Monday, 11 February 2008

No MRT (Mee Rebus Tuesday) tomorrow

I would like to inform the regulars that there wont be MRT tomorrow. I have an important familly matter to attend to.

My apologies. MRT will be on as usual next week. Insya Allah.


A Voice said...

Hope everythign is okay. See ye!

Anonymous said...

Take care. Am gonna miss ya & abg ruslani for one week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tok Mommy,
You and your gang always meet for mee rebus, give lahh... the recipe how to serve up mee rebus. I have tried so many from warongs to restaurants, but somehow the taste is not quite there... yet, some taste like satay sauce, ada yang macam air rebus, and then the ones that taste like ubat. Janji ah? Thank you.