Sunday, 10 February 2008

MAS co pilot fined for child there a link?

Ahmad Said, the Malaysia Airline co pilot who was convicted and fined by an Australian Court for having in his possession three video files of child pornography, could be proof that a child porn market exists in the country, says blogger Rocky.

Ahmad, 25, a father of two, got away with a fine of (Aust)$6,000.

Here's what Rocky wrote :

“ Nurin Jazlin's abduction and murder last year, and the abduction of 5 kids before her, had been linked to a child porn or snuff movie syndicate. The police have no proof of it yet but Ahmad Said could be proof of the existence of a child porn market in Malaysia.”

Which makes Nuraina wonder if Malaysia is a Hub for Child Pornography? Like her, I hope not and pray not.

But my friend, blogger Pasquale thinks the MAS co-pilot could be part of an international porn ring.

With the murder of eight-year-old Nurin unsolved and Sharlinie still missing, he thinks Ahmad Said's case "could be a break through on child porno rings that the Malaysian police have been waiting for.”

Ahmad Said's lawyer, pleaded that he was reckless, mitigating that those files were emailed to him and that he had not shown the files to anyone.

The question is what was he doing with such material in his laptop?

Here Pasquale explains why he thinks so:

"I was told the best way to smuggle first run movie before Hollywood found out about piracy, was for airline stewardess, pilots to bring the master copies of a first run movies into a country.

These movies are in a form of a CDs. So today they can be brought in via laptops. The Malaysian airline pilot implicated must answer to all of the charges, for he cannot plead ignorant. He must be brought back and our police must break him in pieces for him to tell the authority who are his contacts.

We have received many pornographic material via our e-mail and I am sure we have expunged them. If I am that Australian judge I would just consider this case as a normal "man thing" for having been caught with an adult porno, of you know what I mean. BUT to have a child pornographic material!!!!? Nail him! "

I agree with Pasquale, Rocky and Nuraina. Police should rope him in for questioning. This could be just the tip of the ice berg.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

maybe the cops should summon the pilot in and grill the shit out of him. I mean, why the heck not?

Anonymous said...

Despicable! Disgusting! So what is Idris Jala going to do? There goes MAS' image down the drain!

Anonymous said...

It's so disgraceful. To think that he's a father of two children!

Didnt it ever cross his mind, for a second,that these victims are children and they have parents?

OMG how did he feel seeing those videos. Isnt it revolting?

Am convinced sickos can be found among people you least expect.

What is this world coming to?

warrior2 said...

Ahmad WAS fined A$6,000. He didnt get away.

"the police have no proof Malaysia". What a deduction. You have to proof that he got/purchased all thematerials in Malaysia.

On what pasquale thinks - he didnt think/never crossed his mind that it was tottally for personal use, that ahmad did really received the materials thru emails and downloaded them or and he was careless in not encrypting/hide the files. If he wanted to distribute/sell in Australia or he is a distributor, he is a dumb one in doing that method that he did.

Hey, I am against child porno but I am also against statements of nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,porn is EASILY and WIDELY available EVERYWHERE. Funny part is, it's supposed to be ILLEGAL but any sane or insane person can get it with a few bucks - no IC or thumbprint needed. Just walk into any dvd rental shops and you'll know. From where I lived, they sell pirated movies and porn too openly to anyone willing to buy.

Child porn is different from the adult version, we are talking about a child being raped and abused, not a willing participant. And, I find it even more sickening that normal adults actually like child porn, I mean this pilot has 2 kids, what's going through his head when he watches the movie? And a co-pilot at 25? Sounds scary right for someone so young manning the cockpit. All in all, I just find this despicable and disgusting. I totally agree with you that this is just the tip of the iceberg, i believe there's some syndicate behind these nonsense and somehow it now makes sense why child kidnapping is on the rise. Afterall, you cant intice a child with money or bribe them with lollipops to act in porn.
Real sickos and perverts. If I get hold of this pilot pic.MARY KATE

Anonymous said...


ahmad was fined. Yeah. he got away with just that.

and the police have got nothing so far.
no proof, no nothing.


ahmad was found with 3 clips of CHILD PORN. for heaven's sakes, that's different from adult porn,
there are elements of criminality in pedophilia. It is a CRIME to have in possession such vile and despicable clips.

what the hell was he doing with those? it has not been proven that he was going to disseminate it.
and it was not proven that he was not.

i think our police should call him in for questioning.
if he has nothing ot hide, then, what's the worry.
in fact, he should be willing to help the police, just to find out who sent him the clips and where they originated from.

hey...i can't help but notice.. you're always attacking rocky. not that rocky cares to deal with you. but you attack for the sake of attacking.
that's your prerogative. your right.

surely, in this instance, you cannot be lambasting rocky or pasquale for their assumption.
it is an assumption that is worth working on.

what if there is a child porn ring?

wouldn't you want to know?

don't u even care?

i say, nak attack, kena tempat-lah.

Anonymous said...

pendekar..dont you know there are people who thrive on bad publicity and the only publicity they get is from the bad comments they made, if not siapa nak tengok blog dia orang, very pathetic actually. I pity this guy, he probably has no life.

warrior2 said...


He DIDNT get away. He got caught and was fined. The magistrate having considered everything decided to fine him. For you or anybody else to say whether that was adequate or not, you must first know what the australian laws provide for such an offence. If it involves jail term, than you must also give the magistrate the benefit of his wisdom in not jailing the SOB.

