. You know who is in controlled of the mainstream media. Kamal Khalid and the 4th floor boys. Buat2 tak taulah Musang ni...I mean Musa!

Hi&Lo said...

Free to speak but no freedom after your speech.

Pak Zawi said...

He is a politician and speaks with a forked tounge, the Malays refer to sucha person as a snake. I agree that he is lobbying for a Tun since wealth isn't his need anymore.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Any full transcript of his speech available? I dont trust the MSM these days.

warrior2 said...

I find it very funny that you and these people thought that what Musa said is not the current scenario. I myself agree with him because I do believe that WE have MORE FREEOM now in so many things and in so many ways compared to the previous regime.

PEOPLE (including bloggers) say all the darndest and so many things now and so openly wihtout fear. Elec Media nad pints are showing/printing stuffs not think of before. Issues of race and religion is played upon more openly.

Demos and show of defiants are more frequent now (although without permits). Pls go thru the records. People simply ignored directives and carry on with thier demos. Previously people do not even dare to even think of having one. The police will come hard on you! THAT WAS what Musa meant too my dear blogger!

Anonymous said...

Joker, you Tun!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


That report was Bernama's and carried by the Star & the NST.

Tried looking for the full transcript of the speech, but couldnt find it.

Very sowwy. :(

Anonymous said...

there was never total freedom, and there will never, of the Press. A newspaper is owned by "someone".

let's not pretend we're ignorant.

NST has always been supportive of the government i.e. BN. That's because of its history.

But, in the past -- except for that reformasi period...-- being supportive of the BN did not stop the newspaper from being a newspaper.

warrior2. don't talk cock, ok.
during dr mahathir's time, there was A LOT more freedom of the Press, ok.

ediotrs didnt get instructions from his aides.

And then during the reformasi period and post-reformasi, the internet was widely used to wage a war against Dr mathathir.
He was called a lot of things in the internet, in the websites.

People ignored directives now because they are desperate to send a message.

Musa has a point. Yet, he misses the point.

Warrior2, you're at least very honest about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just lost all respect for the man....