If you read my comment in here, I was commenting on what was written by the blogger in tbhis post. Look at what Rocky said which was quoted.

All I am saying in my earlier comment is that it could have been genuinely for personal use. He happened to like the stuffs. Many out there like that stuff and they buy these stuffs for personal consumption. Just like some of us men like men and not women. I agree that men who dig child phorno is sick and evil and should be castrated if possible or appropriate and never doubt my feelings towards these kind of sbs.He is an unlucky dumb sob who forgot to delete the files after downloading them.

ALL I am saying, when we say things, we dont get emotional and say nonsense.

To anon of 553 pm, you should try to refute my comment first. And I dont leave comments for the purpose of getting people to come and visit my blog.

Anonymous said...


You wrote:
All I am saying in my earlier comment is that it could have been genuinely for personal use. He happened to like the stuffs

Just like some of us men like men and not women.

So it makes it okay for this SOB to genuinely like child porn?

Do you know what you saying? Do you know what it means? To like this stuff for personal is ok to see a child being sexually by adult men on film?

Hello we're not talking about some men not liking women. I dont give too hoots about them. We're not talking about sex between consensting adults of the same sex or of the opposite sex.

Child porn involve forcing minors to have sex with an older man!

You know, there won't be child porn if there is no demand for it.

Anonymous said...


i don't think lambasting Ahmad Said for keeping THREE clips of CHILD PORN is being emotional.

I don't think anyone is being overboard in lambasting this guy who was convicted by an Ozzie Court.

Perhaps Pendekar meant to say -- he GOT OFF lightly.
I do agree...he might as well have got away with it.
But, you have said it he DID NOT get away with it.
if ahmad said had some humanity - decency even- in him,he would have deleted those files.
But.. oh..was he going to report them to the police?

Nevertheless, it will not be emotional on my part to urge the malaysian police to call him in for questioning.

Warrior2, watching child porn for private or public consumtption is not the issue here.
CHILD PORN is about crimianl acts -- in most, if not all child porn clips, the children were abducted and forced into the ring.

Warrior2 -- get an education.
or have some compassion -lah. not for ahmad said but for all the kids who were used and abused and tortured for such vile despicable clips to be made.

and i do agree with Pendekar -- you are anti-Rocky. Huh?
Good ole Rocky...still publishes your very biased comments

Must be those shorties' Machai.

Anonymous said...

cleopatra...DITTO TO EVERY WORD YOU SAID. we dont argue blindly just to show a different version, we dont argue for the sake of arguing, child porn is not consenting adult porn. you dont bribe a child with something on such matters. a child has been abducted and abused, violated and scarred for the rest of his/her life. People like us will never understand perverts, it takes a pervert to understand and accept another pervert. and in blog-land, in the quest to be different and to try to stand out, at times its just standing out as an oxymoron and asshole, that's all, how sad and pitiful.

warrior2 said...

Let me put the record straight. Somehow poeple have this tendency to view my perspective (in many matters)as being supportive of the other side.

Well, I am not. I happened to dissent on what was said or written and I hope that is OK, I hope dissention is ok with you all because if not, ......!

Most who wrote about my comment, simply didnt get what I meant. I am not defending that guy.

He didnt get away because he was fined, he will lose his job because that is how the system in malaysia is where criminals will be thrown out of the job (the internal enquiry which is a formality is ongoing in MAS) and in this case he will because he brought disrepute to the company, because of the bad record he wont be flying again,most probably he will be jaga somewhere where they dont check his record, he will be barred fom entering australia again and most probably will also be bar from many countries because there is this system (records shared) where criminals especially phedophiles are not allowed in many countries, his wife will probably leave him etcetc. HE HASNT GOT AWAY LIGHTLY!

On the statement that there is linkage in child porn market in malaysia with this arrest, that is correct if he had got/bought the files/clips in malaysia! One cant speculate and make sweeping statement without proof.

Some of us have bad habits. These bad habits are sicks sometimes. I am not condoning these sick habits or preference. Thats why courts everywhere make disticntion for personal use and for distribution/sales and the penalty differs for both scenarios. Infact, his lawyer used it as a mitigating factor. PLS get my message.

I am not anti rocky or tok mommy or anybody.Look at the substance and understand what I am saying pls.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said the police must bring him back for questioning and break him into pieces, I say, people like you deserve the system we have!

Police abuse and brutality is so ingrained in the system, the minute you are angry about something or someone, you automatically condone such action by the police. Then when someone else is at the receiving end, you complain. What should be done is proper investigation and charged in court according to the law, not forced confessions, brutality, and 'breaking into pieces'.

Why cant we become civilised?

Anonymous said...

This is what a ACA Director 's son has been doing !

I got this on an email but looks to be fairly trustable that the the Malaysian Airlines pilot recently convicted in Adelaide, Australia for possession of child pornography is AHMAD SHAUQI BIN AHMAD SAID, staff number 1086993 and is none other than the son of the Director General of the Anti- Corruption Agency of Malaysia , DATUK SERI PANGLIMA HAJI AHMAD SAID BIN HAMDAN
who has himself come to a uncouth deal with IDRIS JALA , the Managing Director and others in Malaysia Airlines , ' not to take disciplinarry action as required in the company policy ' against his son for his criminal conviction.

what do u have to say to that !!!